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  1. We were robbed of a TD

    Timeout lost on the review. It was obvious to everyone including the TV commentators. But they played the “indunno if they have enough evidence” card. It was clear as day. But whatever.
  2. Just spoke with Gil Brandt

    I will hear the replay tonight as well. Cool deal!
  3. This is exactly what I thought when I read it. in context it makes a lot more sense.
  4. I ended up sitting in my seat the whole game. I left at half time just to refill my Gatorade. (had 3) I prolly should have ate something tho. Oh well. I made it. but crashed out watching the Dallas Denver game when I finally got home. Sunburnt and weak today. but, I'll survive. It was hot. but, its not anything we haven't dealt with before.
  5. ROFL!! I dunno, but the row of Bills fans behind me celebrated like it was a TD... I stood up and asked "was that their first 1st down?!" the rest of the Panthers fans nodded or said "Yeah". I just said "ok, just checking" it felt like ages.
  6. ATX fan flying in for home opener!!

    Come on in and just enjoy. I Might be at one of those Barcrawl bars, but not all of them. LOL I'm in for the 90's bar tho! (Roxbury)
  7. RIP Huddle

    I remember when...
  8. Some trash talk from 49ers fans

    I just woke up. Wanted to read/hear some good talk from SF fans. now I wanna go back to sleep. I forced myself thrulike 5 mins of that poo machine. I couldn't take anymore. Really San Fransico is making homosexual jokes? And Rainbow warrior jokes? jeff Gordon is from The Bay Area. It was boring. Not even quarter of a pie.
  9. This is hard to watch, and I can't even really see the damn TV here at work.
  10. I am in a lobby of a hotel and can't hear the TV... the penalty on Shaq... what was it?
  11. Ric Flair Is Currently In A Coma In ICU

    Wow. Everything aside. Hope he gets well soon.
  12. This makes my head hurt...

    That's what I was thinking. because we know they won't keep 3 kickers.
  13. This makes my head hurt...

    Was it just me, or was Gano's Kick offs MUCH better than Butker's kick offs in the preseason game on Weds? I know we're talking actual points on the board with the FG's and PAT's... But, the kick offs are kinda a big deal for field position. Just tossing that in there.
  14. Carolina Panthers OTA Notes and Photos

    I am here for the hard hitting headband reports. I stay for the photos. :)