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  1. Panthers Release Boykin

    On the one hand it's worrying because this moves means that the coaches are putting a lot of faith into rookies with no experience, on the other hand they really seem to like the corners we drafted. I guess we'll see how it works out, exciting and damn worrying at the same time lol.
  2. Rookie Camp Recap: Ron's thoughts on DE's

    I hope Rakim Cox or Ryan Delaire can be a diamond in the ruff.
  3. As has been said, Cam just over ran the ball. If he jumps on it, it's a possible major injury with other players around him. It's a split second decision that probably happens at the subconcious level. It's time for people to move on.
  4. 'All In with Cam Newton' trailer released

    This is not only a great thing from Cam but it actually looks entertaining as hell.
  5. 2nd Wave Free Agency Starts May 12th

    I'd rather Garrett or Hill given the opportunity to earn a spot rather than have old ass Boldin be there. I think the Superbowl proved sure handed veterans aren't guarantees.
  6. 2nd Wave Free Agency Starts May 12th

    No thanks to a 35 year old Boldin.
  7. PFF Top 101 Players for 2015

    They have given him the highest passing grade fwiw. I guess they just think Olsen's blocking is really that bad.
  8. Hopefully we get this done before the season starts like we did with Cam and Luke.
  9. The only way negotiations won't go well is if Short says he wants to be the highest paid DT in the league. Hopefully that's not the case.
  10. When our LT backup is Foucalt, I don't think beggars can be choosers. Give him a shot, he's still young and may improve.
  11. Let's play pick two running backs

    Or his fumble in the Superbowl where momentum DID turn.
  12. NFC South Rivals - Rookie Minicamps

    Lol Bucs trying to find some gems from the UDFA because of wasting their second and third round picks on a damn kicker.
  13. Gettleman: We drafted a pass rusher

    So they're probably going to make him lose about 10-15 pounds to give his pass rush more edge?
  14. Philly Brown had shoulder surgery

    I'm hoping Garrett takes his spot resoundingly and that Hill gets the 5th spot.
  15. Grow tougher skin OP, it comes with the territory of being a winning team with a polarizing QB.