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  1. ThPantherFan added a post in a topic Should NFL contracts be guaranteed?   

    That's a fair way to do it.  I agree with everyone about the risk of injury is very great and a player could be injured for life.  However, is is not like a military person who chose to take the risk to get paid a drop in the bucket compared to sports figures?  I do think the sports salaries are way out of whack.  I made a blog, in the blog section, that addressed the defense salaries compared to offense salaries that addressed some of the skew I feel is relevant.  In my opinion the salaries are part of the out of control cost fans must pay to enjoy a game.  10 dollars for a hot dog and drink is a little much.  More people watch at home and if the NFL had their way we would be paying per game.
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    At least I can say I attempted a blog.
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    Dichotomy in Football
    Offense, gets the larger part of an organizations money when it comes to player salaries.  Does this mean that the offense is the greater power?  I don't think so.  Defense wins.  That's correct.  When you read about an organization's trail to the Superbowl, the closer to that achievement an organization gets, the more you hear about 'defense wins Superbowls'.  This dichotomy has bugged me for years.  So, I say the defensive players should be paid more for their toils.
    Is this how you blog?
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