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  1. Does he still have tackling issues? Asking for a friend.
  2. Was thinking the same thing now. Bersin... as much as people hate that idea, I’m sure, he has been a possession receiver. And, isn’t the fastest thing alive but, is consistent and Cam trusts him.
  3. PanthersAlv

    Another Day, Another WFNZ Debacle

    I honestly can’t believe this happened. Chris is a good dude. In person and on air. Sadly, I wasn’t a fan of Garcia at all, before Bailey came in. I can listen to Bailey but Frank... I can’t listen to that long. That and personally not a fan of Frank either but that’s my things now. It’s just added to my dislike of him. I hope what ever Krog’s has in his future is good for him. Cuz now I won’t listen to WFNZ after 2pm Much anymore.
  4. PanthersAlv

    Carolina Panthers OTA Notes and Photos

    I am here for the hard hitting headband reports. I stay for the photos. :)
  5. EPIC! *in my Jim Rome voice*
  6. PanthersAlv

    Maximize Your Gameday Volume

    I have posted this article on my timeline on Facebook, and in at least 4 panthers groups (that I never post in, it seems) to spread the word. Then I posted the Panthers Twitter endorsement of the article as well. I can't wait to lose my voice!!! My hand may be broken by the time halftime happens... so, the seats will be kicked. LOL
  7. ABSOLUTE F-ING GOLD!!!!!! Bravo!!!
  8. PanthersAlv

    Along the Sidelines - Bucs at Panthers

    Awesome as always Jeremy!
  9. PanthersAlv

    What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    Well, I hve been reading that thread... and I have to say... I laughed a lot. But, I found what I was looking for... the streak continues... "Posted 23 November 2015 - 05:35 PM 3-7 is not a juggernaut....but this is a trap game for carolina" #KeepPounding
  10. Great as always man! I did a couple screenies for you while looking at the game at work tonight.
  11. Awesome photos again as always Jeremy! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Awesome as always! Loved it! Linked it!
  13. As always, great job! fully enjoyed it!
  14. Great Podcast as always! Scot, LOL that's funny... the one in that pic is lurking... I'll tell ya that. ;)
  15. Fully enjoyed the Podcast! as Always. Had the same feeling as Jeremy when Shaq said he was born in 1994. :\