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  1. Of course Aaron Rodgers is playing Sunday

    It doesn't really matter if they say he is playing or not. The defensive game plan is the same as the Packers have changed nothing about their scheme with Hunley.
  2. The Saints are just a bad match up for us.
  3. Romo did this for Cam when we were trying to drive to score against the Eagles to take the lead...
  4. It's time to bench Kalil

    Two games out of first and a half game back of the five seed and you won't to throw a rookie in to "see what we've got".
  5. Cam reppin’ it old school this week

    So are you a Panthers fan because of Cam? A game of two talented teams often doesn't end in 30 point blowouts. Assuming the coaches can keep it all together this time, and the fact the game is a pseudo home game, I'll take Georgia.
  6. What Saints Fans are Saying...

    As long as he has 200 yards of offense and 1 TD and we win 35-7, i'll be happy.
  7. It isn't a sure thing that we beat an Atlanta team that seems to be playing better. We could easily lose Minnesota, New Orleans, and Atlanta, putting us at 10-6.
  8. Some of you wanted these guys at pick 8

    Obviously this is sarcsm; but to the point behind the sarcasm, he couldn't have juked right because he was already going to the right. If the safety really had the angle it wouldn't have helped him anymore to juke that way.
  9. Cam's trolling sealed the game

    It looks like the dude who pushed Cam also said something. The ref let him finish what he was saying then threw the flag.
  10. Did we let Tre Boston go early?

    I don't love Tre and this is silly. If anything I thought he hung around as long as he did because the Tar Hole fan's on the huddle would pitch a fit otherwise.
  11. Rams using unethical audibles pre snap - Simms

    But it isn't, so it isn't cheating.
  12. Not sure why Hurney's mistake has to count against the guy. He was a generational player at the FCS level, only player to win the FCS "Heisman" two times, and managed to transition successfully to the CFL.
  13. They have no hope of winning their division and about the same level of hope for the Wild Card with the current state of the NFC. Unless they peel off 3 straight wins, there is no way he plays. The re-injury of Romo against Carolina should serve as a cautionary tale.
  14. Cost me like 5 points in fantasy football.
  15. He also was in the top 10 in receptions and yards during the season. Had 80+ receptions with 1,000+ yards and 4 TD's.