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  1. Montsta added a post in a topic A Name To Keep An Eye On   

    Why did I think Stevie Johnson played on the 49ers?
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  2. Montsta added a post in a topic 454 yards to 191 ...   

    it's cool to be excited, because if it were reversed plenty of people would be ready to jump off the ledge. 
    I'll gladly take this over that. 
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  3. Montsta added a post in a topic Anyone Watching The Post-Game Rivera Presser?   

    Will definitely watch when it's up. I don't have a personal beef with Joe Person. But he's like a walking caricature of an idiot sports reporter. 
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  4. Montsta added a post in a topic I'm just not worried about this team anymore..   


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  5. Montsta added a post in a topic Panthers Comp. Pick Question   

    this is the answer we were looking for. 
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  6. Montsta added a post in a topic Panthers Comp. Pick Question   

    He's suspended without pay for several games this year. And now their is a precedent. Hardly fodder. 
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  7. Montsta added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Panthers Comp. Pick Question
    Does the comp pick come based off playing time of players lost minus players added? I just read a thing on ESPN about how Greg Hardy is now contemplating going to court in light of Tom Terrific's Thursday Throwdown ruling.
    So if he plays a whole season does it better our chances for a 3rd round comp? Because I was kinda hating on Brady but if it helps Hardy and this, helps us, well then you go Tom and the NFLPA. 
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  8. Montsta added a post in a topic Official Panthers at Steelers Gameday Thread   

    fug the Steelers and all their punk ass fans that can't decide if they are disgusting fat chicks or if they are the average looking dude from Pittsburgh. 
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  9. Montsta added a post in a topic DA since cam is a DA?   

    Not sure if OP should be flagged as spammer or if I should just let this train wreck run its course...
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  10. Montsta added a post in a topic nullified....   

    I heard Feely's testimony had something to do with it. Because he was involved in some kind of ball tampering years ago and the NFL hardly even talked to him about it, so the argument was that they were going after Brady arbitrarily. 
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  11. Montsta added a post in a topic No claims on cuts   

    I pay my $4.99 on time every month. You ain't getting rid of me. 
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  12. Montsta added a post in a topic Derek Anderson Extended   

    This is huge. He and Cam get along very well, and it's great to have a backup that knows he is the backup and is content with being the backup. 
    This is why you don't want a cancer like RGIII as a backup here. Heaven forbid Cam gets hurt and RGIII had a decent game in his place and the talking heads start drumming up some controversy with a whole NFL Network segment on if the backup should be the starter. 
    I don't need that poo in my life I already have higher than I'd like blood pressure. 
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  13. Montsta added a post in a topic FanDuel   

    I thought about that. My concern is our offense actually getting into the redzone itself in order for his rushing attempts to turn into points. 
    I ended up keeping AJ Green for $33 in my $200 salary cap auction keeper league instead of Cam for $24. I also figured everyone else will sleep on Cam and I can get him back cheaper. 
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  14. Montsta added a post in a topic Opinions: trade with N.Y Giants for J.Jones   

    The irony here is that if we traded Klein or Mayo for James Jones and god forbid one of our starting linebackers got hurt, the huddle would implode and bitch endlessly about how Gettleman is an awful GM and dug himself into a hole because he didn't have the foresight to have more linebacker depth. 
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  15. Montsta added a post in a topic Imagine Steph Curry doing this in a Charlotte school   

    Sorry bros. Interviewed with the Charlotte Observer. Says he can't imagine playing for another team. 
    Sorry guys. Seriously not trying to be a dick.
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