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  1. Fug y'all soft a$$ bytches.... Tre Boston could have been that. Nonetheless, fug him too....we need a hard hitter, everything else comes with the territory. Sounds familiar huh? Mike Mitchell said it best. The league has evolve....hard hits will take a toll on elusive fast receivers and backs!!!
  2. How about one of our RBs step up and move CMC to WR. Would u like that?
  3. This thread is not that bad...u guys need to get out of ur feelings. EMOTIONAL
  4. Again.... time to move on

    Loved Beason but we made well by doing that move to play Luke. SS was old and prolly regressing Cam...JNo wanted to break the bank, glad we not paying him like skins are. KB, all I remember is a catch from his rookie year on earl Thomas and Richard Sherman, that was so long ago and he hasn't been the same.
  5. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    Omg...Big Cat JR pounding....I like it though
  6. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    Just make sure your wear u lucky undys, I know I am
  7. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    Fug the AFC, Let's Go Panthers, can't wait
  8. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    In NJ, don't have it like that and wish I was there but will in spirit and proud of Panther Nation. It's time for us as fans and a long-time coming. #KeepPounding
  9. The smacks by Toldozer...
  10. What did I just witness