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  1. Annexation of Puerto Rico for a TD. (Gano misses PAT) j/k Stewart up the gut for -1
  2. Worley

    You obviously missed Norman's first two years in the league.
  3. Luke needs to retire

    Lol. You people are so retarded
  4. I just wish Ron would stop with the prevent defense and prevent offense with 20 minutes left in the game.
  5. Props to Saca on the Funchess Prediction

    It would be foolish to give up on Worley at this point. A lot of players take until year 3 to break out. Josh Norman and Greg Hardy come to mind.
  6. Come get your pie. Bittersweet victory pie

    Yeah. Our players deserve better than our awful coaching staff...but I'll take pie because we have enough talent to win in spite of Shula and Ron.
  7. and to think we have the shield at midfield!! Wait, what are we outraged about now? Oh yeah. We all know that Cam thrives on perceived slights on message boards. Just fuel the fire baby!! I AM OUTRAGED!!!!!
  8. Shula unrest

    I've never been a Shula basher or ardent defender, but last week would have been hard to defend if I were. Whether or not it's his gameplan or Ron's, get the damn play calls in, man. Snap the ball somewhere between 10 and 0 instead of 1 every time. I know some of this may be on Cam, but sometimes he seems frustrated about the calls coming in so late. Stop wasting timeouts and get the damn playcalls in. Certainly this should have been ironed out after 4 years. That is all. End rant....but seriously, get the damn ball snapped on time, zoddamnit.
  9. Cold Blooded - 49ers release Boulware

    No telling how many Lunchables® they slid him under the table.
  10. Victory Pie!!

    Dude, you gotta pad the garbage time stats sometime. There's no shame on the huddle.
  11. Victory Pie!!

    Changed my mind. I want cargos.
  12. Victory Pie!!

  13. Panthers dancing instead of practicing today !

    Ever since I saw west side story, I've lived in fear of a dance fight. I can't dance for poo. Good to see the Panthers are prepared for anything.
  14. This is one of the dumbest things I've ever read...and I read carolinahuddle.com.
  15. Clay for Seymore was a seemingly good move. Other than that, once Gman was canned, this off season looks like it turned into amateur hour.