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  1. 2016 3 biggest roster holes.

    Actually oddly enough Bene has been better on the outside. Last year his rookie season, he looked great and was NFL all-rookie team.  Even some had 2014 redraft him as top 20 pick.  He moved to the slot this year because peanut wasn't quick enough with his old age.  Thats the reason people wondered if he was having a sophomore slump or his rookie season was a fluke to start the season.  When Peanut went down Bene showed off again.  His first game back outside he looked like one of the top DB's in the league vs the redskins.  His weakness coming out was his speed and quickness, which isn't the best when guarding the slot.  We need that speedy slot guy more than anything in the defensive backfield.
  2. We need a DE... so whom?

    Gettleman loves his DL so we will grab one, along with keeping a vet.   Actually funny enough for the ones chiming OL, DE's develop faster than OT's lately now. 2015  1st round OT's: Flowers, Peat, Ogbuehi, Humphries 2014 1st round OT's: Greg Robinson, Jake Matthews, Taylor Lewan (titans already looking to draft OT #1 so he wasn't the answer), Ju'Wan James 2013 Fisher, Joeckel, Lane Johnson, DJ Fluker, Justin Pugh
  3. 2016 3 biggest roster holes.

    I'd say OL isn't as big a need as most think.  Cam had more time in the pocket than a majority than many QB's in the league.  Oher was just about a pro bowler, had we not made the Super Bowl he probably would have been in it.  The staff was really high on Daryl Williams and some thought he would have taken over for Remmers mid season.  Unfortunately he just got hit with the injury bug to start the season and set him back.  The Superbowl Cam took a beating after arguably the best pass rusher in the game beat him.  Drafting a OT early will not be the fix (see the saints and giants last year along with the redskins the year before with Moses in the 2nd).  And realistic unless you get the top OT in FA its not going to be a fix as well (see Beluga last year for GB who they re-signed, Rogers took one of the biggest beatings all season).   DE passrushers is by far hands down the biggest need.   Another spot to look at early like the 2nd round is DT.  This position is the Deepest in the draft and several guys with first round grades will fall into the 2nd.  Part of the big reason teams came back on us this season was DL depth.  Its easy to put the blame on the DB's but these guys did pretty good considering the situation.  The starters to end the season were on the practice squad and retired mid season yet still played as good as anyone in one division.  DL on the other, behind the starters left a Massive drop off.  Star's biggest weakness they've said since he's come out is he wears down easily.  When we drafted scouts said no way we can keep him out on the field 3 downs constantly through the game.  Stealing a 1st round DT in the 2nd to rotate in and keep our Studs fresh will be as big as anything outside adding pressure off the edge.
  4. Your Offseason

    Its still early, but put in your mock offseason just for fun.     Mine Cuts:  Jarred Allen, CJ, Stewart (most likely unless could take cut for his last year), Cotchery, Ginn Tag: Norman Re sign: Webb, Tolbert (If takes the smaller contract to try to get that ring), Peanut (vet min) FA: Mario Williams- Expect the Bills to cut him and expect him to go for a little less than most think.  30 years old and we get him for a decent deal trying to get a ring playing at home to wrap up his career. Quinton Coples- Kid trying to turn his career back around, signs small contract with the home team.  Lamar Miller- A little $ to throw around.  Get a younger RB to come in and take over for Stewart in this run heavy offense  Leftover $$ start to work on our DT's contracts, at 30 years doubt we give Norman the mega deal after the end of next year.   Draft:   After failing to grab one of the top FA QB's and not grabbing one with their 1st pick.  The rams trade the 43rd and 45th pick to move up in the 1st to grab one of the top QB's that have fallen but will not make it to 43.   2nd round: 43rd: Kendall Fuller- have seen his name dropping down many boards.  After looking really good his first 2 seasons, he came out looking average this season prior to missing most of the season with a knee injury.  Fuller still BPA here and at a position we need. 45th: Carl Nassib- Big uglies who can get after the QB, what Gettleman Loves.  Kid has that tools but very raw and is one that hardest working kids out there.  Not going to be the dominant starter but a great rotational player who should develop into something good by the time Ealy and Williams contracts are up. 62: Austin Johnson- people still saying we have needs at WR, Safety, and OT.  Many will Question this pick considering we are working on signing our KK Star duo.  DT is the Deepest position in this draft.  Part of the reason we saw teams come back on us this year is because the falloff behind the starters on the DL.  Stars biggest weakness even noting back to when he was coming out was him wearing down.  Guy is dominant but wears down a little quicker than some DT's.  Getting a guy who would be a first round guy in most drafts as a reserve is just the rich getting richer.  Johnson is still raw and has a real nice upside.   3rd round:   Pharaoh Cooper- Benjamin coming back and Funch starting to come on late this season has me feeling really good at WR.  Ginn is just to inconsistent with his hands.  We need a nice fast shifty slot WR with better hands.   Just down the road is what we need.  Cooper short but can fill that slot roll perfectly.   4th: CJ Prosise- Just drafted CAP last year and picked up Lamar Miller in FA, but Prosise is the BPA here.  Say good bye to Fozzy, Fozzy has not been bad but Prosise comes in and offers more value.  Prosise came into Notre Dame as a Safety/WR ended being a pretty good special teams ace.  They moved him to RB this year and went off.  Good size speed combo with good vision and balance but still learning the position.  Would be perfect for the 3rd RB to sit back and learn while still providing help on ST.   5th: Spencer Drango- some thought he was a borderline 1st round OT if he were to come out last year.  Many now think he is more of a guard.  Not really any former baylor OL have shown anything.  Will fill in nice as a reserve being able to backup the OT and OG positions.   7th:  Marquez North- Kid has potential, injured filled career at Tennessee and left early after his junior season.  Hometown kid who hopefully can live up to his potential here.    
  5. Positions we need to upgrade

