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  1. Commodus - "If they don't respect me, how can they love me" Cam will never go down at the GOAT because of the detractors (which number greatly) continue to tarnish his reputation at every turn. He can win 3 more MVP's and 2 Superbowl Rings, and you will have a large part of the masses mention "$cam stole a laptop". Cam deserves better, but as long as his approval rate remains in the 50th percentile, he will never get Peyton-Like accolades. The reasons...a different thread.
  2. ADD A TE?

    move quick...Greg just put his house on the market
  3. Dear Mods: PLEASE get to work

    OP is that guy at the stadium, facing away from the field, with his hands in the air to get everyone to cheer...meanwhile, he is not cheering Mind your own...
  4. When I saw all the sharps (the big money Vegas gamblers) over that past 2 days laying large sums on Denver, I started to worry. But then I said to myself, there is no way that the refs (or the NFL) can make this happen. I hate to be a conspiracy theorist, but man...I saw this coming. Is it really that simple?????
  5. Official Panthers - Falcons Gameday Thread

    So as not to be chippy, our defense is soft... Coach Ronnie, give them their nuts back!
  6. Cam is going a long way to dispel the rumors (i.e. hot tub with Olsen), but this is too far!
  7. Mitchell giving Smitty the business...I like Mitchell!