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  1. Agreed wentz is no Ryan nor breese
  2. We had them.

    Yup it was hoo p for us to win and lose. Get close and brake. FU SHULA
  3. Is Kuechly done?

    I tweeted this first about his concern...best MLB in the game but itsnot worth ur health. Serious life changing decisions for Luke no doubt
  4. Shaq Thompson | Time to Walk the Walk

    I think he played a decent close game...actually he was pretty good. Coaching, drops and coaching lost this game
  5. At the end of the day..FU!!!! We're not confident enough to gain 4th and 1 when it counts on the ground
  6. Gameday: What are you drinking?

    I started drinking already, might as well start early. Budlight and greygoose
  7. We should trade with them for collins
  8. Wow hella flags being thrown
  9. U should @ or DM him that...ohh btw fu/k arsenal
  10. Do we have a defense problem too?

    Pass rush didn't showup...run D was atrocious. Btw Fug Worley!!!!!!!
  11. Next Man(hertz) up

    I expect absolutely nothing with this coaching staff
  12. Do you trust Shula?

    Can we give this a break...shula is a fug up, accept it and enjoy watching wildcat on 3rd and long