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  1. Montsta added a post in a topic Imagine Steph Curry doing this in a Charlotte school   

    Sorry bros. Interviewed with the Charlotte Observer. Says he can't imagine playing for another team. 
    Sorry guys. Seriously not trying to be a dick.
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  2. Montsta added a post in a topic Which is the bigger glaring Problem?   

    is aids still a thing? it follows you around and then kills you like that girl from the ring after you watch the videotape. herpes follows you around and ruins your life like a drunk racist tweet from a celebrity. 
    Both suck
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  3. Montsta added a post in a topic FanDuel   

    Actually higher than I would have thought. I wouldn't expect Cam to put up huge numbers this season from a fantasy standpoint. 
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  4. Montsta added a post in a topic Please don't forget that we still have this guy...   

    It's a lot more difficult to double team a tight end than it is a WR. You guys act like its the same thing. Tight ends are enjoying a renaissance in the NFL right now because of their size and versatility. 
    Teams can't just go in and say hey, double cover Greg Olsen. He runs too many different routes. So if a LB is covering him in man coverage (lulz) then the entire defense is in man coverage, save maybe the safeties in zone over the top. If you try and get him with blanket coverage in a zone scheme, it will only take one drive or two for he and Cam to figure out what you are doing and exploit it. 
    So fug a double coverage and enjoy you some Greg Olsen. 
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  5. Montsta added a post in a topic ESPN top 100 players--Luke doesn't make top 10   

    As one of the few people (fix, only person) on this board that actually likes Andrew Luck (sorry, Stanford fan), it will be fun watching him get destroyed when we play Indy this year in prime time. 
    Better still would be if Cam has a better statistical night than he does, resulting in a W. 
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  6. Montsta added a post in a topic SI puts "Leagues Premier Takedown Artist" on Cover   

    Or better yet, "piss on that SI magazine"
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  7. Montsta added a post in a topic Despite recent trade, Panthers still in need of receiver help   

    So if we picked up one of those guys and KB never got hurt, people would be bitching at DG for drafting a WR in Funchess and not playing him so old ass Andre Johnson could play. We all know this fanbase and know what I am saying is true. 
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  8. Montsta added a post in a topic Despite recent trade, Panthers still in need of receiver help   

    My biggest gripe is that people are saying we made our bed like the team failed to address WR. They drafted a first round stud in Kelvin Benjamin. They then traded up to get another WR in Funchess. They then brought back everyone's favorite speed receiver to go with those two big possession guys in Tedd Ginn Jr. They extended Cam's favorite target in Greg Olsen.
    So this notion that they didn't address the whole "Cam doesn't have weapons" thing is absurd to me. Did people want Gettleman to draft another wideout that would have never seen the field on the off chance that our second year stud tore his ACL? 
    I want to get a competent receiver as much as the next fan, but Gettleman is trying to build a long term powerhouse here. People want him to trade for some stud that has four years left on his contract that won't even be utilized as early as next season and I just don't see it happening. He's gonna take a cheap guy off the scrap heap, or he's going to trade for a guy with maybe a year or two left or wait until his salary isn't guaranteed and he can be cut if needed.
    Fiscal responsibility, thy name is Gettleman. 
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  9. Montsta added a post in a topic Despite recent trade, Panthers still in need of receiver help   

    I keep on reading a lot of panic and we need to do something posts, but haven't really read any thoughts on exactly WHAT IT IS we need to do. 
    Can someone lay that out for me because even in the thread about creating a hypothetical trade I didn't see anything plausible. 
    Dave Gettleman has gotten gems like Daryl Williams and Bene Benwikere in later rounds, so even packaging a fifth or sixth round pick for a mediocre talent as a one year rental doesn't seem to me to be a realistic Gettlemove. 
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  10. Montsta added a post in a topic Funchess back at practice, Norwood taking third team reps   

    No it was, he's never gonna dance again. He has guilty feet, and he's got no rhythm. 
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  11. Montsta added a post in a topic Despite recent trade, Panthers still in need of receiver help   

    Maybe instead of scraping the bottom of the bin for a WR that won't do anything anyway, we could find a really solid TE that maybe hasn't worked out for his current team, doesn't make ridiculous money moving forward, could be had for a hell of a lot cheaper, or maybe is an aging vet that still has something left in the tank (ala Shockey). We could run mostly twin TE sets, and the WR's would no longer need to be a focal point.
    Not even sure if there is such a player out there but it's worth a look I suppose. 
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  12. Montsta added a post in a topic Tomorrow's Guest.....   

    Hint: The Huddle bitched when we picked him in the draft...

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  13. Montsta added a post in a topic Did Randy just sign   

    Not at all Panther related and using a title in a way that manipulates people into clicking your shitty thread is a dick move. 
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  14. Montsta added a post in a topic Fantasy Football Time - Fan Duel   

    I'll be playing this year. I do really well in my dynasty auction league but fan duel kicks my ass. But I'm a glutton for punishment so let's do this thing. 
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  15. Montsta added a post in a topic Brown   

    reminds me of when the Oakland A's signed Jim Johnson to be their closer. Had a great year the year before with Baltimore and as a fan we lost Balfour but felt at least ok with JJ. Then he blew like 8 of his first 10 save opportunities and he got booed every time he took the field. At home. 
    Mae do dumb poo as fans but sometimes the frustration gets the better of you. But that's why we are fans. 
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