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  1. Khaki Lackey

    Tepper the biggest question unanswered?

    Worley smacked a chick up. Fat lotta good that did us.
  2. Gantt’s final potshot. It’s sad, really. Poor guy has been clamoring for relevance for years and now he’s losing his Lex Luthor...or Superman, depending on your viewpoint.
  3. I don’t like the idea of an absentee owner, but hey, hopefully it means he’s not a particularly meddlesome one also. I don’t like the way it seems that the league had too much say in this transaction, but I blame the league, not Tepper, for that.
  4. Khaki Lackey

    Rivera just named front runner for LG

    Everyone bashed Gettleman in regard to Josh Norman (which is totally justifiable) but Getts said in a presser that they needed to be using Josh and a week later he was out of Rivera’s dog house and launched his pro bowl career. My point being, there is no one in the organization to challenge Rivera’s questionable personnel decisions now. We can only hope that Norv will do it on offense, at least. God I hope he’s just trying to light a fire under Moton.
  5. Khaki Lackey

    Compensatory picks are in

    If you think Hurndog’s last two drafts were good because the likes of Terrell McClain and Amini Silatolu hung around the league for a few years, I don’t know what to tell you.
  6. Khaki Lackey

    Compensatory picks are in

    I didn’t claim, hence the phrase “may prove.” I hope every pick is a perinneal pro bowler, but if Hurneys last few drafts are any indication, no one other than DJ will be in the league in 2 years.
  7. Khaki Lackey

    Compensatory picks are in

    Hurney has exceeded my expectations for sure. His draft may prove to be vintage Hurney awful though. It is encouraging that he didn’t break the bank for Star or Norwell. Maybe he did learn something.
  8. Khaki Lackey

    Ban Chuck and RetiredFootballCoach?

    Retarded College Coach is the best off season troll alt since PantherFan4Life. Keep him!
  9. Khaki Lackey

    D.J. Moore to Wear...

    I would think we would have retired Gettis’ number. Surprised it was available. now that I think about it, I’ve rehashed that joke as recently as Tavares King. Never gets old though.
  10. Khaki Lackey

    Which is dumber: The bench press or the Wonderlic?

    I’ve always wondered why we don’t hear more about the QB’s velocity. Also, do they even measure the QB’s longest throw? I know they have them throw a few deep balls to receivers but I never hear a number.
  11. Khaki Lackey

    Sammy Watkins Is Part Of A Cult

    If Lord Ahmed existed, he wouldn’t allow an act of such shoddy punctuation in Watkins’ life.
  12. Khaki Lackey

    Expect Hurney to double up in Draft

    Hurney always drafted for need. All of our needs will be addressed neatly in order, everyone will be happy, you know, because the picks are all future perineal pro bowlers based on their highlight reels.
  13. All I know is that if we are going to get by with discount connahs, our pass rush has got to be better than last year.
  14. Khaki Lackey

    Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    Please continue to pressure Palmer
  15. This talk of KK being "quiet" at times is ridiculous. He's approaching double digit sacks, which is about as noisy as you can get for a DT.