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  1. Panthers interviewing special teams coaches

    Yeah our ST was pretty piss poor this year, and seemingly always has been.  There was a punter that wrote an article, can't remember which punter though, talking about how teams that play ground and pound offense are destined to have shitty ST because the backups (that are ST "starters") are slow and can't tackle, or something to that effect.  Its worth a read if someone can find it.  Edit: found it.
  2. BV a Browns fan right? Maybe he's just a bit misinformed because he wouldn't know what a real QB looked like if it bit him on the ass?
  3. The media's entire job, be it covering politics, sports, local news, or whatever, is to try and get the biggest story, meaning the most watches or clicks or reads as possible. That means it is literally their entire job to try and spin things in a certain way that makes them more valuable.  So I ask, why in the actual fug would any athlete, let alone one as big as Cam, want anything at all to do with any member of the media in any way? Anything he says to you has the potential to be misconstrued and ran with and potentially career or image threatening.  Sports reporters see themselves as better than paparazzi, and they aren't, period. They are out to get you and if I was an athlete I'd go the Marshawn Lynch route and not say a single fuging word to the lot of em.  fug em all I say.
  4. I don't know who you are but I will definitely start paying more attention when you post here.  Bravo. 
  5. If you would have come over to my house, the whole rest of the trip would have been just kind of a bonus.  Dibs on big spoon!
  6. Giants release Beason, considering retirement.

    Always have liked Beason. Can't recall him saying anything negative after he left, and he certainly could have with the abrupt way he went out. 
  7. Want To See The Super Bowl 50 Crowd Firsthand?

    Thanks for the Panthers swag hun!!!
  8. I used to break video game controllers with a hammer and busted my football helmet on more than one occasion after a loss. I hate losing.  My athletic prime is well behind me and now I play co-ed rec league bullshit softball and I still lay into 45 year old women for not hustling to first.  I'm a shitty loser. But when we win I usually buy all the beer at the pizza parlor after the game.
  9. Sports journalists are such a self-important bunch. I used to think any friend of the huddle was a friend of mine, but fug BV now. 
  10. Want To See The Super Bowl 50 Crowd Firsthand?

    Aww man that sucks I was talking with KMC and his wife for a bit. 
  11. Want To See The Super Bowl 50 Crowd Firsthand?

    I was looking for everyone and posted up in multiple threads trying to find people from here!
  12. Yeah money line typically is shown as what the payout is against $100. 
  13. Im with Sean Payton's Vicodin.. Just ban me also

    I got to accommodate two of the three, but rayzor beat me to it on PU.  So I got the quantity, but he got the quality.  :(
  14. Cam pouting at the podium

    You motherfugaz ain't poo