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  1. Dez Bryant expected to be Cut

    Dez hasn’t had 1K yard season in like 3 years. I don’t know if it’s a good idea. Plus he wants to play in division to go against Dallas.
  2. Worley Arrested

    Nice move Hurney, I gotta hand it to him.
  3. Another scandal on Mint Street???

    Honestly they should get rid of cheerleaders. Back when they were a sexy side note to brutal violence in riske clothing I understood it. But I can literally google the most hedonistic fantasy porn in seconds now and there is nothing about the game day football experience that makes me look toward the cheerleaders. It’s an outdated profession, like print media or sports journalists.
  4. The rich get....

    To be honest, if a massive NFL defensive end was going to push me, the best place in the world I could possibly hope to land would be on a bed of guns.
  5. Lol our backup QB isn’t leading us to the promised land...
  6. Nice is that a Ka-bar?
  7. I try and not follow the off-season too much so I can enjoy real life, but this seems like a trade that would have been tight in 2013.
  8. Meanwhile in Oakland...

    Meanwhile in Oakland I got a bullet hole in the hood of my new truck because I spent NYE in Oakland.
  9. All chain pizza is poo. But when I’m so hungover I can’t walk outside it’s nice to get a large any topping delivered to my house for like $12
  10. If you are a great big pussy and an admitted coward like Martin, you shoot people for revenge because you are 6’ 5” 300 lb pussy. If you are a woman and your NFL defensive end boyfriend throws you on a “bed of guns” you shoot him with one of them in self defense and walk free. The two situations aren’t really similar.
  11. Props to him for getting an underage drinker out of his house. Probably shouldn’t have shoved her though.
  12. Marty Hurney is going to

    This actually made me lol
  13. Darin Gantt writing shitty things about the Panthers. In other news, strippers don’t actually like you and just want your money.