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  1. A few photos and observations from Saturday

    I think garrett can compete for that 5th receiver spot, really seems to fit the downfield attack of our offense
  2. Rookie Camp Recap: Ron's thoughts on DE's

    Cox or miley are the wildcards in the DE equation, think one of them can beat out Horton for that 5th spot
  3. Saturday camp video from Voth

    Gonna be an interesting camp battle to see who starts opposite bene week one
  4. Panthers Tango with Cash

    http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article75000452.html In this article by jonathan jones it says he's gonna be in that deone bucanon hybrid role. Another interesting note on their interest in cash is that they sent linebacker coach al Holcomb to work him out as opposed to Wilks. Gives us a better idea of how they view him, doesn't seem like he'll be a true strong safety which hurts his chances of locking down a starting job
  5. Panthers Select Zack Sanchez CB Oklahoma in the 5th Round

    Like Sanchez, we got three ball hawking zone corners this draft. We might struggle in the secondary early in the season while these guys get up to speed. I just hope we didn't reach for need, that's how you get burned as G-man always says

    I like the way this is going so far
  7. Panthers Mock from @AboutSports Panthers' Expert

    Would love that, Sheldon day and Blair are good mid-late round guys to add to the rotation
  8. Your final predictions (#30)

    No idea who's even gonna be there, but I'll guess ogbah
  9. I feel like the first pick is gonna be a lineman, at least one of the first two. The ogbah train has been gaining steam the last week or so
  10. Lol I don't see that happening, would be crazy
  11. Panthers rescind Norman's franchise tag...

    You know what, there's a huge void at corner now. Gotta think if they don't get one in the draft they'll sign a vet to start on the outside. I know they've looked at a lot of safeties in the predraft process but haven't heard much on corners
  12. Zack Sanchez visiting

    @AaronWilson_NFL: Oklahoma corner Zack Sanchez visiting Panthers today https://t.co/cpOzJCgu0n via @footballpost Good zone corner so he should fit into the scheme, and has 15 career INTs so he has the ball skills that the G-man covets. Would be a nice mid-late round guy
  13. NFC RB's Coach - "can't envision Derrick Henry going in 1st round"

    Gonna be funny if he goes in the first
  14. We have such a good and well rounded roster that we can just sit back and take the best football player that falls to 30. I wasn't a fan of the shaq pick last year but he proved me wrong so I'm just gonna shut up and trust the big man now
  15. Current Panther roster

    Hawkins and Yankey could be a couple of gems in terms of oline depth, some thought highly of them coming out of college. We need another DT pretty bad, im thinking they're gonna wait and see how the draft goes and if they can't fill it through there then they'll bring back kyle love. Could use another young DE, don't know how much we can rely on the young guys in Miley and Cox. Could bring in another corner/safety and another TE would be a welcome addition, but overall I say I'm pretty happy with where the roster is at for the beginning of April