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  1. Fair point, but multiple 80-yard touchdown drives during critical moments in Seattle makes me feel all right about this team's ability to deal with crowd noise.
  2. http://deadspin.com/cam-newton-might-be-the-most-photogenic-athlete-in-the-1744177167 I don't know about everyone else, but I rarely pursue Panthers still photos, aside from those taken by our unquestioned lord and master, of course. So, I found this article to be interesting, as it features our QB (terrellowensqbtear.jpg) and some fantastic shots taken by some of those other guys along the sidelines. This just shows yet another way Cam is taking the sports world by storm this season like never before. Try not to think, though, what might've been...
  3. Along the Sidelines - Redskins at Panthers

      Olsen: "Ohhh, look! A heads-up penny!"
  4. Local paper hating on Cam

    But that porkchop sandwich though
  5. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    Solid predictions, Tee. I agree that a face is not leaving with the belt tonight. Charlotte wins. Wyatt picks Strowman and, I guess, Harper, to face the Brothers of Destruction and Kane/Taker win. Your fantasy Wrestlemania ME sounds pretty dope. Probably the next best thing to the now impossible Shield triple threat match.
  6. Gameday Menu

    Long night, just woke up, probably not going to move a whole lot before noon. What's this...It's my future...I see...I see...
  7. Now is the time on Sprockets where we DANCE

    Pie for the thread title.
  8. Tool w/Primus Is Coming To Charlotte 1/26

    It appears there are quite a few other people on Ticketmaster right now looking for tickets.
  9. Cousins could probably learn a thing or two from Moz
  10. Tool w/Primus Is Coming To Charlotte 1/26

    Wish I could pie you several times for this fantastic news. I could literally walk there (but I won't). Tickets go on sale Friday morning. Done.
  11. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    Thanks for the heads up, Zaximus. Here's a link for anyone wanting a recap: http://uproxx.com/prowrestling/2015/11/kevin-owens-melissa-joan-hart-feud/
  12. Redskins Rally in Charlotte

    I mean, that should've been the case anyway.