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  1. Spread Update

    Isn't it strange that when Ron said in an interview that 'Vegas must know something the rest don't', the odds changed?  Makes you suspect something.  Does me anyway.  Panthers better watch penalties and score big.  Hard to fight the NFL, Vegas, Refs, and the cudboys.
  2. Where's NanceUSMC?

    It's moose breeding season so you will not hear much from him.  He's busy.
  3. Where's NanceUSMC?

    You old Leatherneck, gun totin, pistol shootin, son of a grunt.  Good to know you're still around.  My Marine son is medically retired because of being blown up in Iraq and breaking his back in 3 places.  He still has good spirits.  Goes to a game or tailgate (Beer City Riot) with me when possible.  Don't forget your good friends in the future.  Bye-the-way, you're not rooting for the cudboys are you?  Just kidding.
  4. Where's NanceUSMC?

    Thanks for the responses.  Hopefully he will post on Thursday.
  5. Where's NanceUSMC?

    I know he moved to Texas a couple of years ago.  Is he still on the board?
  6. Tony Romo is 3-0

    You got high, didn't you?
  7. The Stupid Double Standard in the Media

    Riot is correct.  Just be cool and don't worry about it.  Panthers like being under the radar.
  8. Jonathan Stewart

    Wish we could find another like Hoover to play along side of him.   Wait!  Tolbert?

    Taken with that new lens, wasn't it?
  10. Cam is either flirting with the female ref

    You joking, aren't you?  Tony the goosed would have tried to hit on it.
  11. Notes and Memos - Redskins

    It was a good game. 
  12. Oher and cam

    Probably Jeremy said something and he didn't like it.
  13. The reason D.G cut ties

    Can't argue with that.  He did.  The thread was talking about one that tried to bully his way in the locker room. 
  14. The reason D.G cut ties

    I stand with OP on his assessment.  Sure it has been 2 years.  It takes time to get settled in.  I loved the one he's talking about, but I do believe it was time to go if he couldn't accept that he wasn't the leader.
  15. Local paper hating on Cam

    Look where it's from.  So what.