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  1. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    I have been holding this in for awhile, so I feel I must let this loose. I joined the huddle the year Cam came to Carolina. Yes, I am that fan! I must begin by saying like Zod; I am a photographer, mostly sports and entertainment, but on a much lower level. I have spent time photographing nationally ranked high school and D2 football. It is what is close to me don't judge me. I had the opportunity to photograph Julio Jones playing at Roman Harper's old high school. Needless to say I have seen transcendent talent. I watched Cam's amazing season at Auburn, and even as a Alabama resident, I had to give much respect to this guys accuracy, and resilience as a college athlete. I started researching Cam, reading the articles about his volunteering while in Auburn, about his transformation at Blinn, about his deeds at Florida, backing up The Golden Calf of Bristol etc. I have to say this young man has really impressed me with his desire to win and his work ethic. I know a lot of people hated him for reason's unknown to all of us, but even a light inspection of his past reveals, he is just a big overgrown happy kid/young man. As a new Carolina fan, I have had to like Cam endure losing, I hate it as much as he does. This team frustrated me for years, with its mediocrity and questionable coaching decisions. Like most Americans, I wanted my wins and I wanted them now. I had to deal with the subtle and sometimes bitter Cam hatred from certain Huddlers and the media when the team wasn't successful. But all along I kept believing that we had not yet seen the best that Cam had to offer. I watched the Huddle pull itself together to win the greatest uniform of all kind contest, I viewed other forums, and started to realize, that despite the team not performing, the huddle was among the best, most informed team website in the country. Huddlers constantly providing articles, research, abstract paintings, toilet reading material, and inspirational stories. I had hoped that one day this team could play up to the website of the this fanbase, and then this season happened. Just when I thought, oh no we are screwed again. This team started to perform at its best. We are now 10-0 poised on the edge of the playoffs, and we finally seem to really have come together as a team. What an awesome experience to be a part of. In the process I am no longer just a Cam Fan, I am a Carolina Panthers Fan! Beating Dallas today would be the icing on the cake that took five years to make!
  2. Week 12 Power Rankings

    Anybody remember this?
  3. Cowboys Week: Let's do this

    he said "chafed nipple"
  4. Even if we win the superbowl this year, I still think we haven't seen the best of Cam Newton yet. Talk about growth potential! I said years ago, he was capable of a 4-5 td passing game. Kid looks so relaxed right now!
  5. Stewart Plants a Redskin into the Field

    They need to plant a tombstone there!
  6. Some one will say he is Muslim!
  7. two things: 1. If he is dancing he scored! 2.  As long as he keeps giving footballs to kids, he can appear on dancing with the stars for all I care!
  8. Just like I have no respect for his Super Bowl ring, He doesn't deserve the credit.
  9. Cam is bigger than Woodyard
  10. Nikon 70-200 2.8 .... Saying goodbye if you need a rental!
  11. Gameday Menu

    Calories Be Damned!   Calories consumed during the act of tailgatiing do not count!
  12. At Fedex Office, the premium banner material is $13 a square foot. a five foot by 3 foot banner would be 15 sq ft x$13=$195, now they outsource their graphic design, so that could be where the rest of the charges came from.   Still racist though!
  13. Need your help naming a beer

    Funch Punch!