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  1. I'm not a MK fan. I am a realist when it comes to what his contract means for the team. Better to make use of him than to cut him and be stuck with his money.
  2. CPcavedweller

    DJ Moore blocking

    The implication of the tweet was the Smith completely forgot to block someone. That wasn't the case.
  3. CPcavedweller

    DJ Moore blocking

    The numbers aren't there for the screen. Smith is supposed to chip and then move up to the next defender which he does. It is CMC's responsibility to make the first guy miss; if he does that, the next level is blocked and he is sprung for a big gain. Surprised the person who tweeted this wasn't aware of that concept.
  4. CPcavedweller

    DJ Moore blocking

    I think Cam was mad at himself for sliding.
  5. CPcavedweller

    Kelvin keeps doing Kelvin like things.

    With Nate Peterman who might actually be the worst QB I've ever seen start a game in the regular season. Shows how much we were doing to actually stop them.
  6. CPcavedweller

    Just rewatched the game, I have thoughts.

    Called everything you said after the third preseason game. I hadn't seen a performance in Week 3 of the preseason like we had this year since 2015 when we played the Ravens.
  7. I would hope his drive for success is internal. Perhaps part of his drive as a kid was to live up to the family expectation and now that he feels he has done that there is no need to push it further. However, the onus is on him to find his drive and see if a position change would work because he wont be around much longer without it. Personally, I believe that the Pro Bowler is still in him, but just not at left tackle. Some success in another position could jog that incentive. Put him at center and see what he can do. Larsen is solid but competition only weeds out the weak.
  8. With Ryan retiring after this season, could Matt transition to center and take a pay cut? Perhaps his lack of reach on the edge could be nullified in the middle of the line? Sometimes all it takes is a change in position and it's possible that he may be better suited for an interior position, though his paycheck is for that of an above average tackle.
  9. Moron is good at times, just makes some boneheaded mistakes.
  10. CPcavedweller

    Welcome to Wakanda

    Not a SJW. I dont mind the attribution of fictional super hero stories to players but aside from the fact that Obada is from Africa, there isn't much else to suggest his connection to the characters makes any sense. Luke is a mind reader and Cam is a freak athlete that continues to do things no one else can do...almost alien? Thus the Luke Skywalker and Superman comparisons make sense.
  11. CPcavedweller

    Welcome to Wakanda

    I see your point but people knowledge of England and Africa differ greatly in this country. How many people would be aware of Zimbabwe's previous name and the history of why it changed?
  12. CPcavedweller

    Welcome to Wakanda

    Sure he can. But alas, he is not one man. He is many. He is Neegan. They are all Neegan.
  13. CPcavedweller

    Welcome to Wakanda

    It's a huge tourist destination for Africans, almost like the migration to Mecca.
  14. CPcavedweller

    Welcome to Wakanda

    I have African associates and they too hate the fact that Americans get their information ofthe continent of Africa from a fictional movie. I'd be willing to bet that a lot of Americans believe Wakanda is a real country.
  15. CPcavedweller

    Welcome to Wakanda

    Really cant stress how ignorant this comment is. You pull the race card by implying that when we say Africans we really mean Americans who have African ancestry; unfortunately for you, that's not true.