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  1. Made you click... Money is in the clicks, homey
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/HeavensHawkeye/status/927287509196967941/photo/1
  3. I figured it out.

    Wow...in 24 hrs, you go from arguing one side of the story, to now the other... try levelheadedness...it works wonders...
  4. I just don't believe that any front office/coaches are truly this incompetent. Rivera and Shula would have most likely had to sign off on this... As I said in my original post, we will see if it works...
  5. You all are kidding yourselves if you think that McDermott and Beane did not know that the Carolina coaches were fed up with Cam's reliance on Benji. They knew when they were here...of course it was easy pickings for Buffalo. Not saying Banjamin is not a good player, just not right for our current offense. Have y'all been watching the same offense as me this year...not something I would want to hang on to...
  6. The trade of Kelvin Benjamin is a means to take away Cam's security blanket. The coaches and front office drafted a new team with a new purpose...and to this point, Cam has refused to adjust. He would rather throw to Benji in double coverage than to throw a short slant to CMac or Shepard. Just like the last time that Cam lost Benji...he found a way to get it to many different receivers. There is no way the coaches could have sat Benji without Cam getting in the way. The coaches/front office had to make this move. Evolve, or be left behind. Let's see if it works...
  7. Listening to the Dan Patrick show. Dan asked him if he could be any other player in the NFL, who would he want to be... "Luke Kuechly" Nice praise!
  8. So as not to be chippy, our defense is soft... Coach Ronnie, give them their nuts back!
  9. Mitchell giving Smitty the business...I like Mitchell!