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  1. Dallas, at home, week 1

    Home opener means we'll outnumber the Dallas fans at least, right? Right????
  2. I just moved from DC back to NC lol
  3. KB was fun and all but dude was drafted as our long term WR1 and we only got two good years out of him. That's a bust by definition. Shaq's barely had the opportunity to.
  4. Yes, it is. "Bust" is relative to the expectations put on you in the first place, and there's a big difference between Norman and Butler in that regard.
  5. The Shaq disrespect lol. KB isn't even on the team anymore!
  6. Who is this prospect?

    Going with South Carolina State OLB Darius Leonard. Just had a visit with the Bears yesterday. It's really a crapshoot with that photo though.
  7. Hear, hear. Converted TEs and RBs alike.
  8. I dont want a wide receiver round one

    First pick needs to be sure-fire and I'm not sure any WR in this class qualifies.
  9. Agreed. Play out this year and if he's still same old Greg by all means extend him. We just can't say that with confidence after last year.
  10. More tramp stamps and confederate flags
  11. some more inside info

    I’m not opposed to trying CAP for a year but if true this really puts a bow on Rivera’s pisspoor job developing him.
  12. I believe he'd rather stay but if we're still twiddling thumbs by the end of his contract a stud WR somewhere else could entice him away.
  13. That Ferrari is fuego