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  1. 4 pats in the first quarter and a touchback that hit the crossbar
  2. I think the question is not whether we got the right running back, because to be honest, if we base a good running back as yard season, or at least having more yards than the qb, we haven’t had one since Cam got here. So the real question is when we were hiring an offensive coordinator to replace Chud, andI think the choice was between Hue Jackson and Shula, did we get the right one?
  3. It amazes me how players can switch teams and bloom, Peterson to the Saints he sucks, Peterson to the Cardinals wow, yet the Saints still produce over 100 yards with Ingram. I would love to see our line and rbs with a new OC
  4. New Luke & TD CPI Commercial

    Nice first time I’ve seen the series
  5. For weeks I have been trying to find the right words for what I feel is Ron Rivera and Mike Shula’s stance on time of possession and ball control, and in the back of my mind I remember reading something on the huddle, possibly written by KB, about points per drive. In the old way of thinking keeping the ball out of the opponents hands was the key to victory. Therefore a run game that burned up lots of clock was a great thing. However given that a team only has so many drives to score points the most valuable stat is points per play (includes defense) or points per drive (offense only). It doesn’t matter if you keep your opponent from scoring or possessing the football if you haven’t scored. In a 60 minute game if you march up and down the field for 59:50 but fumble the ball and watch the opposing defense return it for the winning score, you still lose! Yards gained and TOP are rendered irrelevant. Focusing the offense on drive efficiency, and the defense on take away efficiency, or even on special teams how many plays has it been since we blocked a kick, how many plays since we scored on special teams will make us a better team because it exposes some glaring holes. In my years of watching football at all levels coaches that dominated had a consistent system for scoring and keeping you from scoring. When that wasn’t working they always had a special teams play available to change momentum. I know this is a gross oversimplification of years of football strategy. But at the end of the day as a Panthers fan, on a year to year basis, i don’t feel that we are getting consistent performance in any of the three areas, I would love to hear your thoughts. http://www.espn.com/nfl/statistics/team/_/stat/givetake http://www.nfl.com/stats/categorystats?tabSeq=2&statisticCategory=SCORING&conference=ALL&role=TM&season=2017&seasonType=REG
  6. Given our weakness at special teams coverage, I am worried about last weeks nfc special teams player of the week Kenyon Barner, who willl be returning to Carolina with extra motivation.
  7. Great play from MNF

    Perfect play for Samuel, Armah, & Cam or CMC, Samuel, and Cam
  8. Carolina Top Receivers

    Really need to get Samuel involved if he and Christian become interchangeable look out!
  9. Miami coach filmed snorting cocaine

    Time for someone to get a random drug test
  10. Shots fired by Corker!
  11. Tampa loses...Dilly, dilly

    dilly dilly
  12. Tampa loses...Dilly, dilly

    Double post
  13. Panthers vs Patriots: Recap Vid

    Nice change of pace with the song choice
  14. Maybe everyone could help me edit mine: Single Black Male (49), seeks single female Carolina Panthers for NFL gamepass subscription and at least two large flatscreens! For starters I am a working single man. However my football desires exceed my current income. Willing to relocate for the right woman, prerequisite must have access to home near lake, river, or beach. Ideal woman would be present or former Carolina Panthers cheerleader with a thing for motorcycles. What I am offering: I am easily one of the most romantic men in my financial demographic; I can guarantee that my romance does not suffer the Mike Shula lack of creativity. I will be impressed but not intimidated by your success in life. Willing to work or start own business if needed to make relationship work. Also I am a photographer and I can offer you unlimited professionally shot selfies or photo shoots. Responses without pictures and bios will be ignored.
  15. But can she play left tackle is the question on everybody’s mind?