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  1. Cam literally has the same amount of fumbles as Luck in 23 fewer games
  2. SF 49'er safety Jaquiski Tartt

  3. COLA - Charlotte to San Fran

    Not really. Maybe if you earned a regular salary, but i highly doubt that Norman intends to spend 16million a year and he'll collect interest no matter which bank he decides to stash his money in
  4. The offensive tackle spots

    What makes you think that Daryl Williams struggles at pass protection? There has been absolutely nothing to suggest that so far in the limited action that he has gotten.
  5. Darron Lee

    I'd be pissed if we drafted ANOTHER LB in the 1st round. Shaq hardly played this year. Gettleman has stated multiple times that he wants his early picks to contribute early on. Why would he go against that philosophy and draft a guy in the 1st who would hardly see the field the first many years of his career...
  6. The dude has 12 kids and pays like a billion dollars in child support every year. He must be the most motivated guy ever, because i cant imagine anyone needing that sweet free agent $ than Cromartie
  7. Kurt Warner played another season after losing the superbowl... So, yeah... PU gonna PU
  8. Todd McShay Mock Draft 2.0

    There's only 31 picks in the 1st round due to NE having lost theirs
  9. A Critical Look at the Denver Defense

    If the no. 6 scoring defense this year is great why isnt the offense with the most points in a season since 2013 only good?
  10. Pro Bowl replacements

    Teddy Bridgewater in the pro bowl is an absolute joke. I mean the guy is horrible!He has no business being anywhere near a pro sports All-star game.
  11. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    Lol Floyd wanted the game to end as well
  12. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    We kneel on 4th down while the Cards keep taking shots down the field. Wtf
  13. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

  14. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    playing against backups in an NFC chmapionship game must be the most humiliating thing ever for the cardinals...
  15. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    Jake Palmer? Carson Delhomme????