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  1. Jeremy WTF?

    If i knew back in 08 (hell, going back to 03 and the Panthers Hiddle) that one day i would have to share this space witn a Nazi I wouldnt have bothered. Not even a month ago another one of your buddies here threatened me and others with guns and violence. Not gonna stick around for all the Stormfront tags. Internet is, after all, forever. Peace out. I'll be hanging on the football forum if and when I have the time, but I did enjoy everyone company here, both left and right (except a Nazi ***** like yourself. And your buddies you invite here to wreak havoc). As @stirs would say "I'm going on vacation"
  2. Let's honestly talk gun control...

    A nazi pig is allowed to post here. This place is pretty much done.Time to move on
  3. LoL I think I reported you by accident
  4. Thank you Veterans

    Jesus Christ, I came for the thanks *cough* then I realoze there are pedophilia defenders in here so I left.
  5. Republicans

  6. The story is bullshit bit the part about Hayden made me lol http://twofeed.org/2017/10/12/robert-downey-jr-blows-whistle-elite-hollywood-pedophile-ring/
  7. Liberal Hollyweird Going Down....

    The op is not real. He's a parody of heel. lol