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  1. Smithers

    $20 wins you $600

    How are the Patriots still at the top? They lost the SB, and then had an awful offseason. No way they should have the best odds.
  2. Exactly. Jordan actually played defense. Lebron refuses to guard to opponents best shooters in clutch time. He routinely allows switches to occur on screens and avoids matching up against the best. Jordan on the other hand took that poo personally and locked down his man. There’s a reason Jordan was recongnized as one of the best on both offense and defense.
  3. Smithers

    Matt Kalil article by Bill Voth

    There are always these highly optimistic pieces every offseason about a below average player. A few years ago Byron Bell was touted as a potential all pro during OTA's just because he started screaming at a bunch of players in practice in an effort to get them hyped up. We all know how that worked out. I certainly hope Matt improves a lot. Not just over last season...but over the last several years of his career. We really won't know much of anything until the pads are on and guys are going all out.
  4. Smithers

    Testaverde Jersey

    I remember the opposite. Snotty was wide open and he threw it so far that he thought he had overthrown him. Snotty turned on the jets and caught up to it for an amazing TD. Vinny said postgame that he thought after he released the ball that he had managed to overthrow the fastest receiver in the NFL.
  5. Smithers

    Matt "Speed bump McGee" Kalil..

    Did this film buff also examine how many damn times our TE was taken out as a receiving threat because he had to stay in to help block for Matt’s sorry ass?
  6. Smithers

    Article on Munnerlyn

    Maybe I am reading it differently...I without a doubt hope that he is motivated to be better and help the team any way he cans.
  7. Max Henson wrote this story on Panthers.com. He points out the obvious about Captain pouting last season and not being happy with his role. Captain somewhat blames Wilks, and thinks things will be different this year. I wasn't a fan of Captain before this article, and dislike him even more after reading it. It is almost like he is only happy right now because he expects to get more playing time now that Wilks is gone. He did not take accountability at all for his poor play. I guarantee he will revert back to his old self once he is benched again for a younger, better player. Making excuses here... Is he admitting that he didn't put in the work last offseason? Or is he making more excuses for his poor play? Read the full article here: http://www.panthers.com/news/article-2/Captain-Munnerlyn-back-on-board/54c9faa8-607f-4b95-9d0a-e7bf2b71b100
  8. RGIII will be cut in August...I could see us picking him up.
  9. Giants are gonna be so bad this year
  10. He looks damn good Imo. Did his job well in all of those clips.
  11. I’ve always thought he was good and will have an amazing season of healthy this year.
  12. Smithers


    crazy part is...he just spent 2.1 Billion...and his net worth actually went up!
  13. Smithers

    So Excited

    I am a hardcore Panthers fan, and have been since the first season. I go to a couple game every year, and pace back and forth in my man cave for those I can’t attend. Today I was offered a high paying job in Concord, which I of course accepted. Needless to say I will be buying season tickets for the first time in my life, supporting my team in person at every home game. So yes I’m excited. And yes I’m drunk.
  14. heck the man almost had 900 yards in Shula's offense, and was hurt for the second half of the season. He could easily go off for 1400+ this season.
  15. Smithers

    Elijah Hood

    Forgot about him...