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    Read option with Cam, Armah, and CMC. Boing.
  2. I will be out there covering the happenings. Please use this thread for relevant tweets and updates. Follow me on the twitter website = @carolinahuddle
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    CAP vs Barner

    Yeah, Hood looks like a reach to make the practice squad unless he figures out how to catch and hang on to the ball.
  4. Carolina did everything they possibly could to help Kelvin be motivated and become the receiver they hoped they drafted. Bottom line is he didn't ever have it within himself to do so. If he had just a drop of what Steve Smith had in determination he would have been an all pro receiver.
  5. Huge knock on wood. One thing I realized today is that Cam is getting rid of the ball quicker than I have ever seen. Gone are the days of 4 to 5 second passing plays. Most are out within 2-3 seconds. Apparently Norv is willing to address what has been so painfully obvious to us all for so long.
  6. Or... maybe he isn't interested in throwing his starting QB under the bus during their honeymoon period.
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  8. Matt Kalil pulls to the right side and in doing so slams right into an unsuspecting Cam Newton. Cam his the turf like a bag of bricks and laid there for a bit. Everyone held their breathe. Haven't ever seen that in OTAs or minicamp before. You just never know.
  9. Notice the feet. Kid has the twinkle toes of a vet.
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    Mini Camp Day ThreeThread

    They do in practice. It's not like the trainers room is right inside the tunnel. It's about a half mile walk.
  11. Jeremy Igo

    Cam to CMC for 6

    Gaulden in coverage.
  12. Hello there. How are you? I am fine. Here are a few of my random thoughts, observations, and photos after watching minicamp day 1. At this time last year, fullback Alex Armah was on the sideline for most of minicamp. He rarely saw the field. Today, he took a fair share of reps with the first string and also caught a few balls from Cam Newton. No drops. At this point I think it is safe to say that Norv has plans for this young man considering how many different looks he is getting in the offense. Curtis Samuel is still catching my eye day in and day out. The kid has real football speed. Sure, Damiere is a faster straight line runner, but I think Samuel's type of speed may translate to football better. It isn't track speed, it is field speed. Turning and getting yards quick. Thats what it is all about. Trai Turner had a big nastly looking brace on his knee today, but he did participate fully from what I can see. Rivera stated it is mainly a precaution for a sore knee, that appears to be the case. Happy Cam, Happy Fam Heavy emphasis on the pitch and catch to running backs in drills today. The play of the day was a long pass, probably 30 yards, from Cam Newton to Devin Funchess. Funchess was covered really well by Seymour, but was able to make the grab anyways. Gaulden was also there, but could not make the play. He spent some time playing against the 1's today with a mix of 1's and 2's on defense. McCaffrey took a few reps with the receivers in drills today and looked right at home. He honestly is as fluid and as good a route runner as anyone on the field. Random Observations and Thoughts.. - Bradberry and Serymour were the starting corners for most the day. - Gaulden actually looked pretty decent today while covering tight ends, including Olsen. That is great to see, considering that was the primary reason why he was drafted. - I don't know what to thin about Marquis Haynes. They lined him up in a typical 4-3 right end spot today and it did not look great. He gets handled so easily when contact is made. The size difference between himself and the OTs is striking. He looks more like a blitzing backer physically. - Seeing CMC and DJ Moore on the field together is great. I think they will compliment each other very well on end arounds and reverses. Who you want to cover? CMC or Moore? Take your pick. - Corn Elder spent time at nickel and also on the outside. No one is talking about him, but he could push Captain -
  13. Come to think of it I didn't see Torrey today at all.
  14. Have you not seen the photos of how swollen his hand is?
  15. The Carolina Panthers mandatory minicamp is this week, Tuesday through Thursday. Players are required to participate. This will be the last time we see the team until Spartanburg in late July. Enjoy it while you can, boys and girls.
  16. Here are a few things I think I think after watching OTA's over the past 3 weeks. - Cam Newton is quietly having a really good offseason. Passes look sharp and on target for the most part. Compared to this time last year when he wasn't even throwing... well... needless to say it makes you appreciate what we have in a franchise QB. - TE2 is up in the air. I am not sure if Manhertz will have a big role this season. Really hoping Thomas pushes him, it won't take much. - Alex Armah role is expanded. Norv loves him some fullback and Armah is getting 500% more reps than last season. Today he spend a ton of time with the first string in a traditional blocking fullback role and also had a run. - I am concerned about the left side of the line. Nay, I am very very concerned about the left side of the line. Its tough to gauge offensive line play in light work, but when a DE can get around the LT consistently without a mitt being put on him... it probably ain't great news. This is the Achilles heal of the team this season. - Torrey Smith is an excellent veteran presence for this wide receivers group. Excited to have him. - Jarius Wright catches anything that comes near him. Really like his game. Nothing showy, just gets it done. - The plays look much the same as years past at this point, which was expected. It is the strategic implementation of the plays that will see the biggest upgrade thanks to Norv. - Gaulden saw time with the second string D, have not seen him with the first. Still doubt you will see him much this season if at all. - Donte Jackson isn't talking a lot, which is a good thing. Once the veterans stepped on the field he wasn't nearly as vocal as rookie camp. Smart move. Jackson has seen a fair amount of reps with the first string at right corner. - DJ Moore looks like a very versatile guy, and the comparisons to Steve Smith look justified at least in his versatility. He does it all, including the smoke and end arounds Smitty was known for. Today he had a really nice TD grab while going to the turf in the end zone. You can really tell why this guy was a first round choice.
  17. He looks much more like a NFL receiver out there than either of those two. Kelvin just relied on his size basically. Funchess was as green as green gets. DJ Moore fits right in with the vets.
  18. Worked with trainers on the sideline today. Can't make the team in the tub
  19. All I can do is watch and tell you how things look right now.
  20. He also gave up quite a few big plays today. Was getting g picked on. Don't judge a book by its interception on a horrible qb
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    Testaverde Jersey

    He was huge for the Panthers that year in showing many players including Deangelo Williams how to take care of their conditioning. Deangelo still credits vinny with that.
  22. There is contact. Its tough to judge blocking because there is minimal contact and you don't know if the offensive lineman just isn't being as physical as the other. But... there is little reason a speed defensive end should go untouched out there. Thats a bad sign.
  23. Here is how I see things shaking out thus far. http://www.carolinahuddle.com/2018/06/01/carolina-panthers-roster-projection-2/