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  1. Montsta

    Kelvin Benjamin Is Already Hurt

    There are other threads available for your perusal and excitement...
  2. My family in NC literally taped games for me and mailed them to me in Cali so I’d see them weeks after they were live. Then I got in trouble in February of ‘02 and didn’t see poo until September of ‘03. I remember ther being a lot of close games in ‘01 though and then we’d poo the bed.
  3. Did Charles Johnson know Kelvin Benjamin while he was in college? Because he just said that he had witnessed first hand KB getting into a real fist fight, while never having witnessed Cam fight. So if he didn’t know KB in college that means at some point during his tenure with the Panthers, Charles Johnson personally witnessed Kelvin Benjamin get into a fist fight with someone, and it never surfaced in any sort of media. Interesting. And another good reason to have traded him.
  4. Lol. Talks poo. Gets confronted. Says I wasn’t even trying to hear it. Moves on? That’s a bitch move no question.
  5. OP believes Cam Newton was being serious when he approached Kelvin Benjamin to talk about the way KB was bad mouthing CN. Kelvin was diffusing the situation with a smile that was disingenuous. OP wonders why people think Cam can’t fight, and believes that Kelvin did not want to fight Cam.
  6. It genuinely seemed like Cam went up to speak on it, told TD to walk away so as not to make it seem like KN was get attacked by two people, KB was like fug all this Cam go back over to your side over there, Cam was like nah you got my name in ya mouth hella tough let’s talk, KB was not feeling it at all and Cam was like fug this I’m out. I dont pretend to know know what transpired but it seems from a distance Cam is genuinely shocked by what transpired between them and what KB said. Oh well moving on to another winning season of Panthers football while the Bills fall off back to the basement.
  7. Cam would whoop this pussies ass. “Thanks TD but I don’t need no help with this lil bitch “ -Cam, probably
  8. Who is dude in the background with the white T looking like “ooh they bout to box”?
  9. God it would have been nice to see Hardy headshot Manning the way his defense headshoted Cam in the Super Bowl. Manning would have woke up just in time for his HOF enshrinement. Oh well, what might have been.
  10. Spoiler Alert Greg wipes the floor with that scrub. Coming to a UFC PPV near you! Oooh maybe the 10/6 card with Connor? That’d be dope.
  11. Bruh you trying to act like a douche on purpose? We don’t need a bunch of homers but every single thing you say is negative af
  12. Montsta

    Deangelo Williams piles on

    I’ve had a lot of coworkers throughout multiple companies go through the passing of loved ones, and I’ve also lost loved ones. Never once have they gone to my service nor me to theirs. I expect them to go through their grieving process, take a few days off, and get back to fuging work. The world doesn’t stop for any of us.
  13. KB is talking poo about the Panthers and Cam Newton, this making him relevant as a topic of discussion. That’s how discussions work.
  14. Dreads add +5 to speed on Madden. It’s science. ALWAYS draft the DB’s with dreads.