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  1. Yes it was...I swear I though Kordell had completed a TD pass when it happened live. What a game. of course, most people on here won’t recall that as they weren’t fans then.
  2. Xclown App State blocked Michigan FG Luke Maye shot against KY Dante Rosario TD catch against SD with no time left and more...
  3. Caption this pic

    The Alchamist, waiting for rat face
  4. His last few Facebook posts have been in normal font
  5. Breaking out the good poo to celebrate this!
  6. That couldn’t have happened in any more of an epic fashion
  7. Why the hate on Wilks?

    I like Wilks. Problem was his scheme is diff than the personnel we accumulated for McDermotts scheme. Wilks played more man coverage this year...with zone personnel. We need man press corners and safeties.
  8. Cornerback

    I think we can survive at corner if we get two new starting safeties. Our back end is simply terrible. This is a great FA class for safeties, so help is out there.
  9. Well TBF I never called Hurney a cap expert. Never even insinuated it. Not sure how anyone would make that conclusion based on my comment about the salary cap and the lockout. I do know this. Had Hurney not traded KB we would be in really serious cap trouble heading into this offseason.
  10. You mean, like this coming up year? You know, the year Gman gave us? we have 26 million. Signing Norwell and Star leaves you with maybe 2 million. Tough decisions ahead.
  11. Lol going into the lockout we had like 65 million in cap space. besides, lots of teams are against the cap. And still find ways to restructure and win. Look at NO.