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  1. Game Day Menu:

    Well, Thor might not be able to stop you.  But if Bucky Barnes and Captain America can beat up Iron Man, anything can happen.  
  2. JJ Jansen injured

    Already posted it, old guy.  
  3. Tillman Most Likely Out

    He'll be back next week, just precautionary since he's so old is what I presume.  
  4. He was extremely drunk too, spilled a beer on a girl below him as well.  It doesn't qualify him as a douche, but I think it's kind of douchey.  
  5. He duct taped over Griffin the 3rd's jersey, and put Capt. Kirk on it with a permanent marker.  I mean, really?  
  6. Probably Horton, since he was inactive this week.  
  7. Panthers have two opponents this week.

    Cam keeps playing like he did yesterday, we have literally nothing to worry about.