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  1. Montsta added a post in a topic Of the 30K Pats fans that will be in BofA tomorrow:   

    The second time the Giants beat the Pats in the Super Bowl my friend Courtney was at my SB party. She was watching the game so intently. She is from Connecticut and is a big Pats fan. She was so pissed when they lost because everyone at my house was talking poo to her. The night ended with a guy getting a paint roller pole broken over his noggin. 
    Moral of the story is fug the Patriots. 
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  2. Montsta added a post in a topic Muscle Hamster   

    He used to eat that Fun-Dip pure sugar crap like every day. There was a house party one weekend and it was looking like he was finally gonna get laid and he spilled his fruity ass drink (that I heard he poured that Fun-Dip stuff into to make it taste better) all over the girls chest he was talking to. His pure sugar drink was all over her chest, and from then on I guess he became sugar tits. 
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  3. Montsta added a post in a topic Muscle Hamster   

    We should all be respectful of the young man's request. Nobody likes to be called names they don't like. We called a guy "sugar tits" for years in high school not knowing how much he hated it until he flipped out and tried to stab someone.
    All that being said, MRSA Hamster has a much better ring to it anyway...
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  4. Montsta added a post in a topic Recent OTs drafted in the top rounds   

    I wanted Chance Warmack. 
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  5. Montsta added a post in a topic Mike Shula not worried about slow starts   

    Id be more worried if we scored every time? Are you kidding me? What kind of OC thinks that way. Run up the score bitch!
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  6. Montsta added a post in a topic Is Matt Willig the best Panther turned actor ever?   

    Matt Willig is also in that new Madden commercial. The super epic 5 minute spot with Dave Franco. Maybe someone else can embed it cuz it rocks. 
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  7. Montsta added a post in a topic Let's talk about when we were wrong...   

    I wish I had a transcript of the draft day huddle chat when we picked Kuechly. I said too many retarded things to remember. I was legit pissed off at that pick. I thought it was sooooo stupid because we already had a stud in Beason. FML. 
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  8. Montsta added a post in a topic Rough year for Brad Nortman in 2014?   

    Kam Chancellor jumping over the entire offensive line like 4 times in a row with zero adjustment tells a man all he needs to know about our special teams last year. 
    I've never seen anything like it. 
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  9. Montsta added a post in a topic Loss of Hardy vs loss of KB, impact wise how do they compare?   

    I've got to hand it to you. You're very tenacious. 
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  10. Montsta added a post in a topic Fear the Walking Dead - Season 1   

    Thanks @Proudiddy that is solid. I'm leaning toward it was already going on when Rick got shot, but it was so remote that it might not even be a talking point between he and Shane in the car. Similar to if you heard about cases of swine flu or H1N1 on the news. You and your buddies wouldn't even give it a second thought because who thinks it's an extinction event. 
    I think Rick may have been in the hospital for maybe a month and a half, 3-4 weeks of it being deserted. Much longer and I would think severe dehydration and muscle atrophy would have had him fuged up when he got up. He certainly wouldn't have been walking down some stairs or riding a bike back home. 
    This also confirms my belief that Lori is a whore, and she was fuging Shane a lot sooner than I would like my wife to be fuging my best friend after my presumed death. 
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  11. Montsta added a post in a topic Fear the Walking Dead - Season 1   

    I could have sworn on TWD Shane or someone else mentioned how at first it was just weird stories on the news. Seems like it may have been months between the beginning of the "virus" and the end of civilization as we know it.
    Without knowing what month it is in FTWD, it seems like the timeline would be something like this:
    New Years: First reports coming out
    MLK BDay: Reports around five states of mega-flu
    Groundhog Day: YouTube videos of people getting shot by police and not dropping. Kids increasingly staying home sick from school. Events of FTWD pilot take place. 
    Valentines Day: poo is getting bad. Rick Grimes gets shot around this time and slips into a coma.
    St. Patrick's Day: Rick Grimes wakes up to full blown apocalypse. Hilarity ensues. 
    Now again, I'm only speculating and only using these holidays as a frame of reference. If anyone can add concrete times or dates that are mentioned I'd gladly edit. I don't think Rick could be unattended in a room for that long with no water without dying. IV fluids can only do so much and the bag is only so big. 
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  12. Montsta added a post in a topic Today's Practice Tweets / Reports   

    Any update on Star? I read he's still in a boot and may be questionable for week one. That's a big concern. 
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  13. Montsta added a post in a topic Fear the Walking Dead - Season 1   

    Awesome pilot. Looking forward to watching the collapse of civilization, and Los Angeles in particular.
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  14. Montsta added a post in a topic Initial Diagnosis on Jordy Nelson is Torn ACL   

    what is it about Gettleman that you hate so much? He's proven to be an extraordinarily savvy and competent general manager, and yet you hate him with a passion. 
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  15. Montsta added a post in a topic Coach Rivera: Frank Alexander, Defensive End has a torn achilles   

    I can't ban people for being douchebags, but cheesus crust you assholes know who you are. 
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