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  1. You still alive? Watching that OU game this weekend?

  2. I'm just a dick to Jeremy and Saca.  Because I legit don't care for the poo they post.  

  3. Could you imagine just a random onlooker on this website?  They would think we're all gay.  

    1. mjligon


      Hahaha...just a friendly eggplant passing around

  4. I'm pursuing my MBA from State, so probably State.  Once I graduate from there, I'll be a full Statey.  So, I'll be done with UNC.  Because I would sound like a complete moron rooting for UNC, but Graduating from State.  

  5. HAHAHA, they moved it.  So predictable.  This place is a poo show.  

    1. imminent rogaine

      imminent rogaine

      Yea the poo they care about is retarded. They always give you poo for posting important NFL happenings and then you turn around and there are 5 threads about how we should trade 17 picks for cordarelle patterson

    2. imminent rogaine
    3. nctarheel0619


      Isn't it ridiculous, and you can't even curse on here.  Place is a joke.  

  6. I won't argue with you on that one. That was for sure on Gettlemen.
  7. I think Norman showed potential in his Rookie season when he played a few games. Rivera was wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too harsh on him, and put him in the doghouse wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too quick. While, he let Worley play like poo the majority of games he played. And kept him in there. Doesn't make sense to me on that one.
  8. Meh, Bradberry played well..................but, Worley did not. So...............what's Bradberry's excuse?
  9. So? I talk about how great Bradberry is all the time. Just because I think one player is trash (which he is), doesn't mean I'm going to trash the others. Worley is awful to me.
  10. I'm pretty sure many others saw with their own eyes how awful Worley is. But, okay. Whatever you say.
  11. Just because you say it, doesn't make it so. LOL at proven. He was fuging horrible all year but two games, and hes proven? Keep the homerism up. We'll see how that goes for you.
  12. He's too big of a homer, he makes excuses for poo players like Worley & Funchess.
  13. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

  14. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    @ImTotallyNotBWood Looks like he's back. LOLZ.
  15. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    I will buy PSC, The Red, and Jim Bob all drinks if you guys ever want to meet up. fug this, I will buy you all at least 2-3 rounds. I read every page from 49 and I just can't stop laughing. Also, @Panthro. Drinks on me. HAHAHA. I can't stop laughing.