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  1. You do a great job as usual @PhillyB, but man what a depressing trip down memory lane.  You could have just titled this thread "In this thread, PhillyB kicks you in the nuts" and it would have been just as appropriate. 
  2. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

      Yeah, because nothing screams manly man like blueberryicedcoffee.
  3. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    So Hardy doesn't even show up to practice during a normal week, but they think having just 3 days between games he's going to get up and haul ass to the facility to start going over Panthers defensive tape with the Dallas offensive coaches? Seems legit to me. 
  4. Just arrived in Dallas

    Divisional round playoff game at my house. Short trip from San Jose. You coming?
  5. This is my thinking. It would be the biggest super bowl of all time bar none. 
  6. At what point do we see the NFL do what they can to help two undefeated teams square off in the golden anniversary Super Bowl 50? I brought this up in another thread but it was already somewhat buried and I'm genuinely curious as to what the Huddle conspiracy theorists think? I know it's a commonly accepted idea around here that the referees hate the Panthers, which I personally think is BS, but if people really believe notice comes from up high in the offices on Park Avenue to lean towards certain teams winning, do you think with each passing week the NFL would do what they could to try and make a Patriots-Panthers super mega ultra bowl happen? That would guarantee an undefeated season for someone, would have a rematch from a prior SB, would have Tom Brady perhaps securing his spot as greatest QB ever, and Cam Newton perhaps cementing his spot as one of the best rising stars in the league.  Again, I don't necessarily buy that the NFL has pre-scripted narratives that they like to lean on, but for those that do, what do you think?
  7. Josh Norman vs Dez Bryant

    Norman will shut down Dez, while the O-line shuts down Hardy, causing he and Greg Hardy to have a huge spat on national TV, ultimately leading to Hardy's release from the Cowboys on Black Friday because they are tired of dealing with his crap. 
  8. Panthers have two opponents this week.

    I don't know man if the Patriots win tonight, there has to be a certain point where the NFL would love to do what they can to see two undefeated teams going at for intergalactic supremacy at their golden Super Bowl 50.  That would be the biggest Super Bowl ever and it wouldn't even be close. 
  9. Jets waive Quentin Coples

    He'll never clear waivers but it's fun to think about. 
  10. I always thought that Candle in the Wind was for Marilyn Monroe.  You learn something new everyday I guess. 
  11. I loved me some Greg Hardy when he was here. Yeah he hit his girl and that is pretty deplorable but I've done time so who am I to judge somebody else for what they have done.  I didn't really care for the way the organization let him get railroaded by Goodell and Co. but I completely understand it. Why do you think it was the Cowboys that picked him up? Because they are one of two teams in the NFL that can thumb their nose it advertising partners and corporate lobbyists because if they leave there is a line out the door for more people that want a piece of the Cowboys pie. But whatever, he's on the Cowboys now so I don't really care anymore. We have the best team in football with a ton of great guys to root for so as much as I liked him before, I'll just bid adieu to Greg Hardy and hope he can stay out of his own way long enough to enjoy a long and productive career.  (Except Thursday, where I hope his name doesn't even appear on the stat sheet)
  12. Pets Named after Carolina Panthers

    This is my dog Julius sleeping on my couch on my Panthers blanket. We were going to name him Moose and probably should have, but I was big Pep fanboy when we got him years and years ago.   
  13. I hear that brother
  14. Redskins social media is trolling Panthers fans

    Panthers social media already won. They responded with "good luck getting a trademark on that"
  15. Youngins at the games.

    I have a kid that I've taken to countless sporting events since she was little. I understand various peoples opinions on the matter and respect that everyone is entitled to their opinion.  But to me your post is exactly what a lot of people are trying to avoid. Parents that take everything around them as a personal attack on them or their children and then get outraged by deplorable behavior.  Sounds a lot to me like the lady at the Titans game with a stick up her ass, but that's just my opinion. But what do I know because I think anyone with a "baby on board" sticker on the back of their van is a huge douchebag for thinking that's going to somehow alter the way I drive around their car full of precious cargo. I'm an asshole.