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    I had your back brother.

    I'm just glad to know you're still kicking. I had to fill in for you on one of the games just to see if anyone else was drinking beer.
  3. Wouldn't bother me. We've danced. We just stepped on toes while dancing.
  4. Are we in a Window situation?

    Now that shula is gone, you haven't seen nothing yet. We are going to be a force to reckon with. As long as Hurney doesn't over pay.
  5. happy birthday Drew Brees

    Find payton when he said boom.
  6. If you watch the final play...

    Good eye! Never saw that myself.
  7. I love you motherfuggers

    Why are you being nice to him?
  8. I love you motherfuggers

    Yes, we probably do, if you drag it out of us by lying, stealing, cheating, etc., love you to. But I am one happy mother because that dopey looking, lying, cheating, smug faced, back stabbing, puff cheeked (I don't know his birthed status so I can only think it and not say it) of a coach lost.
  9. Suck it Falcons pie

    They played one more playoff game than we did.
  10. He didn't choke but I was glad for the loss. ryan just looks like a crybaby.
  11. Social media can be a good thing. Gets communication out to the masses. However, do you need to advertise your opinion to everyone? I think not. There's a lot of fluff in twitter, and the rest of the social media. Use it responsibly and quit wasting your time and others time.