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  1. Man we are really putting a lot on Byrd
  2. Roger Goodell wants a 40% raise

    Hate him but this is completely justified. The guy is just a figurehead for the owners to hide behind while counting their money. Unlike those other CEOs he can't just job hop easily because his reputation has been dragged. He's their fall guy and they owe him.
  3. Vague Worley tweet

    Getting heavier “vague athletic motivation” than “passive-aggressive” vibes here fellas sorry
  4. Will CAP get more carries tonight

    Should? Yes. Will? No.
  5. all black unis

    Our mascot is a black cat ffs what is this superstitious crap about a damn uniform
  6. So used to scorn from ex-Panthers that this caught me off guard. KB's a stand up guy and I'll be rooting for his success.
  7. Cut to the chase and make it a cutout of Goodell's head
  8. BoA's 1 of 11 NFL stadiums that doesn't allow vaping either. It's bull how you've got folks who get belligerent two Miller Lights deep all over the place but a designated corner to blow fruity vapor is considered some ugly sin.
  9. Question was basically "do you guys have it takes to make big plays consistently?" Mostly dumb but I can see how he took offense.
  10. Also dude is just coming off a controversy where he laughed off a good question...
  11. Wish he just called it out if he thought it was a dumb question. This just adds to his rep as a press conference diva.
  12. Get Em, Kelly

    Can she play head coach?
  13. Think that was the plan even before Gettleman was sacked. I suspect they wanted Shula gone in the offseason and Rivera stuck his neck out for one more go with him.