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  1. Your Odd News For The Day

    That's none of their business. I am right on that, aren't I?
  2. I finally did it

    So did I. So disappointed.
  3. Former Panther Byron Bell Out for the Season

    He's getting paid for being on the bench.
  4. Carolina Panthers OTA thread - May 24

    Easy my huddle mate. You having a bad day? Take two breaths, drink 12 beers, down a single malt scotch and take a nap. You'll feel better.
  5. OTAs start Tuesday

    Trying to think of one specific but I can't. Interested in how the whole, rookie camp looks. Any specific would be the defensive new blood.
  6. Darren Sproles??

  7. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    I agree. This will be the most difficult decision for the season. It may get nasty.
  8. Talking Panthers

    I'm so proud of Jeremy. I have tears in my eyes. He deserves his own show!
  9. "Mucas" is back!

    I thought you had a cold.
  10. Braxton Deaver and the #89

    I don't think Smitty will retire a Panther. We may hope so, but I just don't think so. Hopefully, I'm wrong.
  11. looks like we've got the redskins game in the bag

    I still blame him.
  12. Vernon Butler First Impressions

    You don't put Jeremy and erect in the same sentence. His head swells.
  13. 2016 Rookie Camp Day 1

    Thank you.
  14. 2016 Rookie Camp Day 1

    That is true. I prefer the 535 section so I can watch the entire play develop. It's a choreographed masterpiece when it comes together.
  15. 2016 Rookie Camp Day 1

    A couple of Jeremy's post had tweet pics and they wouldn't open for me. That's what I was was wondering. I can open the BBR tweets.