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  1. This thread is not that bad...u guys need to get out of ur feelings. EMOTIONAL
  2. Again.... time to move on

    Loved Beason but we made well by doing that move to play Luke. SS was old and prolly regressing Cam...JNo wanted to break the bank, glad we not paying him like skins are. KB, all I remember is a catch from his rookie year on earl Thomas and Richard Sherman, that was so long ago and he hasn't been the same.
  3. Agreed wentz is no Ryan nor breese
  4. We had them.

    Yup it was hoo p for us to win and lose. Get close and brake. FU SHULA
  5. Is Kuechly done?

    I tweeted this first about his concern...best MLB in the game but itsnot worth ur health. Serious life changing decisions for Luke no doubt
  6. Shaq Thompson | Time to Walk the Walk

    I think he played a decent close game...actually he was pretty good. Coaching, drops and coaching lost this game
  7. At the end of the day..FU!!!! We're not confident enough to gain 4th and 1 when it counts on the ground
  8. Gameday: What are you drinking?

    I started drinking already, might as well start early. Budlight and greygoose
  9. We should trade with them for collins
  10. Wow hella flags being thrown
  11. U should @ or DM him that...ohh btw fu/k arsenal
  12. Do we have a defense problem too?

    Pass rush didn't showup...run D was atrocious. Btw Fug Worley!!!!!!!