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  1. Let's talk about BUSTS

    I thought you were talking about another type of bust.......no not the head bust.
  2. They don't have anything better to do.
  3. They're just wasting time until the draft. I just ignore them.
  4. Another scandal on Mint Street???

    Just tell them to kiss your patoodee. Nah, they would probably come back with crude remarks. Let their ignorance roll off your back.
  5. Falcons' Dan Quinn is right

  6. Falcons' Dan Quinn is right

    Good point.
  7. Falcons' Dan Quinn is right

    I don't really follow, but maybe just don't understand that concept.
  8. Falcons' Dan Quinn is right

    I can agree with your statement. I, too, think that if you had a few more to dress out and rotate then the injuries would drop.
  9. I'm not a PSL owner but that makes excellent sense. I've never understood the concept of PSL's. I still wonder about the privilege to purchase tickets. Go figure. I usually have no problem getting tickets from some PSL owner. I guess you could sell your PSL at a profit.
  10. Had some Alphabet soup and...

    You need another tattoo.
  11. It isn't over at wide receiver....

    I just don't trust Hurney.