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  1. I hope DG learned something tonight

    DG did his part
  2. Big congrats to the Broncos

    I careless, delete this thread
  3. Watch Party

    Yeah I think they sold out like wednesday, I was there last night watching the UNC game at the bar, it's going to be a stand up viewing there tonight....RR will be downstairs.  The Ale House looks pretty good right now too
  4. Watch Party

    I thought they were sold out?
  5. Watch Party

    Having a tough time deciding where to watch the game....Draught, Dilworth, or BlackFin? 
  6. Viewing The Game If Power Goes Out

    Hospitals usually have generators, watch it there...of course Wally-world too
  7. Just checked in, in Charlotte, going to hop around tonight and scope out where I will watch tomorrow...I even saw a flyer for a party bus starting at 1pm tomorrow, so many places to choose.
  8. I live in New Jersey and always wore my Carolina gear and now all of a sudden bandwagon talk is mentioned...lmao, dummies don't know I grew up and graduated in G-Vegas 
  9. Getting Annoyed

    Noticed it too but from my understanding more panther fans will show up tomorrow in the bay area.  My poor ass is just happy to show up in Charlotte tomorrow lol
  10. If this is true....this would be great.  I check out Monday but will stay a couple more days if that's the case
  11. Someone forward this to Cam and rest of the team
  12. I know, kinda sucks but happy for those hardworkers.  I live in NJ and will arrive on Saturday so I guess I will just hop around and see where I will watch the game
  13. Same plans as well but can't make it to the riot event, only for members and 1 guest.  I wonder if there is anywhere else in the area to watch with fans
  14. What day would the parade be IF we win the belt?

    I like this thread