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  1. Riverboat Ron added a post in a topic Huddle Podcast: An Hour with Shaq Thompson   

    What's his favorite pie?
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  2. Riverboat Ron added a post in a topic Tuesday NFL Cuts   

    What would you even do with Star and Phil clogging up the middle and the speed of Davis and Thompson on the sides and Kuechly up the middle. Toss it up for grabs and let Tillman get a pick 6?
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  3. Riverboat Ron added a post in a topic SI puts "Leagues Premier Takedown Artist" on Cover   

    Sometimes I imagine if we'd taken David over Silatolu, we could've had a (Davis - Kuechly - David) combo.  
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  4. Riverboat Ron added a post in a topic Colin Jones' miraculous overnight recovery from seemingly season ending groin injury   

    He used Recovery Water™
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  5. Riverboat Ron added a post in a topic Seahawks Fan Reactions to Norwood...   

    I had forgotten about Norwood, liked the guy in the draft but the Seahawks reached for him in the 4th. That being said I can't wait to see more bubble screens to Bersin and hail mary streaks to Cotchery, Shula is the greatest offensive mind in the game so I'm sure he'll use Norwood appropriately.
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  6. Riverboat Ron added a post in a topic Tomorrow's Guest.....   

    Charles Johnson
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  7. Riverboat Ron added a post in a topic And I thought Stephen Hill looked bad in still pics..   

    This is outrageous, I think I'll start a thread about Corey Brown's drops!
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  8. Riverboat Ron added a post in a topic Looks like Panthers have signed WR Kevin Norwood   

    Hipster Gettleman only gets obscure players that you've probably never heard of.
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  9. Riverboat Ron added a post in a topic Question: put together trade package for WR   

    Derek Anderson for Pierre Garcon.
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  10. Riverboat Ron added a post in a topic Unexpected cuts from Panthers predictions?   

    Cam Newton is on the bubble.
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  11. Riverboat Ron added a post in a topic You guys remember where you were?   

    I was 8 at my grandparents home. It was that day my hatred of bandwagon fans started when my friend switched the week before from being a Cowboys fan to a Packers fan. He gloated like he was a lifelong Packers fan. Today his Facebook says he's a Seahawks fan.
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  12. Riverboat Ron added a post in a topic Along the Sidelines - Patriots at Panthers   

    Even though Tillman is like 57, he looks good athletically and it's obvious his presence has rubbed off on the defensive backs. Once Star, KK and Big Money get back may God have mercy on the souls of opposing QB's, we'll either sack you, force you to throw it away or force you in mistakes and get turnovers as long as we can hold onto the ball. 

    Great pics by the way, like the watermark, though I'm waiting for David Newton to go steal them by going into paint and covering the logo with a black box.
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  13. Riverboat Ron added a post in a topic Not much in potential receiver cuts   

    It sucks watching this team sputter at WR when I honestly feel like every other position is going full speed. What I saw last night was a turnover happy defense that could easily be the best with Star, KK and Big Money in the line up pass rushing and stuffing the run. On offense I saw production with CAP even without Kalil but what disturbs me is how none of the WR's stepped up to fill the huge void left by Benjamin. If Brown makes his catches and the DB's who dropped easy INT's grab them, we're winning the game by 10+ points easy. Some will say, oh Brady didn't have weapons so we have to disregard how the defense played but we were honestly missing more players than the Patriots.
    Truth is I don't know who will be cut, but this is one of those times a bold move is needed to get this team over the hump. I can just imagine us finishing 10-6 up against the Seahawks again and losing because Corey "dickforhands" Brown drops the game winning catch wide open over Sherman.
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  14. Riverboat Ron added a post in a topic Cam, Stew, OL, and Olsen   

    Even if we had the #1 overall Offensive line, Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Antonio Brown and Gronk, Shula would find a way to finish outside the top 5. The sad thing is I believe Rivera prefers a safe offensive coach that might not get 75% out of the offense as opposed to a Chud who got 90% but made big mistakes that cost the game. 
    Until Shula screws up big time you'll see him as OC, this team will always be a defensive possession style football squad under Rivera. I don't even disagree, building a dominating defense gets you closer to a Super Bowl than a 40+ point a week team that gives up 40+. It's just painful to watch when you know you're tying cement blocks to a Ferrari with Shula. 
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  15. Riverboat Ron added a post in a topic Huddle Podcast Tonight   

    Is this one of those nighttime chat line numbers?
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