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  1. Sound FX: Superbowl 50

    Eff that. She's a dirty whore and I hate her. 
  2. 6 and 1 baby! Not too shabby!
  3. Positions we need to upgrade

    Why did we not try to develop Daryl Williams any this year?
  4. Let's do the team a favor next time....

    I wasn't overconfident. If I was would we have won? This thread is dumb.
  5. On Paper...

    Exactly. The ones in the media and the folks on here predicting us to win big is scaring the hell out of me. We should win this game, though.
  6. On Paper...

    Gotcha. Fair enough.
  7. On Paper...

    Speaking of paper, Vegas has us favored for a reason. It isn't the virtual Broncos beat down you described.
  8. Now the NFL knows how Republicans feel

    I DEMAND ANSWERS!!! and pie!!! Seriously. We might as well turn this into a pie thread.
  9. I just got Creed-bombed by a girl that Ben Jacobs nailed in college
  10. ESPN's GIF of Cam Newton seems a bit off to me...

    It's only racist if they have a gif of Peyton doing a really smooth and intricate pop and lock routine.
  11. I Disappointed Cam Newton

    Rule number one about parody threads : don't do parody threads.
  12. Mzee Peyton Manning