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  1. Same with me. It was never number 1 offense vs number 1 defense in the Super Bowl to me.
  2. If he dumps the ball up, and bumps his accuracy to about 63-65 percent, Top 3 QB in the League, easily.
  3. Na, we're good. Really content on not seeing another "fluff" piece on here.
  4. Atlanta should be out the Top 8 man, they're rebuilding. They'll suck massive ass.
  5. Man, you honestly don't realize how much this will help Kemba dish the ball too. I think he's an underrated passer. I expect him to average 24 and 8 this year.
  6. No sir, true honesty.
  7. I'm not lying and s hit, bruh. Chuck, I would never steer you wrong, Chuck. NEVER would I steer you wrong.
  8. It's taking over for the Buzz City alternate. Nothing on it yet, but a season ticket holder told me. So..........
  9. Yeah, I hope he can get back to this man.
  10. That's rare though, man. Sucks so bad, dude. Why Shula and others never worked with him to fix his damn footwork is beyond me. God I hope we haven't seen the best of him.
  11. Maybe the surgery can help him work on his footwork? Wishful thinking.
  12. No shitty bud. Not shitty at all.
  13. Yeah, Worley is weak sauce back there. But don't let Saca tell you otherwise.