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  1. Chris Weinke news

    He's not a bad teacher but I wouldn't consider him RB coach over a QB coach. Go figure?
  2. I don't see any reason why he wouldn't be a good backup. He may be heir apparent too.
  3. Matt Kalil's wife in SI Swimsuit issue

    I'm very happy for him.
  4. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    Watch them go to the superbowl. Don't think it will happen.
  5. Marty Hurney is going to

    That's funny.
  6. Take it for what it's worth. Gantt, being Gantt.
  7. So Tom Brady didn't shake Foles hand?

    Can;t disagree there.
  8. So Tom Brady didn't shake Foles hand?

    You're steal a seahawk fan, aren't you?
  9. So Tom Brady didn't shake Foles hand?

    The cold has gotten to your head.
  10. So Tom Brady didn't shake Foles hand?

    I read somewhere brady cried after the loss. Poor brady.
  11. I agree. All 3 points you make are very valid.
  12. Carolina Panthers are now extinct

    Hmmm, that is funny. You're not from the Linville Gorge area are you?
  13. Carolina Panthers are now extinct

    You're from the same neck of the woods as me. You've probably heard one if not seen one. I agree that they are few and far between and yes to have absolute proof you have to have one stuffed.
  14. Carolina Panthers are now extinct

    We have big cats still in the mountains. Call it what you wish but it isn't black. There's not many, but they are here. I've witnessed the beauty of one running along a mountain road. No one can convince me differently.
  15. Revisiting the Peterson question

    To me Peterson wouldn't be a better pick than Stewart. We need to beef up the RB's but not with Peterson. The draft should produce a bruiser back. If need be, free agency could be depth. We do have some good backs on the roster that needs some developing.
  16. Revisiting the Peterson question

    Personally I wouldn't take him. Not because of the spanking episode. I think our running backs are fine for now and possibly pick up a good one in the draft or free agency.
  17. I shed tears of joy for your return.
  18. Mr. Scott is in the know.
  19. I almost gave you poo, but out of respect for you, my brother, I did not.
  20. Panthers met with Josh Allen

    Don't understand.
  21. Instead of Watching the SB....

    I say the same thing. I'm not watching anyone kiss brady's...........................anymore. Aikman has a crush on brady as does most other announcers. football is over for me as of today. I hope the ratings go negative.