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  1. WPMOTY - How does anyone other than JJ Watt win it? $37 Million votes to the win
  2. Wilks as a Head Coach?

    1. I like Wilks blitzing, as I like a more aggressive defense. More aggressive than McDLT...replace Coleman and Johnson and we have a very good defense 2. I wonder if when the Wilks interview tour is over (Rooney) if Rivera still wants him...defense took a significant drop 2nd half of season. Ron may still be in house cleaning mode
  3. Blank is bad juju...stay away crypt keeper! so glad the Fal-cants are out!
  4. For Sale

    No [email protected] Sherlock... You are one stubborn man...wrong, and still cannot acknowledge it.
  5. For Sale

    Sure, kid. "I have sources" gets you no credibility when you can't back it up. Nice attempt at an attention grab, buuuuut no. But not talk that fits your narrative, Sanjay. Just pie the man...narrative confirmed
  6. For Sale

    Bruton and Marcus Smith...where did I hear that?? oh yeah, when I was told there would be no action until the season is over... Pie me now, Mr. Scot
  7. We score TD this series, we win the game...
  8. Second half adjusting?

    Press coverage to allow our front four to get pressure Underneath slant routes No more runs up the middle
  9. Cause he is a darn swell Veteran...and you just cant account for that with statistics.
  10. FAN is short for fanatic...all illogical and emotional. The Huddle is full of FAN’s We win easily...KEEP POUNDING! (btw, I have a 23:1 ticket for a hundo in my office)
  11. A. We are not losing 2. I will just go into my cocoon until my 2 Christmases, Draft and Training Camp. I am an off season Panthers Trai-ft-er...
  12. Let’s look at Cam’s time with Shula as his OC: Cam started out running a Coryell offense...we were very successful and boy was it fun picking up big chunks of yards... Then the offensive line got hurt and there was not enough time for plays to develop, so in turn, Cam got hammered... So “the staff” decides to get us a couple of Wes Walker types to take the pressure off Cam...get the ball out quicker... So now we have no speed guy (Byrd may develop) and our glorified bubble screen guy CMC. We can spend all day blaming the front offfice for not getting us the players, but c’mon...any one of these guys has the chance to take off and be the next great receiver. Injuries have bit our receiving corp, but this is the NFL...next man up. My point is that an effective offense takes all of this into consideration and creates a creative game plan. Cam does not have great underneath catch and run timing, so we have to take what we are good at, and mix it up. Shula sees CMC take a screen for 4 yards and then tries to overdose on it...keep running it til it proves not to work (and then run it 3 more times). What can we do to have an effective offense??? i know...run up the middle on first down...
  13. Cam is a tremendous talent...we all know that. With that being said, if you do not work on your craft (because you know you are great) or you do not come each day prepared (without being tired, or worse, from being out late) you are not going to be the best version of you. They shipped off his running partner (KB) and it worked for a bit... If Cam want’s to be remembered as great, now is the time to get this [email protected] together...