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  1. Props to him for getting an underage drinker out of his house. Probably shouldn’t have shoved her though.
  2. Marty Hurney is going to

    This actually made me lol
  3. Darin Gantt writing shitty things about the Panthers. In other news, strippers don’t actually like you and just want your money.
  4. I personally just don’t believe Hurney is clever or competent enough to do the things described in the complaint. Has nothing to do with the woman. Hurney is a dumb poo and only a laughing stock franchise would hire him TWICE lol
  5. I think Cam el had the best take on it a page back. There are a lot of things that can be misconstrued during a bitter divorce or post-marriage battle. The biggest takeaway from the story for me is why in the hell would a locksmith refuse to change her locks for a fourth time like it’s unconscionable unless he was thinking “this bitch is crazy” ?
  6. I hate the sports media. It has nothing to do with Cam or Brady or anything. Sports media is the biggest self-serving self-entitled job on the planet, aside from maybe Hollywood actors. The whole notion that dealing with those parasites is “part of the job” for pro athletes is as antiquated as saying JR is just an old southern boy and that’s why he is how he is. I wish a high profile athlete would just go full heel and start the revolution by saying gtfo of my fave I don’t y’all to you guys and not do interviews or anything.
  7. This is actually a pretty solid take on the situation.
  8. Hacking into phones and breaking into places of business and stealing documents is most definitely stalking and well past harassment IMO. Harassment - Telling your co worker she has great tits Stalking - Breaking into her house and stealing her bra from her underwear drawer
  9. “Sarcasm is like a second language to me” could be the most accurate way to describe how well I understand you.
  10. “It worked” may not be the best verbiage to use in regards to the outcome of that scenario for ol’ Rae.
  11. So she believes his new wife is a paralegal and is somehow helping him to stalk his ex by informing him of what documentation should stay or go in a legal setting? Im sure my wife would be totally cool with helping me stalk an ex, especially if it helped her use her professional skill set while doing so. Said no one ever.
  12. I took my daughter to the SF-Carolina opener. That stadium is poo.
  13. I believe without a doubt we will lose Star to free agency, but I don’t think anyone with any sense would tell an impending FA we want to keep that he is easily replaced.
  14. I actually told my wife while watching our last game of the season how much it is going to suck not having Cam around one day. He makes watching football fun, and I am truly grateful we have him as our QB.