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  1. Luke is officially out in Chicago, due to concussion.
  2. Just saw on ESPN. Looks like they have circled Carolina as his return.
  3. Each week I search opponents boards for their views on the upcoming game. This week, the Bears. Chicitysports.com Can't really argue here. The Panthers have really struggled to run the ball as of late. Without Cam Newton's heroics the offense would be entirely impotent. Same as it ever was. The Bears are injured at WR currently and don't have NFL starting caliber receivers to put on the field. Should be a relatively easy day for the corners. TE Miller and RB Cohen are their main receiving threats and will test the middle of the field often. Nice to see fans of the NFC think the Panthers are one of the toughest games on the schedule. If I only knew which Panthers team was showing up I would likely agree. "pretends WRs" lol. The Panthers are indeed average on paper right now. Cannot argue with Cam being the main reason they are 4-2 either. He has been, what, 90 percent of the offense and has either thrown or ran for all touchdowns? From Bears Fans Online Most Bears fans are chalking up a L for Chicago this game with a few holding out hope. Bottom line is the Panthers SHOULD win this game. The Bears are a one dimensional team with a rookie QB who hasn't looked all that great. If the Panthers cannot take care of business in Chicago, they really need to do some soul searching.
  4. At first I was admiring DA's Larry Bird like vertical. And then I was admiring his ingenuity.
  5. Marshawn Lynch gets ejected from the game, then watches the game from the stands. This is amazing. Probably my favorite non Panthers player all the moment.
  6. Good god, this is amazing...

    Yeah, but imagine the cheerleaders....
  7. Hornets vs Hawks

    I didn't see the game. Friday nights are reserved for the fire pit, bottle of wine, and 80s music.
  8. Is Funchess ready to be the guy? Does Cam get the ball to Curtis Samuel more?
  9. Anal Fischer Out 2-3 weeks
  10. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    He was ok having two press conferences since the incident.
  11. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    Hopefully he is missed them for some other reason and will talk to the media today. If not, it is going to get ugly.
  12. Yeah, this is par for the course. Why give your opposition anything but the minimally required amount of information?
  13. Good god, this is amazing...

    Shoved an official but immediately regretted it when he saw who it was.
  14. Hi there! How are you? I am fine. I have seen some chatter within the Kingdom of Panthers Fans that CMC is already considered a bust. Allow me to slowly unzip and proceed to urinate on that idea. Let us take a look at a typical Mike Shula running play design against what is commonly known to be an extremely fast and talented run defense. Notice .... your two best players on the line are taken out of the play immediately by a god awful scheme. Andrew Norwell is asked to pull, but can't because Matt Kalil can't sufficiently block his man. You know Kalil is a horrible run blocker yet you hinge Norwell's performance on his? Are you kidding me? Don't blame Kalil, everyone knows he is bad. Do blame the guy that puts bad players in positions they should not be in and even worse, in a position that HURTS OTHER PLAYERS' PERFORMANCES. Trai Turner's job in the play above is to block at the second fuggin level. That is right, in a game where the Panthers could not even get to the line of scrimmage, Turner is 5 yard downfield blocking. YOUR BEST OFFENSIVE LINEMAN IS TAKEN OUT OF THE PLAY BY YOUR OWN DESIGN. That is awful. Bonus: Daryl Williams, who has been a pretty darn good run blocker this season is also at the second level. I mean, who needs him at the point of attack, amiright? Reminder: This play was called well after the Eagles showed they would dominate the Panthers at the LOS all god damn game long. So I have a crazy idea. Hear me out. DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE SECOND LEVEL UNTIL YOU HAVE PROVEN YOU CAN GET PAST THE FIRST LEVEL JUST ONCE. Simplify, Simplify, Simplify. Let Norwell and Turner do what they were born to do, allow them to dominate at the LOS straight up. No more pulling. No more sending Turner 5 yards down field so he can watch defenders maul his running backs. For once, get mad and pretend like you are an actual running football team. Put a helmet on a fuggin helmet and run the ball. Minimize the amount of mistakes that can (and will) be made by simplifying the blocking scheme. Even if you only manage 3 yards a play, that is a 300% improvement over what you are doing now.
  15. You have to think the Saints are a house of cards. One solid hit on Brees and the whole thing crumbles.
  16. Whenever there is Thursday talk about moving receivers up from the PS, it usually happens. Look for Mose Frazier, aka the guy that punched Like Kuechly in the face during OTAs, to be brought up.
  17. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    I don't know why he was playing loud music. But it's something he hasn't done before. It isn't just outside media trying to get information from players, but internal Panthers media as well. This is why loud music is not played.
  18. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    To answer your question, there is hardly ever anyone playing music. Not after practice, not after games. The only time I remember it is when the players were celebrating winning the NFC south after the game.
  19. Looks like a rainy day, which does not favor the Panthers I am sad to say. Chicago is better at running and stopping the run. Panthers really need to pick it up in both areas. What say you? How will this game play out?
  20. Looks like he never had one to begin with. Best case scenario come true.
  21. While Gilbert would have spent all season safely on the PS. #HurneyMagic
  22. ZOMG! CMC iz uh BUZT!!

    In other words, the players are constantly being asked to do things they just cannot execute over and over again.
  23. Hornets at Pistons Thread

    OK, I want to get into the NBA again after a long hiatus. Hornets at Pistons Gimme the low down on the state of the Hornets and what to watch for tonight.
  24. Used car price haggling question

    I shall now tell you my secret in card dealership negotiations... Take a big set of keys on a big key chain that is very noticeable. When negotiations at the table start, put the keys on the table. Then, when you think you are not getting the best deal you should get, simply pick up the keys. This will tell the salesman you are leaving and he/she will usually panic and "check with his boss to see if he can get you a better deal" I usually pick the keys up 2 or 3 times before it is no longer effective. At that point, I know I have gotten the best deal.