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  1. Gettleman the chameleon

    Uh, well, oh, Never mind. Not worth wasting time responding. Ha! You're wrong.
  2. About those corners...

    An assessment needing saying. I've always found it kind of comical how the 'talking heads' of all the networks draft boards arrange value. The absolute bottom line is what Jeremy points out, it's all about the system. Unfortunately you don't have but a handful of choices come draft time. You take what fits the system. You pick from what is left during your time. I would like to have seen different positions addressed but also know the corner was a need. I have more trust in Gettlman than any GM I have knowledge of. Very good write up, Jeremy. Now, about that coffee. I love coffee. At my age, the amount of coffee I have tasted around the world could float a battleship. Nothing tastes better, to me, than a European scoop (heaping tablespoon) of 'Eight O Clock'.
  3. Boomer Sooner! Zack Sanchez is a Panther!!

    There's not a player from Montreat Anderson that has been drafted.
  4. In case you lost count....

    Getleman must be looking hard at special teams. I trust what he has done. I hit the Bacardi a little hard after the 3rd CB, but I'm still walking straight.
  5. Draft Day Menu

  6. Cameron Artis-Payne Arrested for Speeding

    I've never done anything as foolish as that. I'm a good little boy.^_^
  7. It is draft week people... look alive...

    Bring back the locker room.
  8. Was this the plan all along?

    Gettleman gambled and won. If Josh signed his tag and showed up at practice then he had a winner for another year. If Josh held out, became a distraction, then he could let him go knowing a compensatory pick would come the Panthers way.
  9. Norman was getting cocky. In my opinion he would probably have been an attitude problem if he had stayed. Don't have a problem with his play, just the attitude at times.
  10. @Panthers and @Jaguars trade cat puns

    Got it! It's Monday........isn't it?
  11. If Josh came back would he spoil the locker room? I can see him being brought back for less money with a possible rider for his locker room appearance. Gettleman is a business man.
  12. I have to agree with you on this. In my opinion, Josh shot himself in the foot.
  13. @Panthers and @Jaguars trade cat puns

    I'm confused?!#