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  1. This week I stopped by The Bengals Board to see what Bengals fans are thinking about this game. On CMC Pretty accurate here. Checking down to CMC seems to be the bread and butter of the offense this far. Problem is, if you try to take away a check down that means a throw higher up on Cam's progression is going to be open. So yeah, go ahead and worry about taking away a check down. Please do. On Carolina's offensive tackles I really don't think the Panthers tackles are poo. Taylor Moton has looked like an honest to god legitimate starter and Clark has looked like an upgrade over Kalil (I know that isn't saying much). Am I still concerned about the offensive line? For sure. But I am far more concerned about other areas right now such as corner and safety. On containing Cam Newton I mean, this is pretty accurate and was for the most part how Atlanta was able to succeed. Contain Cam, cover the sub par wideouts, and tackle McCaffrey when he gets the ball. Sure, the Panthers will get yards, but not necessarily points and perhaps there will be a turnover or two that will swing the game. On the outcome This is the consensus on the Bengals Board. They feel this is a fairly easy win for Cinci. Yes, Kuechly has had a less than stellar game, but not a couple of bad games. Most of these fans seem to think the Carolina Panthers are 0-2.
  2. If at any point Jones is covering Green one on one I am going to hurl.
  3. Who you got? What is the score? Who impresses? Who depresses ?
  4. Leroy made the news thanks to the power of the Huddle and NBC Charlotte.
  5. Joe Mixon is out. Gio isn't 100%. The Bengals will struggle to run the ball making it exponentially more difficult for Andy Dalton. The Panthers defense just had a nice ass chewing and will be out for blood. This is a get right game for the defense.
  6. Nick Carboni will be back tonight before Thursday Night Football to discuss anything Panthers related that is on your mind. I will be opening this thread at 7:00 to start gathering questions. Q&A starts at 7:45!
  7. This topic is now open for question regarding the game against the Bengals or the Carolina Panthers in general. What would you like to discuss?
  8. Luke has a bad game here and there. It happens, and usually for the same reason. When the defense is playing like poo, he spreads himself too thin trying to compensate for it. I feel like this was the case on Sunday. When the defense is lazy, as Ron Rivera puts it, Luke tries to do too much. The result is him not looking like the best defensive player in the league, which he still is.
  9. If you could only fix a single thing going into the next game what would it be? Keep it pretty specific. Personally I would like to see some sort of pass rush from the base 4 defense. I think that would cure many woes.
  10. It's a smart business move. Tepper basically has a really great football bar with high prices and a built in patronage on Sundays. Keeping it open for drunk people to keep buying overpriced beers is a no brainier.
  11. Jeremy Igo

    I Think We Will See More of DJ Moore

    I recall them getting Curtis Samuel more involved last season only to say afterwards that they threw too much at him.
  12. And only one of those pressure came from a defensive end. The Panthers pass rush is non existent and will be their down fall against the NFCS if they don't get it fixed.
  13. Since Matt Kalil went down, the Panthers have had two others start at left tackle. Both players, one second year and one free agent off his couch, performed better than Matt Kalil. Pretty strong indictment as to how bad he is, no?
  14. Uber or catch the light rail up to NoDa. Some cool restaurants and bars there. Or head down to southend, same thing.
  15. No GM in the league would trade Kuechly for Mack straight up. You crazy.
  16. Exactly. He was merely competent. And right now that is amazing.
  17. Performing better than Matt Kalil is far from a gold medal.
  18. This is a big issue. Funchess has zero big play ability, just like this offense. Only having Moore in on 17 snaps when he has shown to have a real spark on the limited number of opportunities needs to change.
  19. ...and he knows Tepper really hates losing as opposed to the previous owner.
  20. Jeremy Igo

    Switching gears, bengals up next

    Hopefully Trai is back.
  21. Also, don't feed me the Funchess run blocking BS. He is a horrible blocker.