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  1. Malik Monk's "significant" ankle injury

    Monk's competing for Lamb's minutes to begin with guys this isn't a big deal
  2. Shula unrest

    Love me a good Shula roast but I can't blame the plays when Cam's missing open guys entirely or the line's collapsing instantly. My opinion of him going into this season was so low that I'm just impressed he established McCaffrey as a decoy/safety valve.
  3. I think Olsen's volume will be divvied up between Dickson and Funch.
  4. Greg had surgery this morning

    6 weeks at best, 12 at worst. I'm going with 8.
  5. A word on sacks

    If the offensive line is prone to collapse then yes the ball does need to be out of his hands quickly. Of course it's on them, but the reality is they're unreliable so he can't afford to turn to stone in the pocket.
  6. Bersin's final.goodbye

    Uhh Peanut, Cotch, even Steve Smith and Randy Moss have all been suggested as positional coaches on the Huddle my friend
  7. Bills Mafia rolls deep and travel far. They're generally pretty humble but they're probably the most drunken taligaters in football
  8. CMC Observation

    If I was an opposing coach my takeaway from week 1 is honing in on him may be more trouble than it's worth. I expect others (as soon as Buffalo, really) to test him and take a "if he beats us he beats us" approach rather than revolve the focus around him. From there it'll be up to CMC to capitalize on it, and if he makes them pay we'll be sitting pretty.
  9. Bersin's final.goodbye

    He'll be back as owner when Jerry passes the team down in his will
  10. I'm not worried about returning to form but he needs to do more than that. This offense requires more precision than we've ever asked of him before.
  11. Who impressed/who depressed (game 1)

    Impressed: Shula, Coleman, Shepard, O-Line, Stewart, Depressed: Cam, Benjamin
  12. Gano to start on Sunday

    Agree completely. I'm not going to root for him to miss a critical kick or anything, but I'd prefer an inconsequential miss and a pink slip then to hold my breath for the rest of the year every time he goes up.
  13. Gano to start on Sunday

    If he thinks other teams are going to ignore that we drafted his replacement that might be even dumber. He's hoping Gano will start strong and drive up his stock and I need a drink.