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  1. CPcavedweller

    First Trip Out to Los Angeles

    Have yet to go to a 7/11. Though I anticipate finding the Circle K in San Dimas on my way back to LAX.
  2. CPcavedweller

    CAP vs Barner

    We can sleep on hood.
  3. Waiting to board, and who comes through with 10 kids busting through rows of people like he's ready to go but Ryan Kalil himself. Didn't try to talk or take a picture considering I know the stress of carrying a 2 year old, 5 year old, 10 year old and whatever else ages there are around and trying to keep them happy. Cool story bro if you want.
  4. CPcavedweller


    Boeing...as in someone is going to be flying
  5. It's true. I will cut Cam slack on some of his throws that initially seem to go wide, but his slow drop back gets on my nerves at times. His wide throws, oftentimes, can be attributed to a window he is throwing into, which he doesn't get enough credit for avoiding defenders. Watching from end zone cameras you'll see who and what he is trying to avoid. When it comes to his dropback....I just don't see why he takes as long as he does.
  6. My question to you: based on what you've witnessed since 2011, is Cam's slow drop back and seemingly lackadaisical approach to the mechanics of dropping back his own doing, or was it a part of coaching? We've all seen Cam slow down in his drop, not being ready to fire, mechanically sound, until well after the shorter routes have hit their mark. Perhaps this is something Norv, like most of us, saw? Cam should be ready to hit his early marks and then progress throughout. Personally, I believe this was a product of Cam thinking deep strikes rather than efficiency.
  7. You really can't forget Byrd and the flash he showed last season. I chalked the Byrd hype train up to USC fans; however I believe he could quite possibly be the guy that opens up the entire offense. If he can get open deep like Ginn, but have better hands, everything else underneath will open up.
  8. CPcavedweller

    Said hi to J stew

    I missed it, what was said?
  9. 5th round CB's of note: Richard Sherman, Josh Norman.
  10. CPcavedweller

    Matt "Speed bump McGee" Kalil..

    Hence football being the ultimate team sport.
  11. Hard to believe Adrian Peterson was only in his 4th season when Cam was drafted. My how time flies.
  12. CPcavedweller

    Top 6 WRs

    Samuel has had one season. How can you assume he can't be counted on for 16 games?
  13. CPcavedweller

    Top 6 WRs

    I think Byrd needs to play. Based on what he was able to do when he finally got playing time, he needs to be the favorite for one of the outside positions. I think a lot of people will be surprised when he is starting the first week of preseason.
  14. CPcavedweller

    Tuesday OTA tweets

    I said Top 25%. Pretty sure that number one is encompassed in there. My argument still holds, he is in the Top 25% of his position group, regardless of draft year, athletically.
  15. CPcavedweller

    Tuesday OTA tweets

    Top 25% still qualifies as very athletic, by the way.