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  1. Yeah, Drafting a ton of players in the 2nd round makes so much sense. So the majority can sit on the bench. Rolls eyes.
  2. Rather trade up. Trading down is retarded.
  3. Holy s hit at this exchange.
  4. Just FYI. With their recent surge. They're back in the hunt, crazy enough. Hopefully they can keep it going.
  5. Yeah, it's for sure Cook. Makes logical sense.
  6. The Hardy situation isn't comparable either. Mixon got hit, spit on, and even tried to get the female away from him. While Hardy was clearly in the wrong no matter the situation. Do you think the Mixon situation is domestic violence? Because you do know that's wrong right? He wasn't dating said female or anything.
  7. Are you really comparing your story to a drunk woman hitting a man and spitting on him? First off, your story sucked. No offense. At least say you met Justin Timberlake, or found 20 dollars after. Second off, you're comparing a situation in which a female you didn't know didn't hit you, and common sense would say explain to her what happened. Third off, the Mixon situation is totally different. He knew her, she escalated the incident with her friend, and lastly assaulted him first. A little different of a story.
  8. Still maybe a trade up, but it would be a lot for Fournette. I know Gettletits is not doing that. I think they release CAP, after they Draft another RB. Just makes sense at this point.
  9. LOL, I'm not going to treat a human being that treats me like dirt by spiting on me with any respect. Like I stated, at 18 years old I would've mushed her or pushed her the fug away from me. And again, both were in the wrong in this situation. Both committed assault. Simple as that. It's called the law, sir.
  10. Yes, I'm going to treat a woman with respect that's clearly disrespecting me. LOLZ, what?
  11. No, they can still go RB at that position. Which if Fournette is there, would not shock me if they did. They can release him next year, and probably still not have that much of a cap hit.
  12. She actually broke her bones because she fell cheek first on a solid corner of a table. I wouldn't punch her, at 18 I probably would've pushed her the f uck away from me. I'm pretty sure assault is assault, no matter what language you speak, or country of origin you're on. They're both in the wrong.
  13. Basically it's a restructure of his current contract. @15
  14. @swoonychic13 did you know Mixon was a scumbag? That's interesting to me.