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  1. Colin jones is a safety who’s liable in coverage so that means he is not good depth.. mike Adams goes down searcy will be forced in the box gaulden fed to the wolves.. one of those 2 or both go down then what? All for a handful of REPLACABLE special teams tackles..
  2. Millioso7

    Matt Moore as a backup option

    Wack... we they need to stop holding on to stuff from the past that didn’t work.. I’d take all 3 of the young guys over Matt Moore or da
  3. Millioso7

    Zach Sanchez waived

    I wouldve gave him a shot if there was a way to move on from capt.. I like elder as our 5th corner.. bradberry cockerel Jackson Seymour elder in that order
  4. Millioso7

    Where is your confidence level?

    Safety depth
  5. Not a good enough tackler for a big contract imo..
  6. Millioso7

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    Signed him in his prime what’s the contract?
  7. Should kept things confidential.. ppl don’t like when you smash all the best chicks in the building...
  8. Millioso7

    Should we go after Dez?

    Simple put no... media will eat that up alive.. Try to imagine the turmoil that occurred with McMcnabb/Owens.. Deep down inside I know Dez still thinks he is a #1 and when asked why CMC had more catches at the end of the game would go ape poo.. Sn: no disrepect to TO’s legacy
  9. These old dudes are complete trash even with the expirence.. most of these guys only have memories of getting massacred in the league and Derek Anderson’s pro bowl year was a fluke ahhhh there I said it..
  10. Millioso7


    I like his potential ceiling over fozzys expirence and it’s only may
  11. Millioso7


    Bonnafon or Whitaker at rb3? i say bonnafide.. we know what we will get with fozzy and frankly it’s not enough.. get whatever big plays you remember fozzy for outta your head now cause he’s 30 now so face the music.. his moves are out dated...