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  1. Next Time...

    Someone says that Carolina hasn't beaten anyone or has played a soft schedule. The Panthers have beaten the Redskins(not saying much), the Texans, the Seahawks, and Green Bay. All four of them, as of right now after week 12, have spots in the playoffs if the season ended today. while you can say these teams aren't great, or had problems at the time, the NFL isn't a college league as Thomas Davis said. To win that many games against potential playoff teams is a positive sign.
  2. Cowboys Week: Let's do this

    In 1995.....I was 4 years old. So what happened in 1995 is meaningless to me regardless of who the team is. 
  3. Not sure what to think about this...re:Davis, Hardy

    You know, without being in the situation or around a similar situation it would be difficult to have an opinion on the topic. That is what Davis is saying and ultimately, what Hardy said about needing to restrain her from hurting herself or someone else could explain the marks just as easily as her story could. What you choose to believe is on you. When I read court transcripts of her stating that marijuana flew out of her window right before she got into a car accident, her credibility was shot. 
  4. While I don't believe that 30 years ago has much to do with the success we have today, the fact Ron Rivera was on the 85 Bears team is a fun fact that not many people point out. That team went well into the season before being beaten and went on to the Super Bowl. We are on the same trajectory and one can only hope it continues. 
  5. First Take- Disrespecting the #3 Scoring Offense

    Cowboys are also favored by Vegas in this game. With the homefield +3, the line is -1.5 Cowboys. Now if that isn't motivation, regardless of why Vegas does what they do, I don't know what is. 
  6. Norfolk was difficult this weekend. All I saw were NFC East team jerseys. On the way back to High Point from around the OBX area I picked up the Redskins broadcast during the Unsportsmanlike call on Culliver and man, I about ran off the road I was laughing so hard at their meltdown. I didn't pick-up the game again until I got closer to Rocky Mount. 
  7. Give Cam the MVP

    It should be Adrian Peterson if you want to argue that. Everyone saw what a trainwreck they were last season for the most part and now they are looking like an 11-5 team. 
  8. Give Cam the MVP

    Does anyone have any comparative stats to show. (Including rushing since Brady has a rushing TD as well). I'm at work. 
  9. Jets waive Quentin Coples

    Would this be a thread if he didn't go to UNC. fuging Tar Hole fans. 
  10. Stewart Plants a Redskin into the Field

    The corner expects Stew to cut outside and he was gonna dive for his legs. Clearly, Stewart had other plans. 
  11. I've received pie from Hardy probably 3 or 4 times. He has started threads on here as well in the past. If he is looking for bulletin board material to help hype him up (Waterboy-esque), he will be here this week. 
  12. Top 3 teams in the NFC. (Be thou Pissed)

    He was a one man wrecking crew against us in 2013. I won't say anything bad about him. 
  13. Rhonda Barber and Chris Myers

    Troll: To try to derail conversations by introducing inflammatory or other comments that try to detract from the original conversation.  
  14. Luke had the 2nd highest number of jersey sales for the past 30 days. This is interesting because he is a defensive player and the only defensive player in the Top 10. Cam is number 6.    Sourced before anyone comes and says, "but teh dheressfe no sourcing poo"...I'll save you the trouble from shitting yourself.