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  1. Yeah, a year came to my eye for sure. I'm sure Norman misses the Panthers.
  2. I wish we would give Mixon a look (if LF isn't there). He's better than McCaffrey in all facets anyway. Sadly, it just won't happen. To my chagrin.
  3. This dude sucks man. Not only has his hair line regressed, but so has his throwing motion. It's approaching Timmy The Golden Calf of Bristol's level of terrible.
  4. I'm pretty sure I need the name of the first lady in blue jeans, please. For research purpose, of course.
  5. There is nothing out there at all that states we're attached to him.
  6. So, you really read into McCaffrey being Drafted at 8 from that?
  7. Thats why I laugh when people think he's already told McCaffrey he will take him in the Top 10.
  8. Yeah, Monday Nighters end week 16, since forever.
  9. I think his offensive line is much better. That was the issue in the past, hope they're trash again. We'll see.
  10. They don't have week 17 Monday Night games............
  11. I think it's mostly their schedule not being easy to me.
  12. 10-6 is being the most optimistic for me. After that putrid performance, and keeping our putrid OC and QB's coach, plus, not knowing how Cam will be.
  13. I'm good, bruh. Appreciate it.