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  1. Stewart Plants a Redskin into the Field

    They need to plant a tombstone there!
  2. Some one will say he is Muslim!
  3. two things: 1. If he is dancing he scored! 2.  As long as he keeps giving footballs to kids, he can appear on dancing with the stars for all I care!
  4. Just like I have no respect for his Super Bowl ring, He doesn't deserve the credit.
  5. Cam is bigger than Woodyard
  6. Nikon 70-200 2.8 .... Saying goodbye if you need a rental!
  7. Gameday Menu

    Calories Be Damned!   Calories consumed during the act of tailgatiing do not count!
  8. At Fedex Office, the premium banner material is $13 a square foot. a five foot by 3 foot banner would be 15 sq ft x$13=$195, now they outsource their graphic design, so that could be where the rest of the charges came from.   Still racist though!
  9. Need your help naming a beer

    Funch Punch!
  10. Conversation with David Gettleman and Josh Norman: Dave: Josh you know we have this thing called a salary cap! Dave: So yeah there's that! (Gettleman gets up quietly shuffles some papers and walks out room!)
  11. Feel like I should be college credit for reading this! How many units was this worth professor!
  12. Drops   Gary Barnidge, former Panthers tight end has 42 catches this season. WTF! Entering 2015, no NFL tight end had caught more consecutive passes without a drop (32), according to Pro Football Focus. He has more catches than Olsen (33) and more yards 602 vs 518. Gary Barnidge would be our most productive offensive player not named Cam Newton. 
  13. Out of respect for your almost 3300 posts I have to ask are you a Panther fan. Your posts seem to ooze self doubt/belief in the team. Chris

  14. Man I was so burned out after the Vikings game I haven't recorded a game since. Sorry Dude!