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  1. Draft or Hornets?

    Read about the draft during the hornets commercial breaks.
  2. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    Him, KB, Funch, and Olsen would be a matchup nightmare for the entire league. Cam could just aim for the jumbotron.
  3. Official Carolina Huddle Reaction Pic

    me when BPA isn't a position of need
  4. Bo Jackson over both tbh
  5. Wouldn't call him terrible short-yardage. Maybe now, but Prime Tolbert is a guaranteed yard or three. Agree completely that we don't pass to him enough though, and if we aren't bringing in a stout blocker I'd rather they keep the Cam/Stewart/Tolbert triple threat.
  6. He badmouthed us and sucked even when he was the last guy left for Brady to throw to.
  7. Carolina Panthers Top 3 Offseason Priorities

    These guys are super bowl contenders andlike brotherssoI don't think a small discount on a 3year deal for Josh or so is out of the question. I could see sign and trade demands maybe if we hadn't done so well. I'd be shocked if a CAP or Wegher level RB even falls our way.
  8. I'm sure the sunday giveaways and TD celebrationswill continue but I could see him being a bit more subdued next year I hope we keep the dab to just this season's thing if I'm being honest. It was fun but itran it's course and we have unfinished business.
  9. Couldn't sleep last night

    Woke up at 5AM alert and lucid. Apparently losing the super bowl grants hangover immunity.
  10. #ThrowbackThursday "The New Logo"

    Nike's Facebook pageaccidentally leakedthisand the official one wasrevealed two days later. Good catch, I didn't even notice.
  11. Nike leaked this four years ago today.A simpler timewhen our mascot's new jawline was theteam's biggest controversy. Facebookreminding me that I said it needed to grow on me and I just laugh now. Do you feel any different about it now than you did then? EDIT: The final logo ended up slightly different
  12. Officials for Panthers game and Pat's game

    Late hit on Tom or Peyton will be an ejection, possible fine.
  13. When and Why to make Noise

    IIRC one of the players downplayed the importance of noise control earlier in the year sayingboth sides benefit from silence. I think it was before the trip to Seattle.
  14. Favorite Era

    The underdog mentality is the one thing that I think has been carried through every era. Feeling disrespected and with something to proveis an attitude that's beeningrained into the franchise and when I hear these guys mention it every week it reminds me of the past rosters. It's so deep that if we go all the way I thoroughly expect fans and players to still feel underrated next year when not everyone is treating the Panthers as the next football dynasty. Team and communitychemistryis at an all-time high so the current roster is probably my favorite.Between TD and Peanut and Braylon andthe Sunday giveaways among a ton of other stuffit's hard not love this group. There's a lot of great stories here and guys you want to see succeed. That's hugefor a franchise whose biggest star for the longestwas notorious for being kind of a detached from the community (Peppers).