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  1. Get the pitchforks ready! CMC Thread

    This could be said for every year under the reign of Mike Shula; the innovator who made such an amazing ground attack that only our quarterback could be relied upon, despite having two All-Pro's and three should be Pro Bowl interior linemen.
  2. Power Ranking 2018...(Way to early)

    We have the element of surprise, for the first time since 2011. Cam has been running the same scheme since he entered the league, even with the talk of evolving the offense. Turner should inject some diversity that has been what the offense, and Cam specifically, has been sorely missing. If the offense is put together during the offense, we should come out of the gates with some impressive performances, at least for the first half of the season.
  3. Likely drunk, emotional, and upset about being asked to leave. They probably caused a scene at which point they were kindly being escorted out, and managed to trip, believing that they were pushed. Too much experience with drunk, emotionally unstable 18-21 year old's from my college days. I think most people with that experience will see that the story is likely different than the one told by the upset drunk people.
  4. Sounds like some teenagers are upset that they were asked to leave by the high rollers.
  5. Thew answer could be this: there were too many hats on defenders at the line of scrimmage and no one got up field on the offensive line. The next statistic needed, after the yards before contact, is the average number of tacklers hitting our guys.
  6. That is purely on the owners decision making. If they don't make the playoff's, he can blame himself for the hiring. Thus, it would seem like collusion of sorts if they moved to Quebec, as they could tank three years, purposefully, then make the move.
  7. There are a good bit of Hurricanes fans around the Triangle, that I notice. The problem is that there is no real Hockey niche here. The only people who really care much about the Hurricanes are transplants from up North who have the Hurricanes as their second team. Baseball, football, and college basketball reign supreme here and there isn't much of a market for a below-average hockey team. Sure, they won the Stanley Cup, but it was obvious even then that fans attended the game due to the magnitude and not because they cared.
  8. Ron Rivera the new Belichick

    As long as they recognize the potential of Fred Ross, we should be fine.
  9. I hope NBC fires Collinsworth

    A dive right after the catch, with one step, would've constituted a "play through the ground", so if the ball hit the ground it wouldn't be a catch. Based on what we saw this season, with Thielen against Carolina in the corner, and Jesse James ball hitting the ground, this call wasn't black and white.
  10. Guess what? The Panthers were literally one team away from the Super Bowl. If we could have beat the Saints this year, they were the only real road block in the playoffs in the NFC. The game is about match-ups and we had the worst match-up on the first weekend that we could've drawn. We almost beat Philly with Wentz, beat Minnesota, Atlanta, and the Patriots; the only issue was the damn Saints. Don't act like we were that far off.
  11. If you're the Eagles do you trade Foles?

    Foles is poo without a Chip Kelly type of offense to run. Pederson studied Chip's offense which Nick thrived in and you saw the difference between the Rams experiment and his second stint with the Eagles. If someone gets him, they are going to need speedy receivers and a coordinator who can replicate what Chip and Pederson set up for him, to be successful. Perhaps the Browns and Hue Jackson could do it? I just don't have faith that anyone will try to fit a circle in a circle rather than a circle into a square again.
  12. I hope NBC fires Collinsworth

    If he doesn't take one of the three steps, it wouldn't be a catch considering the ground caused the ball to come free from his hands, effectively making it a dead ball. But he took three steps so it was a catch and almost a fumble.
  13. Del Rio not getting the Giants DC job

    I feel that having Norv Turner and Jack Del Rio as coordinators could take this team to the next level.
  14. Yup. The balls are controlled be remote control, as is Tom Brady and Julian Edelman. They are really robots which enable the type of precision that was seen yesterday. fuging REFS MY ASS...The refs can facilitate, but they can't make the plays that we saw by the Pats yesterday. I know my lack of belief in the conspiracy will be the minority view but seriously. Think about the plays that have to be made to win. If the Panthers were the ones making the plays, and fans accused the refs of being preferential, you all would thumb your nose to the haters.
  15. Reuben Foster....as expected

    I never said I supported Trump. I support rational arguments that follow logic rather than knee jerk reactions in which you refuse to reasonably due to your personal feelings towards someone. An example would be, "I don't like Obama because I believe the Executive Order creating the DACA program is an example of Overreach of the Executive Branch. Legislating immigration law is the responsibility of Congress". An irrational response would be "You are racist and just don't like people that aren't white." The response is the most common response to the argument that I have seen. In regards to the current argument, the quoted law has criteria that must be met in order to satisfy the requirements. At this time, Trump's words and subsequent actions do not satisfy those criteria. At this time, I don't support any Republican politicians than Marco Rubio. I also find Democrats attempt to undermine the presidency, hurting our credibility around the world and then blaming the Republicans to be laughable and childish. I will defend anyone in what I see as an irrational or illogical argument as I did to Obama in regards to Healthcare and Hillary in regards to her use of a Private E-mail server. I also see most of the stories about Donald Trump are written as if he is the first President to do whatever the topic is that day, when in reality he is far from it. Lastly, my favorite argument is that Jeff Sessions and Republicans are wrong for enforcing Federal Drug Laws. There are two reasons for my belief that the Democrats are grandstanding: they held the house, senate, and presidency and had ample opportunity to change drug laws, from outright legalization of marijuana to the return of power to the States. The democrats argue for states rights on this issue but for centralization on most everything else not as a matter of principle but because the end game supports their agenda. You can't have it both ways.