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  1. Gazi

    The Trump Fallacy Versus Facts

    Could be syphilis. He’s losing his mind
  2. Is this the same generic whitey that had a meltdown few months ago and was banned after threatening to cut me? LOL how many accounts are you operating? I’m still waiting for you Jess Belle kracker please
  3. Paint ourselves black? What you talking about? I’m not familiar with the latest trailer park lingo.
  4. Gazi

    WTF have we become

    There is no federal law to separate families. This is Trump’s policy. I thought we’re past this point or is he so far gone up the cult’s ass?
  5. With his own money, not with government assistsance.
  6. Gazi

    WTF have we become

  7. Sounds to me like three are some snowflakes over there hitting the alert
  8. You should definitely do it, You’re gonna find the results can leave you feeling more open to others. I mean I used to make jokes about Italians and Greeks, nothing malicious, but now I can say the Greek __g___ word, man!! just fuging with you lol. Good luck man
  9. Yep.I must say I enjoy being white like that. No need to throw parades celebration White Pride or anything like that though. I mean, we run the whole goddamn place. Or special costumes. Bedsheets are sleeping or if your Hasidic friends are sleeping over the wholes already made will Ben put to a good use. That’s it. ps @rodeo that test is usually $99 I think they’re doing a sale. And browsing the profiles of all those distant cousins confirmed by DNA I can tell you by my example that It is very accurate.
  10. Gazi

    WTF have we become

    Worse than your job outlook?