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  1. 2015 Carolina Panthers Final Roster Projection

    this guy stays holdin roster spots for bums whos brokle? oh yea that guy that wiffed a block on the one yard line to get tolberts bell rung yea lets keep'em smh.. tj heath? the one day camp sensation who got toasted against the bills? yea lets keep 6 corners smh...colin? smh no comment.. and you dont cut good special teams depth for "potential" comp picks what happened to winning now?... dont see why we cant work a good deal with jstew either seein as to his medical record and current big contract but wtev....
  2. Official Panthers - Bills GameDay Thread

    joe webb n cotch.....roster space........
  3. Carolina Panthers 2015 Roster Projection

    Due to are given situation at the time that percentage will change with shaq... And turnsik a special teams ace
  4. Carolina Panthers 2015 Roster Projection

    We'd be foolish to keep cotch bersin feels that role easily and ST depth lol.. Also the impact cotch would make(next to nothing) does not out weigh the 5to10 snaps a game we'd get from Hill.. Quick homeruns n mismatches..
  5. Carolina Panthers 2015 Roster Projection

    Turnsik over teddy Williams n regards to ST(that punt play with philly last year was enough for me)... Highly doubt we go into the season with just 5 lbs glanton bein one of them over Klein to..
  6. Carolina Panthers 2015 Roster Projection

    Depth is overrated when your trash and not a true olinemen.. Scott>>>chandler... Last time I check Scott has played guard n tackle before to and he actually strong enough for the position
  7. Secondary Roles of Shaq, Bene, Tillman,etc.

    were a 4-3 team we ran more nickle because of are personel at the time..we drafted shaq as a LINEBACKER.. not are safety....didnt TD put on wieght when he got to the league?..most undersize players do smh relax
  8. we shouldve just drafted a punter all 9 rounds to satisify all these cry babies.. please tell me who did we miss on in the 3rd and coming 6th n 7th round that wouldve been so game changing? ill wait
  9. Panthers talk to Greg Jennings

    man greg jennings is trash we dont need no attention seeking diva... this is a business we need decisive alpha males on this squad...its already 2 weeks from may and this guy is touring the country still not knowing where he will move...the hell with this fugazy oldhead...,
  10. NFL Free Agency Update Thread

    tashuan gipson (true ball hawk) Rolando Mcclain brandon spikes phillip wheeler dj williams desmond bishop lance briggs emmanuel lamur ashlee palmer will hill stevie brown Hope were still considering bringing in some of these names in to battle at the (Safety and Strong Side Backer) positions along the rookies and current players we have for the final 53....were a couple players off of having a 2000 ravens type defense...
  11. Kurt Coleman Info

    shouldve looked twards Taylor Mays for a cheap st back up safety... starting to second guess this signing tho he does make some plays
  12. Eagles and Bills: Major Trade

  13. how does 4 picks not make you a starter the bul hot!!!!
  14. how does 4 picks not make you a starter the bul hot!!!!