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  1. Even the whole “America’s Team” thing came from NFL films in the 70’s, not Jerry Jones.
  2. For the People With Deep Pockets

    Some people want to cleanse themselves in the cool water of Lake Minnetonka.
  3. For the People With Deep Pockets

    And be so hammered he doesn’t remember it. ;)
  4. Good call. 6’ 4” 4.5 40. Hands like Mr Crab from Spongebob Edit: in fairness I actually don’t remember it being a hands thing. I think he just never could get open or was ever targeted.
  5. You trade Boogie for Steph and KD on 2K or you just drunk?
  6. Ryne Robinson, Jason Carter, Stephen Hill... The Huddle loves an Everyman receiver to get excited about.
  7. Did it in madden. Also got Kevin White from CHI, who turned into a baller across from Funchess.
  8. Would be interested to see a Luke Kuechly brain vs. say a Dan Morgan brain. Sure Luke has had a lot of concussions, but he gets one and doesn’t play again for five games. Would be interested to see how that affects the presence of CTE vs. some of the old school guys that would get multiple concussions in one game and keep playing.
  9. Trading KB, the silver lining

    Beans tried to find guys that fit the system he was looking for. Really Beane was just a little bit ahead of his time with the advanced metrics everyone uses today, that’s why we haven’t won since. The other misconception with Money Ball is that it was just a group of misfits slapped together. We had three pitchers that would be a number one in many rotations at the same time between Hudson, Mulder, and Zito. Unless Hurney finds out through some mathematicians that going for it on every fourth down and never punting somehow averages out to better on field performance, it doesn’t really apply apples to apples.
  10. Let me know when we can get drunk and lift. In whatever order suits you.
  11. Buffalo Reached Out to Us

    God damn you for slapping me in the face with this reality.
  12. Marty Speaks...

    Lol I love your sarcasm
  13. Just saw this on the tweeter. What the fuging fug
  14. Kevin Spacey is a pedophile

    And here I thought all those threesome scenes in house of cards was just some serious method acting.
  15. Kevin Spacey is a pedophile

    Gay is fine. What is sickening is that Spacey tried to get some sort of gay street crowd with the LGBT community by coming out of the closet as a defense to trying to rape a 14 year old when he was 26. That poo is reprehensible and gives closeted homophobes a reason to get on soap boxes and condemn gays in a bigoted vacuum. Like seriously, you tried to assault a 14 year old Kevin Spacey, don’t hide behind the rainbow flag and Gloria Allred and poo. Own it like a fuging man and move forward.