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  1. Robert Ayers cut by Bucs

    The CB market sucks at this point. I almost wonder if we are better off improving the safety positions and rolling with a CB in the draft.
  2. After they signed Vinny Curry from the Eagles. Ayers is 32, but has been a solid starter and graded out as high quality (89.3) by PFF. He would be solid in our rotation for a couple years and should be fairly affordable. What say you?
  3. Tidbits from my source

    Well the Hurney haters seem to blame him for all of the injuries his picks suffered. Seems fair. regaledless...I’m really just being a smart ass. I know a GM can’t predict injuries. My comment was made using huddle logic. Not standard common sense lol
  4. Tidbits from my source

    Gettleman’s drafting ability looks worse and worse by the minute.
  5. It’s true. He was very bad last year and worse than Worley. And Scandrick actually had good safety help unlike Worley. Gotta be a better option out there
  6. He was really really bad last year. Worse than Worley, and he benefited from good safety play. I’d rather roll with a rookie or someone else.
  7. Panthers bringing in O-lineman for visit

    PFF grade of 45, as poor. No thanks.
  8. It’s the NFL. I’m pretty sure players play thru injuries their entire career. Cam has never been fully healthy each season.
  9. I don’t buy this. Poe graded out at an impressive 81.5, which is above average. All the while fighting thru injuries. Star on the other hand graded out at 49.5, which is poor. Poe is a much better player and was a key cog for Atlanta. Just see the way their fans reacted to him coming here. They hated seeing him leave.
  10. Secondary...

    Sign Boston and Burnett. Draft a CB, RB, OG, TE, C, DE, and QB , in no particuar order.
  11. We need two safeties. Adams is fine as depth. But we need two new starters. Losing Breeland means we will have to use an early pick on CB, so we need to lock down the safety positions now.
  12. Ebron has visits scheduled with the Colts, Patriots, and Ravens. I hope we don’t let him leave without a contract.
  13. What's left at CB

    Ahh ok I didn’t realize that. Well...let’s just go get two bad ass safeties then. Lol
  14. What's left at CB

    Maybe Corn Elder is primer for an all pro year??? Lol. We can hope