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  1. The Great Pie Debate - Offseason 2015 Edition

    Being that a pie is generally made of crust and filling, any ratio under 60:40 filling to crust importance is unacceptable. I would say 50:50 myself.
  2. Mr. Richardson did flex muscles regarding Hardy

    Sometimes, things are bigger than football. I think Greg Hardy was treated unfairly by the league, along with AP, but JR has his name stamped next to this logo. What kind of message is he sending to his daughters or granddaughters by allowing Hardy to be on the team? Don't necessarily agree with everything said about Hardy by Holder, but I can understand why JR doesn't want him around. I think his thought process was backed up by the vast majority of the league.
  3. Blue Goose Huddlers

    Saints4life25. Dudes the best poster here.
  4. Happy PI day

    One pie?!? I call shenanigans on this whole thread. Fug those Seahawks though!
  5. Happy PI day

    So, does this work for me too?
  6. NFL Source: Saints having a complete fire sale

    The Saints dead money/cap hit for trading or cutting Drew Brees this year is $33 million. He is, untradeable.
  7. NFL Source: Saints having a complete fire sale

    As I've said, Drew is untradeable right now. His salary became fully guaranteed in February. It would cost the Saints $7 million to cut or trade him. It's simply impossible to do this year, even if they wanted to. Which they don't.
  8. NFL Source: Saints having a complete fire sale

    Fair enough. I don't agree that Jimmy is soft, but it certainly is a talking point about him around the league. I think he's a tough SOB. The lisfranc injury he had 2 years ago would have sent many to IR. During the Seattle playoff game, he could barely run. He walked with a noticeable limp. This year, the shoulder. He's not a Saints anymore, so that's about all the defending him I'm going to do, but I can definitely see 1,000 yards and 10 TDs.
  9. NFL Source: Saints having a complete fire sale

    Never heard a thing about it, to be honest. Could he have? Sure. But it's really tough to get by without a concussion test being given now that he NFL has guys there just for that.
  10. NFL Source: Saints having a complete fire sale

    Yes, I really believe that. Here's the link:
  11. NFL Source: Saints having a complete fire sale

    The thing about Gayle is, she won't get in the middle of all of it lol. She'll own them, but leave the running of the team to those who know what they're doing. At least that's the way it seems as an outsider. Rita, I feel, would run them into the ground. No one in the organization likes her. Loomis and Payton won't work for her. If she takes over, I could definitely see a move for the Saints down the line. As far as money goes, Tom has been wise enough that he will still be making a poo ton of money, long after he's gone. He's a shrewd business man who usually gets what he wants. Between the car dealerships, the land around the Supersome that he owns, the deals with the state, and the two teams, whoever he leaves it to will be in great shape.
  12. NFL Source: Saints having a complete fire sale

    Wow. Sounds like a good gig lol. That sounds good though! I'd definitely have to treat to Dagos and Pat Os do that!
  13. NFL Source: Saints having a complete fire sale

    Not a huge fan of PFF grades. Love them for their stats. Think their grades are as useless as tits on a bull. But basically, their assessment is pretty close. I don't agree that he was the worst player on the team, however. But missing tackles as a linebacker will get you killed by PFF and Lofton did plenty of that last season. He whiffed quite a bit. And like I said, he doesn't make any plays behind the LOS. He'll rack up the tackles...5 yards down the field. Only reason I would see him retained if we were in a better cap situation is because we're kind of void of linebacker talent.
  14. NFL Source: Saints having a complete fire sale

    Loomis doesn't make the football decisions. Loomis is the money man, basically. He's an accountant by trade. It's what he went to school for. It's what he's done all of his life. It's why he usually gets away with manipulating the cap. He's great with numbers. Football decisions, I would assume, ultimately go through Sean Payton. Loomis tells him what money would work, Payton does what he sees best. I don't see either one going anywhere and I wouldn't want them to. Loomis is a good GM and Payton is a great coach. They make a very good team. Part of the reason I want Gayle to win the whole battle with Benson is because Loomis won't work for Rita, and Payton is leaving if Loomis leaves. They've left some to be desired in some aspects, drafting in particular. Hopefully that changes with the front office changes this offseason. But for the most part have brought stability and a winning environment to NO. Loomis has Bensons full trust, as he runs the Pelicans as well. I don't think you'll see either leave for quite some time.
  15. NFL Source: Saints having a complete fire sale

    I'm down for that without a bet! Lol