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  1. Pretty sure Sanders is just projecting his own lack of success in finding a quality woman.  It's a skill that most NFL players do not have; if your only requirement for a woman is that she looks nice on your arm, you're setting yourself up for failure.  Sanders let his personal frustrations take over when he made those comments.
  2. The Brotherhood of Ugly

    I love it. Love it.  That kind of savage mentality, that killer instinct.  It can't be taught.  It has to be innate.  Either you have it or you don't.  Kill or be killed.  They're ready.  And so is my freedom boner.
  3. Minor update on the Manning HGH story

    If I played a game that required me to get into what amounts to multiple car crashes throughout the week and even more punishment on Sunday, I would be on every kind of gear known to man.  I'd hire an endocrinologist to make sure my T levels were at the barely legal but highly implausible 4:1 ratio of test to epitest.  I'd have a biochemist on staff.  To make better steroids.  Just being honest.  The punishment these guys take is unreal.
  4. Actually it's not.  As others have already stated, the question is asked to bring attention to much larger societal problems.  It is a question; a very, very simple question that makes people so damn uncomfortable. It is not an argument.  There is no logical fallacy.
  5. That's how you choose to view it.  Judging by Cam's blunt comments to reporters regarding uncomfortable topics, I think he is ok with using his fame to make a statement.  I don't see him being used as a straw-man.  What I do see, is people realizing just how unjustified and yes racist most of the criticism aimed at Cam is.  Cam's legacy is guaranteed to be multi-faceted.  One of those facets involves the overlap of social justice and sports.  It's always been like that for athletes who stand for something.  Jim Brown.  Muhammad Ali.  Their legacies encompass athletic excellence and social awareness combined with fearlessness.
  6. Yeah.  Let's stop with this uncomfortable line of dialogue strictly because it makes you uncomfortable.  I hope all this "what if Cam did that" poo never stops.  Maybe if it's incessant, maybe just maybe all the ignorant fugs out there can actually let the rusty wheels inside their craniums spin around and arrive at the same conclusion that more rationally minded people arrived at years ago.
  7. I don't give two squirts of piss if she asked for it.  It was uncalled for.  All that gyrating and hip thrusting.  Like some kind of animal from the jungle.  Think of the children.  Why won't you guys think of the kids?
  8. It's actually not that strange.  Every non-white culture that has been impacted by colonialism has the same preference.  For blacks, it's an ignorant hold-over from slave days.  I've literally spat in the faces of other black men for making disparaging comments about dark skinned people; it's beyond ignorant.  Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, and essentially every other group/culture in Latin America have the same preference.  I remember I got into a couple of fights with Puerto Ricans when I was in the Marine Corps because of racist poo they said; keep in mind that these dudes looked like light-skinned blacks, but swore up and down that they were Puerto Rican and not black (as if Puerto Rican is a separate racial group and not an amalgamation of black, white, and Native American).
  9. I think after being given like 20 miles of rope, Johnny 8-ball has finally managed to hang himself.  The amount of instability displayed by this guy during this incident is amazing; how can he lead a team, when even self-mastery escapes him?  Thanks for the lulz, Johnny.    
  10. Predict this conversation

    "I love your daughter and I want to marry her. As you can tell by appearance, I give no fugs so your permission isn't strictly required. Right...Dad?"
  11. Who cares?  It was uncalled for and inappropriate.  Are you defending him?  Because if you are, that proves my point.  His actions are seen as harmless; I remember when Rampage Jackson (MMA fighter) did the same damn thing to a reporter and heads exploded.
  12. It's so sad.  Even when it's clear as fuging day, people refuse to acknowledge their own implicit biases in favor of lighter pigmentation.  Keep in mind that it is a scientific fuging fact (proven by multiple studies) that people in the United States of all races have an implicit bias that favors whites.  So yeah, Gronk can essentially sexually assault a woman and it's cool.  Let somebody else do it though...then the lynch mob comes out looking to have another "Sunday Picnic".
  13. Updated List of People to Kill (in no particular order of importance): Matt Ryan Joe Person Peter King Vontaze Burfict Tommy Kelly (Raiders game 2012; your transgressions have not been forgotten).    
  14. Lovie Smith... OUT?!?!

    Awesome.  Let chaos reign.
  15. Ewwwwwwwwwww

    Pencil-necked, sniveling, non-athletic mouth breathers like him should be banned from any association with professional sports.  I find his mannerisms and voice extremely fuging annoying.  Why is he so damn pompous?  He commentates a game he never excelled in.