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  1. 2TE sets and a RB to dump passes to would help that out a lot.
  2. Interesting. Google says it's traditionally short yardage specialists but that it's evolved into your definition. First time I've ever heard it used this way.
  3. I don't even count that one because they needed a big and his agent said he'd never play for Charlotte anyway. But Sean May? Adam Morrison? Vonleh at 9 and never seeing the court? TRADING UP for Biyombo? Boy. Like at least the Panthers typically nail their high picks. Highest I can say was a bust was Biakabutuka at #8.
  4. "Three down back" is about versatility and durability. You're a factor on any play and you can withstand the punishment of doing it all if called on. The one knock against McCaffrey is that he's undersized and won't hold up in the NFL as a primary runner, that's why Gettleman dismisses the question by pointing to his college carries. "3rd down backs" are the short yardage specialists you only bring out to barrel through the line. Mike Tolbert, Jerome Bettis, etc. McCaffrey is the farthest thing from this and I think everyone agrees.
  5. As a Charlotte basketball fan this thread's tame Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  6. I think we're confusing "three down" and "3rd down" here....
  7. Also said he showed he could carry the load at Stanford though. I think Gettleman just thinks it's a dumb question/term. If there's a way to use the guy on every down he's an everydown back.
  8. Fournette/McCaffrey is the only RB double dip I'd support and that's a bit too rich for my blood.
  9. Igo's been saying Fournette's higher on their board but this pretty much confirms it for me. They dismissed the concerns about McCaffrey when grilled but they're going out of their way to do it for Leonard. Getting the impression that they're being loose lipped because it'll be nice menu at 8 no matter what.
  10. I think the worst thing the team could do right now is limit the draft to guys that fit into Shula's current MO. We should not be shying away from talent because of him, if he's incapable of taking advantage they'll find someone who can.
  11. I like McCaffrey more for the Panthers, but I'm pretty confident that Fournette will be an elite RB on the right team and I'm already dreading the reaction here.
  12. shoutout to mini helmet gang Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  13. Reminder that Kiper picked Blaine Gabbert over "one year wonder" Cam Newton.
  14. Reminder that Kiper is due to retire next year after saying he would if Clausen wasn't a successful QB.
  15. Coaching staff is on the chopping block this year. Full regime change at most but just Shula if JR is a benevolent god. Gettleman's safe until he picks his own staff or makes an egregious error.