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  1. "He was going to deliver them to Obama?" Next on Fox and Friends
  2. You're a special kind of stupid, aren't you? The only person who came here melting down and making it political was you. Look around, everyone is laughing at you
  3. Or as Mrs Tinderbox independent would say "he's a democrat" NBC News reported that Dear referred to Planned Parenthood in one statement and said "no more baby parts." He also allegedly made comments about President Obama.
  4. We have to put every white male Christian from NC into a database
  5. Is Ted Cruz really the only decent human being running for GOP nomination? This country has become full of pstall types who can't handle it 
  6. He's a miserable old man for sure
  7. How do the cops not know if he's contained or not
  8. Is it because of PP or was he just in that area?
  9. Why would anyone have a problem with this?  
  10. If the judge didn't order the video released they would have been free and clear 
  11. BLM shooting in Minnesota

    I don't know what it is about white supremacists shooting some black people that gets you so angry