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  1. ncfan added a post in a topic Anybody going to Tampa Game   

    It's going to FSU day there.  So expect a Ton of Winston nut huggers.
    have a group of 6 of us driving over from ft lauderdale.  The gf got us tix through the Seminole club pretty decent price 
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  2. ncfan added a post in a topic Gameball, who gets it?!!   

    Easy to say Newton but the OL gets it for me.  Giving up only 2 sacks total with Watt and Clowney.  This group is all dinged up as well.
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  3. ncfan added a post in a topic 2015 Training Camp Awards   

    Love the Daryl Williams blurb (which I expected the day we drafted him)
    Gettleman is building a machine. He's already has that winning attitude built in the locker room winning the NFCS back to back seasons.  He's locked up the core players and brought in some serious young talent.  This team is still more talented than last year, strengthening the OL even more. Funch and Brown getting the reps under their belts this season will make next year deadly when Benjamin coming back.
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  4. ncfan added a post in a topic VIDEO - Cameron Artis-Payne vs David Mayo take 2 (OUCH)   

    Have a feeling Mayo is going to be a heckuva Special tames player
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  5. ncfan added a post in a topic Steve Smith announces this is his last season... retire a Panther??   

    Favorite Panther to ever suit up.  Guy just plays with so much passion and heart.  There's never been anyone at his size at his position to do what he has done in this league.
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  6. ncfan added a post in a topic who is having the quietest camp?   

    Corey Brown and Funchess.
    As much attention they were getting and being raved about during OTA's (many even said Funch looked better than KB did at that time the year prior) etc. Going into TC everyone talked about the KB, Funch, Brown trio.   But have hardly heard a peep about either.  
    Have heard several things about Ginn,  but don't recall hearing Brown's name mentioned once so far.  And only thing with Funch is about the picture of him jumping high
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  7. ncfan added a post in a topic Cameron Artis-Payne Update   

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  8. ncfan added a post in a topic Running behind Trai Turner...   

    Now imagine Lee Ward coming through the holes Trai Turner makes like the running of the Bulls with Stewie trailing behind.
    Very Very bad news for some defenders.  
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  9. ncfan added a post in a topic Describe for me in 5 words or less how this picture makes you feel inside....   

    Would make me even harder seeing Lee Ward flying through the hole full speed like the running of the Bulls with Stewie trailing right behind him
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  10. ncfan added a post in a topic Left Tackle Daryl Williams?   

    He has that attitude that Norwell has.  Something you can't teach.  Look at Jonathon Martin, guy has all the ability but was soft.  Norwell was said to not have some of the ability but he picked stuff up right quick and had that attitude.
    williams only played one game at LT because Oklahoma had another talented OT on he otherwise in addition to his "lack of athletic ability".  That one game was against Bama against one of the top Defensea in the nation with one of the top pass rushes.  And he did work that game.
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  11. ncfan added a post in a topic Left Tackle Daryl Williams?   

    Remember him playing LT vs Bama in the sugar bowl the other year.  And completely killed Bamas pass rush.
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  12. ncfan added a post in a topic 1 on 1 - Rookie Daryl Williams vs Wes Horton   

    That right side with him and Trai will rival any other in the rest of the league.  That's going to be one hell of a human sled opening holes.  Now only if lee can be running ahead of the RB through that hole like he running of the Bulls.  Shula will look like a genius!
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  13. ncfan added a post in a topic Daryl Williams vs Charles Johnson   

    The thought of this lined up beside Trai on the right side with Lee Ward leading Stewie, Fozzy, or Tolbert through the massive hole has me all sorts of giddy!!!
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  14. ncfan added a post in a topic Who is your top 3 sleepers going into camp?   

    Ward:  Going to see our Running game get going (if Stewie stays healthy) back to the days where hoover was opening holes for smash and Dash
    Tillman:  is up there in age, but was still pretty good prior to the injuries the last 2 seasons.  Will make up the best CB trio we have had in a long long time.
    Tre Boston:  Remember this kid missed camp, preseason, and the first 6 weeks of the season last year.  Came right in and looked Good for a rookie especially coming off and injury.  Excited to see what he can do after a healthy offseason.
    Bonus- Ealy:  Kid has plenty of potential just waiting to blow up!
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