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  1. Commodus - "If they don't respect me, how can they love me" Cam will never go down at the GOAT because of the detractors (which number greatly) continue to tarnish his reputation at every turn. He can win 3 more MVP's and 2 Superbowl Rings, and you will have a large part of the masses mention"$cam stole a laptop". Cam deserves better, but as long as his approval rate remains in the 50th percentile, he will never get Peyton-Like accolades. The reasons...a different thread.
  2. ADD A TE?

    move quick...Greg just put his house on the market
  3. Dear Mods: PLEASE get to work

    OP is that guy at the stadium, facing away from the field, with his hands in the air to get everyone to cheer...meanwhile, he is not cheering Mind your own...
  4. When I saw all the sharps (the big money Vegas gamblers)over that past 2 days laying large sums on Denver, I started to worry. But then I said to myself, there is no way that the refs (or the NFL)can make this happen. I hate to be a conspiracy theorist, but man...I saw this coming. Is it really that simple?????
  5. Off Topic: How many folks remember this?

    (cynicism edit) Let's hope that this was just a nice moment, and not an opportunity to sell more soda...
  6. New Peyton Manning jingles.....

    Whoops, I stayed a week too long
  7. Panthers Media Department will not release it...Hush Hush Cam or Vince Lombardi
  8. Next to last installment of "Devour Your Opponent" Sonoran Hot Dogs (Bacon wrapped dog, pintos, chopped vidalia, chopped tomato, chopped jalapeno, with a Mayo/Tabasco sauce on top) and Whiskey...only because it is a tradition.
  9. no, no, no... It was the "near fatal" car accident. iirc, he has only lost 2 games since that happened. he learned to control what he can, and not do too much, until he needs to take control and do too much #backbreaksuperpowers
  10. Jared Allen Out for the NFCCG

    fracking media... ESPN...lead story...conflict...must elevate BR...Jared Mad Bro!...we love dirty laundry man up! This story ends like many Ron Rivera, new guy for injured vet, oh my goshhe is a good player, stories. Mark my word!
  11. Did we retire BEAST MODE?

    if anyone needs an offensive coordinatorkilling, 2.1 yards per carry, moody running back, he will be on the top of many lists. #panthersdeflatevalue #soidontgetfined
  12. Jared Allen Out for the NFCCG

    I like it! Pass Rush, Pass Rush, Pass Rush. Cardinals will overthink it and think they can run...foolishly not thinking about our linebacker crew!
  13. Hobbled Allen vs. "Fresh" Delaire?

    good thinking... Allen is better for the run...Arizona not known for their great running game. Need someone to get after Palmer and I think the Fresh Prince Delaire may be needed!
  14. How much does a Sunday Giveaway football cost?

    my guess is that there are not going to be a bunch of children in the front row in Santa Clara... (let's hear it for the 50 year old+ Corporate Guys begging for balls) #thatdoesntsoundright #sanfranciscotreat
  15. WE are the x-factor...

    even Peter King noticed it in his MMQB: "d. The noise in Carolina. Really surprising to me. Never heard it like that before." (rant on) As a side it when Jarred Allen, on each play, gives the raise the roof signal to bring the I watch him. Only to be reminded not to watch him based upon my disappointment level. (rant off)