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  1. The difference between Kamara and McCaffery?

    I just wish we would get CMC the ball in space more often.
  2. I hear Drew Brees wears a kerchief. I hope our D settles his brain for a long winter’s nap.
  3. Thank you. Got it. I think if he had said “are silent” I would have gotten it. But the “move in silence” made me think “I know I’m out of the loop, but I think I might have noticed these loud, mobile lasagnas the kids are talking about nowadays.”
  4. Someone please explain this to an old white guy.
  5. Matt Ryan loves lemon pepper wings

    Lemon Pepper are the Vanilla Ice of wings. This really can’t even be debated.
  6. Cam is an elite quarterback that elevates the play of those around him. He makes the WRs, not the other way around. 1.)Look at 2015 2.)Ask Ted Ginn 3.) deal with it 4.) 5.) Profit
  7. Explain to me why...

    This. Ted Ginn left a lot of cocoa butter lying around BOA. Luckily for us, Julio Jones got into it or we’d 6-4 right now. Doesn’t always work out in our favor, though, as demonstrated by Shepard on Sunday and Stewart the Sunday before.
  8. Dolphins asked a TE to handle KK Short

    ...and there..
  9. CamNewtonism #1542

    “Let the cat out of the hat” is still his best work by far.
  10. Imagine

    Great. These threads will continue until he’s over 40. Thanks, Tom Brady.
  11. I think that Shula going into prevent offense is at Rivera’s request. He does fine when his initial plan is working. Otherwise, he does too much “setting things up for later” and not fooling anybody. And as mentioned, the in-game adjustments are lacking. called a good game last night, though, so good on him.
  12. Funchess love - Pie, D, Beer, Cargo

    Exactly. I don’t see why people give up on players so quickly. If players have the measureables, A LOT of them come into their own in their 3rd year. If you you don’t like the taste of crow, wait until year 3 before you call someone a bust.
  13. Being conservative with Cam's shoulder perhaps?
  14. KB not surprised by the trade

    We'll see how KB does in the land where they soak deep fried chicken wings in a butter based sauce.