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  1. Rae Carruth Letter - breaking the silence

    WTF does that boy need him for? The article says he’s going to go back to California when he’s released. How’s that visitation going to work? This is a PR move and nothing more.
  2. For once, I agree with Tom Brady

    What in the hell is the matter with people? I realize that question is its own 30 page thread, but still.
  3. Thought this thread was about Trai. I never considered that Trai and Norv might be kinfolk. Trai’s twitter game is skrong.
  4. This so funny

    Exactly. I’m sure a Brady vs. Brees super bowl is what the league would want if they had their way.
  5. Dilly fuging dilly!!!!
  6. Mike Shula Was Just at My Store

    Opinions are mixed on whether Norv’s pets are better.
  7. So Marty gave Ron an extension with an unwritten clause that he fiires Shula...before knowing the results of the playoffs... Usually not the way the NFL works.
  8. Mike Shula & Ken Dorsey FIRED

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow!! I might celebrate the occasion with an early timeout, if you know what I mean. (I don’t.)
  9. If a coach needs a pro bowler at every position to win, then sure. I believe that there are several coaching staffs that could win playoff games with this roster.
  10. Fire Shula

    Hey, sometimes you need a few minutes to think before you run your washed-up running back up the middle for a one yard gain
  11. Everything that is wrong with this team just reared its head in a five minute span
  12. I bet when you were a kid, you raged against the Micro Machines®️