    Swear Marty Hurney has created a couple of accounts on here.  Sorry but you are Clueless.  We had a ton of other holes when Gross retired to go and throw money or a high draft pick on a overrated OT.  We could still have Fua right now instead of KK and Star with a subpar OT that wouldn't do any better than Oher played this year.  Oher was one the highest grades out OT's this year and came pretty damn close to making the probowl.  He played 10 times better than that top OT Atlanta drafted last year and the one the saints draft. Ealy- the kid is in his 2nd year in the league.  By your standards, CJ was terrible until his 4th year in the league despite getting to play with Peppers his 1st 4 seasons.  Ealy just ended the season strong and would have been the Super Bowl MVP had we won tieing the Super Bowl sack record to go with his pick.  Oh well guess we should have drafted Morgan Moses one of those top OT's.  Sounds like you were one of the guys who threw a fit for not drafting Mose. Coleman had a few bad mistakes this season, but to say a guy that had a season like him is a patchwork guy knows nothing about football.  You'd rather just go throw that $$$$ out and we end up in Charles Godfrey mess.  Yes the Mess that put us back Way farther than Gross randomly retiring and is drafting a DT that an all-pro this year vs another bust top round OT. Funch started to come out.  Again you seem clueless. The only rookie WR's that looked better than him this season were Cooper and Lockett (a lot though came from his return skills). Darn we we sure should've drafted Dorsett or DGB over Shaq.  Gettlemans an idiot.   this isn't 10 yeas ago.  Kids return from ACL tears all the time.  TD, 3 tears.  Gurley came back and dominated.   i really hope you were joking with your post above
  6. Just like every other offseason everyone doubting Gettleman after he's proven people wrong.  People want to say sign Jeffery sign Mario. This isn't freaking Madden.  Jeffery is going to get some Huge deal.  We sign him kiss any idea of signing Kk or Norman extension goodbye.  We've got a core of players that just made the Super Bowl just 3 pleated the south and some people on here want to throw money out Hurney style. KB is coming off an ACL tear.  Plenty of young guys come back strong from it. This  isn't 10 years ago where it was a career ended.  TD's torn it 3 times.  Gurley tore it as a Big RB and had a awesome year.  
  7. Your wishlist for the draft

    First round guys.  Really need another DE badly.   Emmanual Ogbah     Carl Nassib-     Kevin Dodd-     ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   2nd round- (A):  Hunter Henry- this kid is going to be a stud star but sone have him dropping into the 2nd for right now. He does, would love to see Gettleman pull a Funch trade and go grab him. VERY good blocker.  Catches everything that hits his hands.     (B) Kendall Fuller- Have seen his name dropping down the board.  Some scouts have him dropping after starting the year off poorly then going down with his injury.  He drops, would try hard to jump up and Grab him.       ( C ) DT- this draft is Loaded at the DT spot. Could very easily see a first round DT sitting there at our spot in the 2nd round.  Adding a guy like Rankins, Austin Johnson, etc to add to our depth and keep our DT''s fresh would be massive (especially Star who has always been said his biggest weakness is getting worn down and tired from being on the field to much) (D) Jalen Mills- the perfect slot corner to put between Norman and Bene  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   3rd round- look for a fast shifty WR with half decent hands to put in the slot between KB and Funch  Pharoh Cooper-       Will Fuller-     -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4th (A) CJ Prosise- want this kid bad in the 4th.  First year playing RB this season, and he looked Real good (came in as a WR and was a special teams ace prior to this season).  Kid has great vision and balance along with good size/speed combo      (B) Spencer Drango- several people had him a border line 1st OT  had he came out last year.  Most people are saying he's a better fit at Guard after his injury.  Kid could provide Solid depth at both OT and OG.  
  8. 30th Pick

    I really don't like Bullard due to his fit in our system.  He played more of a rush tackle at Florida and most have a perfect 3-4 end mold. Not a huge terror on the edge.
  9. 30th Pick

    Kid is going to put good #'s at the combine and shoot up the board.  He's a project player who I don't want to touch.  Webb does more than just WR, QB, and return.  He's a great ST coverage guy to.  Braxton isn't going to come in and do that.  I also think it's going to take him a little to develop into that return WR.  Can't remember if he returned punts at Ohio state.  If not I fully expect him to take a bit like Armanti.  Pharoh Cooper, kid can come in and return and play the spot right away and we can get him on the 3rd
  10. The last fumble.  Was only down 6 points.  Was waiting for Cam to finally just say F it and take over like that last drive vs the giants.  
  11. Ealy made Super Bowl History

    Add a kid in the first round and have another CJ Hardy duo of 2013.  2 talented guys coming off the edge can bring the D to the next level see Denver last night.  Our CJ Hardy duo carried our D to the top which carried the team.
  12. Uninjured; Do we beat the Broncos?

