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  1. Super Bowl MEMES

    Then this won't help either...or it can make you feel even better about this season...
  2. Super Bowl MEMES

    not a super bowl one but i know we've all seen panther fans called bandwagoners this season    
  3. When did Cam first give the ball to a kid?

    Here is a pic from 2011 (legadu is in the picture)
  4. thats the main thing i remember from that game, should have been our ball there
  5. A Critical Look at the Denver Defense

    I know Denver delt with injuries and QB issues themselves, but did the AFC falling apart at the end help them more than the numbers can show?...The Pats when healthy looked damn good but fell apart at the end of the year, The Steelers limping in with an injured Big Ben and no Brown...The Bengals losing Dalton so they had no offense to play with in the playoffs...
  6. Wait... what?

    I like sayin Jim Harbaugh just to mind fug them
  7. Wait... what?

    Keshawn Johnson threw a pass (picked off iirc) in a game 
  8. Who Else Will Start Wearing Team Gear Again .. Later

    poo i bought a championship shirt yesterday and wearing it today fugin' proudly...  
  9. Who Else Will Start Wearing Team Gear Again .. Later

    dont be like those elitist music fans where they love a band and tell everyone about them and then when everyone starts liking them you stop or start trying to act better because you knew about it longer...
  10. i know its not where you asked but Hibit Sports in Shelby has a poo load of panthers stuff, jerseys, championship stuff, SB stuff, Cam dab shirts the whole 9....
  11. i get that, but the Denver D got bullshit teams too, but the thing is the Seattle team has been #1 for 4 years running...they know a bit about being the best and have been consistent...
  12. Denver is only #1 in yards...they are #4 in points allowed...Seattle was #1 in points allowed and #2 in yards...Hawks had the better defense

    Best team in the NFL hands down
  14. Worries about Arizona