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  1. If Shula were to be fired...

    Doesn't look like anyone else has known of a trade mid season for a coach.
  2. If Shula were to be fired...

    Maybe not as dumb as you think. Very rare that a coach would leave mid season. I honestly have never heard of that but I don't know of anything that would stop it if you offered a high draft pick or two. Especially if Chud would be available after the season. I don't know when his contract would be up but the entire Colts staff may just be canned.
  3. Gameday Menu

    I've eaten there before. High dollar but very good place. Happy Birthday to your spouse.
  4. Um... SCP it's FRIDAY where are you!!!

    OMG! He's stuck in a holiday inn express bathroom.
  5. Derek Anderson with a veteran move

    Just medical tape. Don't speculate.
  6. I feel hopeless...

    I'm with you.
  7. Don't blame Shula

    &^%$%&*((&*^^&*&^. No he didn't.
  8. He will be arrested, DSS will take his child. Unless he was protecting his family from and assault, this guy will be sorry for that day.
  9. This is gorgeous...

    As much as I've supported Ron since he's been here (good and bad years) I'm beginning to see where he might be part of the problem. We have great players. shula is the main reason for our lousy play but Ron has the reigns and too many years we've seen this same thing.