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  1. I love capitalism and the American spirit. If you have the money from inventing medical devices you can get your kids to the front of the line of childhood experiences. The way our forefathers intended. Just make sure you do like me and step over the poors on your way in to the stadium.
  2. Saw this meme on FB. Got a good laugh.

    New Pennywise is in to young dudes hella tough though
  3. Hats off to Sean McDermott

    My problem is Ron getting schooled by his pedowan. Luke isn't supposed to kick Yoda's ass after a couple years of Degoba training.
  4. 8 carries 10 yards.......

    When he caught that crossing route about 7 yards out on a laser from Cam I was impressed. I know he has good hands but that was very impressive.
  5. Hats off to Sean McDermott

    Cam started getting his ass kicked because of the offensive line just like last year. He gets beat the fug up, he gets Carr Syndrome and falls off. He was on fire for a good clip prior to his ass getting handed to him.
  6. Hats off to Sean McDermott

    The rest of the NFC South is going to whoop this sorry Bills team's ass. Every other team will be favored and covered the spread. The only reason this game was close is because McDermott knows us and our coaches are all incompetent save for Wilks, who is a fuging badass.
  7. We Deserved This

    Yes we did. I'm watching the game at Twin Peaks in Vegas and am the only Panther fan here. Some loud ass Bills fans were talking poo. fug you Bills fans. And fug you Bills fan that was trolling the last few days eat poo you bitch ass motherfuger.
  8. That's because college is straight bro's getting drunk and partying after. Definitely different vibe.
  9. What Bills fans are saying ...

    Laundromat or apartment complex?
  10. What Bills fans are saying ...

    I think it's a herpe you leave there Sally.
  11. What Bills fans are saying ...

    You've been trolling another teams message board for 8 years? You are a sad little lady aren't you Nancy?
  12. No wonder. My boss lives in Los Gatos and makes a cool mil per year. fuger.
  13. What Bills fans are saying ...

    Lol this guy is like the guy from Tampa that cleans apple tree leaves from gutters.
  14. What Bills fans are saying ...

    TFW you are feeing pretty down about having lost two Superbowls as a franchise, but then the fuging Buffalo Bills come to town...
  15. Where is that? My house is an even mil in Livermore