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  1. Media Fatigue...

    Hit me about 3 days ago. Just ready for the game already.
  2. One Panther not wishing for a blowout

    Fug that sh1t. No offense to Gano, but i want to demolish Denver. Don't want the Carolina's to have a tight butt on Superbowl Sunday.
  3. I honestly started having those Superbowl thoughts when i saw Cam & Co rock 4 80 yard scores in Seattle. Still had a tight butt every week though, especially in the 2nd half of games.
  4. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Maybe so, but you also need to teach your kids why that situation ended like it did. Cam is still human and can't interact with everyone 24/7.
  5. Cam Newton disappointed me

    These guys have lives as well. I am sure they get tired of being harassed constantly when they are out doing their thing. Even just saying hi i am sure gets tiresome some times. Just cause he is famous doesn't mean he wants to know everyone. Just saying, got to keep it in perspective man.
  6. Fug Peyton, Fug the media, Fug the fans. It's our time! Panther Nation!
  7. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    Going to the Superbowl is starting to sink in. Holy crap i am shocked, but super excited.
  8. Okay, who is playing the sick joke on me? This Sh!t can't be real.
  9. The fact that you are getting so worked up over this is sad. You won, big deal. You are craving for attention. You must have not got much attention or respect as a child, and still seems to be the same as an adult.
  10. Official Panthers - Falcons Gameday Thread

    Amazing, fuggin love it!
  11. Official Panthers - Saints Gameday Thread

    Funchess baby, gettin it done. Oh, and fug that ref!
  12. Official Panthers - Saints Gameday Thread

    Fug that ref.. Fuggin douchebag.
  13. Along the Sidelines - Panthers at Cowboys

    Fantastic photos as usual. Thank you.
  14. What Packers Fans Are Saying

    Just change the name from coltsfan to packersfan and it will be the same bullsht as every week. Every week we hear how we haven't beaten anyone. How weak our schedule is and if we win we will hear the same poo. Only difference will be is that Green Bay isn't playing the same as they was. They are not as good as they was earlier in the season. Same bullsht different fanbase.