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  1. NO the f uck he's not. He showed nothing last year.
  2. He did a few games. played a ton too. So.....
  3. Bad comparison. Norman showed potential his Rookie season. Worley showed s hit last year.
  4. Not hoping he sucks. Just noticing he STILL sucks. This Bogart dude really hates me. Lol.
  5. Read your article, and what I got out of it is Worley still sucks. Go figure.
  6. You leave Jason White alone dammit. Can't believe that dude came out of High School as a 2 star.
  7. You sure it's just us that's making you face palm? I mean, there's not one Panthers fan in this thread: and they're flat out destroying Kelvin Benjamin.
  8. yes, good. That's what LA gets. F uck em.
  9. I f ucking better be!!!!
  10. To be fair, Rosenthal is off the Panthers bandwagon. He's full on the Falcons bandwagon. Said they were too talented to suck this year.
  11. Why you sound like your boy 15 for? You gonna start giving him hugs and kisses now?