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  1. This old vet safety formula we use is out dated no pun intended
  2. Byrd

    He needs more targets and to be used at the same capacity as we used ginn.. I don’t understand shula smh
  3. It’s shula.. he’s a lame offensive coordinator and we are stubborn for still having him..
  4. Cmc needs to start now with cap coming off bench.. shula must go we have too much speed to be wasted on his dumb azz calls.. whats up with the run d vs saints or period?! I told you we need a “hittin” safety smh.. we need Olsen back.. we cant find a solid pass rush vet in free sgency?! cj felt the need to cheat cause his daddy peppers is back smmfhhh.. that is all...
  5. We tried to make it work man smh.. shulas gotta go..
  6. 1 interception all season.. rookie qb hasn’t had that ugly rookie game yet.. peppers back in chitown.. long week of practice.. I’m calling big defensive game even with Luke out.. 3 ints!
  7. Lingers cause I betted 80 to some chump!
  8. Naw just well played right now.. things will soften up sooner or later
  9. Aye man let’s go man turn up already!!!
  10. Everybody is using broncos blueprint from super bowl loading the box.. & quite frankly we can air shhit out so the numbers look worse then they really are.. just relax you’ll see runs..