    Easy answer yes. Even though they didn't get much in the passing game.  With Peanut and Bene, they would have been completely blanked i  the passing game and would've given the rushers another second or 2 to hit and cause fumbles much like we did vs Arizona and Denver did vs us. With KB, Cam threw several passes over the heads of the WR's when under pressure.  KB may have plucked some of those and continued the drive.  just his size and presence out there.  He could've easily made several catches that helped drives going, keeping Denvers D on the field and tougher to pin back stack the box and blitz.  It would've been a much different.  Think we would've won a tight one.
  13. 30th Pick

    1st: Ogbah, Nassib, Dodd     2nd:  (a): Hunter Henry- kids going to be a pro bowl TE but some mocks have him falling in the 2nd due to teams needing other needs.  Top tier blocker, with top Hands that doesn't drop anything (B): Kendall Fuller- have seen his name dropping down on many mocks to the 2nd after coming out struggling this year and then tearing his meniscus ( C): DT- the DT's are super deep this year and a most likely will have a guy with a first round or top 2nd grade falling to us (D): Jalen Mills     3rd: Pharoh Cooper, Will Fuller- Both Explosive fast shifty play makers who we need in the slot inside KB and Funch.   4th: (A): CJ Prosise- kid could up being a steal, first year at RB and exploded.  Kid was a special teams ace and WR prior. (B): Spencer Drago- Depth, Depth, Depth.  Think our starting OL is pretty solid.  Drago, who many had border line 1st round OT last year is being projected at OG after his knee injury.  Kid could fill in as a backup at OG and OT.    
  14. 30th Pick

    Needs #1 DE- easily by far biggest need.  we build our team around front 7 and big uglies.  Ealy finally starting to show something.  Allen and possibly CJ will be gone next year, and even if they come back they are not what they used to be.  You see what talented edge rushers can do.  Won the Super Bowl for Denver last night.  Carried our team just the other season with the 2nd best record in the NFL playing with a average at best offense. after that its bpa other needs WR- KB will be back, I'm impressed with the way Funch has come out the last half of the season.  He was open several times last night but Cam got hit.  Brown has started to come out.  But we are in a Huge dire need of a fast shifty WR who can get a step out of the slot with consistent hands. TE-  I've actually have came away unimpressed with Dickson this post season.  He completely wiffed a couple blocks last night when helping block. RB- CAP really didn't pop out to me when he's played any more than fozzy has done in his time here.  Don't have the feeling he will be anything more than a solid #2 RB for us, which is still good for us but still need at RB.  Guy I'm looking at this year.  I called Lockett last year and got blasted by many when i said he was better than the kid from the U who didn't do much for indy even with healthy.  One of the guys I'm keeping my eye on CJ Prosise out of ND.  GOOD athlete, with cat like balance and great vision. Would love us to get our hands on the guy in the 4th.  Played RB only for the 1st time this season and went over 1k yards averaging 6.6 yards a carry. DT- I expect Gettleman to somehow lock up both KK and Star.  That being said, the depth here is a Huge need  a Late draft guy is needed badly.  Star's biggest weakness since he's came out is he gets fatigue late in the games and season if on the field a ton.  We need a Good solid rotational guy to come in and take some snap for Star and KK. DB- think Boston is going to be solid.  Norman will most likely be franchised.  Our corners actually have been pretty darn good considering our #2 and #3 CB's were retired and on a practice squad mid season all due to injuries.  Gettleman has been pretty solid at finding cheap CB's that can plug in.  A slot corner is about the biggest need among the CB's. OL- Overall has played solid this year. Staff was real high on Williams, just got bit by the injury bug early which slowed him down.  Depth behind the starters is what needs to be addressed, and possibly a top center if one falls past the 3rd to start grooming to take over for Kalil in a year or 2
  15. Positions we need to upgrade

    DE hands down #1,  Allen and CJ are not what they used to be and may both be gone next year.  Ealy is finally starting to show but still need that pass rush.  Defense wins championships and you saw last night how having 2 stud pass rushers on the ends can impact the game.   #2a TE- we love that 2 TE sets.  Love Dickson but I have been highly unimpressed with him this post season.  He completely wiffed a couple blocks last night when helping the OT's on those OLB's.   2b WR-. Corey Brown started to show at the end of the season. Funchess looks like he could become a solid player and get KB back next year.  But we still need an explosive quick guys with consistent hands.  WR's dropping passes were huge last night   alson need depth at DT, CB, and OL