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  1. Agreed. I'm kinda ready to move on from Philly if Hill and Garrett can take his spots. I think last season was Philly's ceiling.
  2. Totally agree and his combine video was even worse. He looks small and not very athletic or strong. He honestly looks like a third or 4th round type of TE. He is just getting hyped up more due to a bad TE class.
  3. Take a chill pill and relax, it's not that serious. You would think you're doing the drafting with the tone of your posts.
  4. Maybe Gettleman won't feel he's a gamble. Ever thought of that?
  5. Out of those I think Henry(RB), Ogbah Henry(TE) Butler is the choices in that order although I think you could switch Henry(TE) and Butler as well.
  6. IGSaint

    What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

    Da fuq was Bell even doing so far away from the rusher. Yeesh, I'm glad he's gone.
  7. IGSaint

    What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

    The Camthers things is an insult and it isn't funny with the amount of players that contribute to this team. Hopefully this team can squash the Cardinals and their seemingly retarded fanbase on Sunday.
  8. Cam has never said he deserved the award, or that he cares about any of the weekly or monthly honors the NFL hands out. It may seem easy to generalize and stereotype Cam because he likes to celebrate on the field but he is a very good teammate and always talks about them first before himself. Of course I wouldn't expect an ignorant Seahawks fan to know about that.
  9. I believe sunday's game will make people wonder if Seattle's time at the top is done. Seriously.
  10. This dude is hilarious. He comes over here talks trash, says ignorant poo about our QB and then whines when the poo talking gets thrown back at him. Seahawks are the most whiny fanbase I've seen in awhile.
  11. My point is that how many Panthers fans do you see on the Seahawks forum? Probably not many but You Seahawks fans have fugging flooded our board with your dumbassery.
  12. Why are so many Seahawks fans coming over to our board. One or two is cool but wayy too many have I seen over the past couple of days.
  13. IGSaint

    AFC Wild Card games thread

    You can't blame him for shitty QBing.
  14. IGSaint

    Hawks Fans are mad RW isn't MVP

    And the Panthers are the #1 Scoring offense....just saying. Don't expect to shut us down.