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  1. MechaZain added a post in a topic RR/Getty PC today   

    I'm glad he's just getting a slap on the wrist but lmao.
    "This isn't me, Dave. This isn't WHO I AM!!!!"
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  2. MechaZain added a post in a topic Buh bye Stephen Hill   

    Folks quick to hammer the nails in the man's coffin. Reminder that we're not exactly set at WR and things were looking up.
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  3. MechaZain added a post in a topic 2015 Jersey Color Schedule   

    That's the Raiders no thanks. Blue accents are on the pants, jersey, and helmet. The socks are great
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  4. MechaZain added a post in a topic If Luke was on the Cover of Madden....   

    Should have been a Panther last year. They featured Luke in the announcement and intro and Cam narrated the thing. Sherman was nowhere but the cover pic. 
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  5. MechaZain added a post in a topic New Panther Hats   

    I'd buy those chairs. The Team Store needs to get on it.
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  6. MechaZain added a post in a topic Study declares Cowboy fans the best fans in the NFL   

    "NFL team performance, ticket prices, market populations, median incomes, won-loss records" is basically designing this around the Cowboys.
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  7. MechaZain added a post in a topic Beginning of the End For the Redskins?   

    Yeah well I heard of this one Native American who didn't find it offensive so it's fine guys. Case closed.
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  8. MechaZain added a topic in NFL and Fantasy Football   

    Panthers' 2015 Fantasy sleepers
    I play fantasy football with friends internet buds across the country and it's great having a leg up on Carolina's talent. WR1 numbers from KB were a given in my mind and I won my league in large part last season due to "reaching" for him in the 4th round. Who do you think are the team's sleepers next season?
    I don't see him going in the first round in many leagues but I can say with confidence that healthy Jstew is a top 10 back. My heart says top 5. My only reservation is that he has to be handcuffed and I don't know whether Fozzy or CAP are the better move there.
    I think it's also safe to say that KB is the only receiver that will be on anyone's radar so someone is gonna outperform their projections between Funch, Brown, and Ginn. Brown could very well go undrafted in a league without Panther fans, Ginn might have a big year reuniting with Cam, and Funch is a true wildcard with a ceiling as high as KB's depending on how things turn out.
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  9. MechaZain added a post in a topic Coming to terms with the Frank Kaminsky pick...   

    Never said he didn't want to come here. He compared playing in front of 17k+ people in college to teams like the Bobcats who regularly had empty arenas. That's just facts.
    That's not why people hate this move anyway, let's be real. Dude could end up being Vlade Divac but everyone's convinced he's Cody Zeller or Adam Morrison.
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  10. MechaZain added a post in a topic Coming to terms with the Frank Kaminsky pick...   

    Worst part about all this is that the fans may have burned the bridge before the kid could even step foot on it. He could end up being really good for all we know, but if I were him I wouldn't want to stay in Charlotte after last night.
    You'd think after Noah and Lance this fanbase would have learned to not get carried away before we see what players are made of.
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