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  1. Just spoke with Gil Brandt

    I will hear the replay tonight as well. Cool deal!
  2. This is exactly what I thought when I read it. in context it makes a lot more sense.
  3. I ended up sitting in my seat the whole game. I left at half time just to refill my Gatorade. (had 3) I prolly should have ate something tho. Oh well. I made it. but crashed out watching the Dallas Denver game when I finally got home. Sunburnt and weak today. but, I'll survive. It was hot. but, its not anything we haven't dealt with before.
  4. ROFL!! I dunno, but the row of Bills fans behind me celebrated like it was a TD... I stood up and asked "was that their first 1st down?!" the rest of the Panthers fans nodded or said "Yeah". I just said "ok, just checking" it felt like ages.
  5. ATX fan flying in for home opener!!

    Come on in and just enjoy. I Might be at one of those Barcrawl bars, but not all of them. LOL I'm in for the 90's bar tho! (Roxbury)
  6. RIP Huddle

    I remember when...
  7. Some trash talk from 49ers fans

    I just woke up. Wanted to read/hear some good talk from SF fans. now I wanna go back to sleep. I forced myself thrulike 5 mins of that poo machine. I couldn't take anymore. Really San Fransico is making homosexual jokes? And Rainbow warrior jokes? jeff Gordon is from The Bay Area. It was boring. Not even quarter of a pie.
  8. This is hard to watch, and I can't even really see the damn TV here at work.
  9. I am in a lobby of a hotel and can't hear the TV... the penalty on Shaq... what was it?
  10. Ric Flair Is Currently In A Coma In ICU

    Wow. Everything aside. Hope he gets well soon.
  11. This makes my head hurt...

    That's what I was thinking. because we know they won't keep 3 kickers.
  12. This makes my head hurt...

    Was it just me, or was Gano's Kick offs MUCH better than Butker's kick offs in the preseason game on Weds? I know we're talking actual points on the board with the FG's and PAT's... But, the kick offs are kinda a big deal for field position. Just tossing that in there.
  13. Gofundme for Panther Fan

    Sorry for your loss Pryd. :( I will share this on my Facebook feed as well. I hope it helps.
  14. Smitty on retiring as a Panther

    Smitty gonna Smitty. Huddle gonna Huddle.