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  1. Looks like another OC calls piss poor plays on 3 and 1
  2. Panthers Are Working Out Kickers

    He did clear waivers and was added to our PS. KC claimed him off the PS.
  3. I'd like to think that Ron would be playing with a little more guts and urgency if that was case...since his next job would be dependent on his performance this season.
  4. OMG I’m so excited

    Man that was great lol
  5. Fire Shula plane banner

    We should just hire the stripper that released the video of the Dolphins coach doing cocaine...she already said she has more videos. Any good video editors out there?
  6. O Line Issues

    Yeah it is...even worse, our TE's and fullback can't block either. Manhertz was especially bad...has to be the worst blocker in the NFL. Heck, he might even be below average when compared to college blockers. It is truly pitiful.
  7. O Line Issues

    Matt Kalil and Turner got hurt and left the game as well. Moton came in to play LT and Amini at G. Matt Kalil returned to the game later on. Starters and backups all sucked...not a single offensive lineman did anything well all game. I haven't heard updates on Turner.
  8. Panthers Are Working Out Kickers

    I read that Gano had a hurt knee or other leg issue in an article I read this morning. Can't remember the source. It is laughable though considering that we keep 2 kickers, cut one, and the more expensive option gets hurt.
  9. Is Ron Rivera a good head coach?

    Rivera seems like a nice enough guy...and I am sure the players like him. But he just is not head coaching material. He is a poor talent evaluate. He puts the wrong people in the wrong place. He is afraid to cut ties and make important decisions. He is a bad game manager. He lacks a win-now mentality. He has no ability to make in-game adjustments.
  10. Rivera presser at 12:40 today.

    Can't Jeremy get a media pass? How can we make this happen?
  11. Rivera presser at 12:40 today.

    I hope, for once, the media asks some tough questions and pushes until they get honest responses. Someone needs to flat out ask "do you think the players or fans have lost faith in Mike Shula's ability to run this offense?"
  12. 3rd and 21...

    There are 100 examples of piss poor plays by the offense. From career backups to pro bowlers. They all screwed up. When every player executes poorly, you have to blame the coaching staff. It's as simple as that.
  13. It is 4th and 2 ...

    Sad playcall. Had Cam busted it outside, however, he probably would have picked the first down easily. CMC sealed off the linebacker pretty well.
  14. So... the White Buffalo

    hes no longer worth as much as he was last year. 1.5 per year seems about right