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  1. Antifa is the moral equivalent of nazis

    There was no antifa on Kristallnacht. That's why they're crying because every time they wanna start some poo they get punched in their mouth.
  2. Should have put this in the thread already there. Goddamn decaf
  3. We don't have affordability. That's why we are where where we are today
  4. This should save us additional 60 pages of back and forth. If NO please explain
  5. Government invented internet, plastics etc. Their grants arebfundint research year after year. Even projects thst might lead to a cure for diseases thst are not profitable enough for private companies to even consider. And innovation will continue. Insurance companies aren't funding anything we'll miss. Drug companies, equipment companies etc.. will still be around
  6. Are there any good cops out there?

    he's saying black lives don't matter. Now this is why you have to explain it to the white man why BLM stands for BLM and why it's not only "all lives matter"
  7. A really good video about how to debate Nazis

    You're a Kaepernick supporter?
  8. This right here. If the two of us are paying dues and g5 is not, he still gets the benefits that we paid for.