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  1. Instead of talking about fines and suspensions, Cecil should mention safety. “I thought this league was supposed to care about player safety?!” The league doesn’t care about anything but ratings, dollars, and to some degree, their image. Can you imagine in Tepper called them out for their lack of concern for Cam’s safety? That’s a buzzword they can’t ignor because it could tarnish their image and potentially hit them in the wallet.
  2. Khaki Lackey

    Moore DJ please

    You would think Ron would let Norv make offensive personnel decisions. It sure seems like it's Ron making them though, doesn't it?
  3. Khaki Lackey

    Tomorrow game will be emotional

    It’s finally down to a drizzle this morning. This storm was relentless.
  4. Khaki Lackey

    Tomorrow game will be emotional

    As a New Bern resident, I am certain that it would raise morale around here a great deal.... if the Steelers won the Super Bowl. I kid because I love.
  5. Khaki Lackey

    Hurricane Florence

    I’m in New Bern. A good bit of the town is underwater. This is not good. I’m on high ground on a bluff above a wide part of the river. Flooding is not a concern for me. As long as a tree doesn’t get my house, I should be ok. However there are many here losing everything. I’m talking entire neighborhoods under water. This could be Katrina bad if it does to a bigger population center what it’s done here.
  6. Khaki Lackey

    The era of Ian Thomas

    He'll be demanding a new contract/threatening a hold-out in no time!
  7. Remember when Ron Jaworski used to wax idiotic to anyone that would listen that Colin Kaepernick was going to be the greatest QB to ever play the game?
  8. I hope this means “Torrey Smith’s role is to provide vet leadership and mentor the young guys. I hope he doesn’t get butthurt at his lack of snaps.” Knowing our team though, it’s probably more of a message to our younger guys; “The guy getting the snaps has earned it based on age and contract, never mind the lack of production.”
  9. lol I had forgotten that one. Fantastic.
  10. Khaki Lackey

    Skip Bayless at it again

    Trolls. They're not just for message boards anymore.
  11. Khaki Lackey

    I love our be LT..

    Moton will have a average-to-bad day against a dominant pass rusher and the Byron Bell comparisons will begin.
  12. Khaki Lackey

    I love our be LT..

    ...not only is the thread title in authentic frontier jibberish...
  13. Khaki Lackey

    Luke August Kuechly

    He just piles on after other people tackle. And his left elbow is pointy. Not impressed.
  14. Khaki Lackey

    Matt Khalil...

    Yeah, what we are paying really hurts. I honestly think that post injury, Getts thought Matsko could work some Michael Orr magic. obviously didn’t happen. We were all hoping though
  15. Khaki Lackey

    Matt Khalil...

    Uhhhh. Let’s not insult speed bumps please. They at least slow things down a little.