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  1. Colbert is from S Carolina
  2. Panthers 8 Offensive TD's & 2 Defensive TD's, 3/3 FG's Broncos 3 TD's, 7/7 FG's The Broncos are averaging 1.5 td's per game
  3. How Thomas Davis is protecting his arm

    What its not made out of carbon fiber?
  4. Shhhh, don't tell anybody but I took off from work today to do Panthers research! Starting with the broncos and panthers team stat sites, was looking for things that caught my attention.   Panthers 6 Interceptions, Sacks 8, 2 Fumble recoveries +8 t/o Ratio Broncos 2 Interceptions, Sacks 7, 2 Fumble recoveries +2 t/o Ratio   Panthers Cam is avg 70% completions with a 9.9 avg per attempt, Long completion(s) 86, 54, 39 Broncos Peyton is avg 55% completions with at 5.8 avg per attempt, Long completion(s) 34, 31   Panthers 2nd leading rusher Cam, 50 yards 2 Tds. 7 people listed! 5 td's for the group. Broncos 3rd leading rusher for the Broncos Peyton Manning with 10 total yards. There were only 3 listed! only 1 rushing td in postseason.   Panthers 496 Passing yards, 1 Receiver(s) & 1 TE over 100+ yards, 3 with over 15 yards avg reception, 2 Receiver td's, 1 TE td. Broncos 398 Passing yards, Sanders 147 yards, only Bronco over 100 yards. 0 Bronco receiver td's, 2 TE td's   Panthers 16/29 Third Down Conversions, 55% Broncos 9/32 Third Down Conversions, 28%   Panthers 8 Offensive TD's & 2 Defensive TD's, 3/3 FG's Broncos 3 TD's, 7/7 FG's   Looking at the team schedules Panthers only two times all season did the Panthers score less than Denver's season avg. of 22.2 Broncos only two times all season did the Broncos score more than 30 points.   Panthers Secret ingredient - Gettleman assists staff with playoff planning  Broncos Secret ingredient - Seek out prostitutes to revitalize energy!
  5. Cecil, "Cam is only scratching the surface"

    So we should prepare ourselves for a 7-10 touchdown game from Cam!
  6. California is pulling for Cam Newton to win...

    Hey fresh drinking water is expensive! They know Cam likes his drinking water!
  7. Panther fans who HATE Cam Newton

    They might get downright friendly if we win this week!
  8. The Keep Pounding Drum

    Chuck D from public enemy followed by bring the noise
  9. The Keep Pounding Drum

    The Moreno s
  10. I live in Alabama and typically root for them, but all preseason I kept hearing rumblings from Auburn faithful about this juco kid fresh off a championship. So I started researching him, watching videos of him at blinn Jc. Watching his first few games at Auburn I was like he makes everyone look like they are still in hs. Then I began to wonder how Saban, had managed to miss this force of nature 2x. Every game had an incredible highlight or comeback.When Bo Jackson started showing up at Auburn games I knew that even "Bo knows."
  11. Marques Douglas

    I tried an iron butt last year, had 5 goals, missed all 5
  12. Marvel and Pixar Artist Draws Ron Rivera

    Dear Taiwanese animators, are you listening?
  13. Thats not sand man, its snow flakes!