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  1. This may be old I was just looking at ESPN and a teaser came on where Cam said something like "why can't lebron be the Cam of power forwards" hahaha   *Unrelated to topic but it made me chuckle
  2. Bronco buses crash

    I'm glad everyone is ok
  3. Broncos enjoying the underdog role

    The only way Manning running will help them win is if Brock (can't spell his name) has a hell of a game after Peyton gets leveled.
  4. Wtf is up with some of yalls rw obsession?   BTW, for some strange reason he reminds me of a black version of Jimmy buffet 
  5. I meant last Sunday wasn't pretty for them but you're right, the time before that wasn't either
  6. Well the last time the panthers played the cardinals it wasn't pretty either!!
  7. Damn you jangler, you made me watch it!!!
  8. I hope not. I've always liked Palmer. It's unfortunate his career got sidetracked after his knee injury with cincy
  9. Please help me out

    I still want a salute to the troops hat from last year (I waited too late and I can only find them with inflated prices)
  10. Panthers are .500!

    They also go to the Superbowl 10% of the time
  11. At least they have experience in getting their butts kicked in the SB.......
  12. I like the matchup against Denver better than the matchup against the patriots with Mr "my footballs need Viagra" and their dink and dunk, throw the football in 2 seconds offense. The panthers always seem to struggle against the quick throw qbs
  13. Wait.....you didn't see "stop cam from running and double Olsen"??   Darn, kbred beat me to it
  14. I also thought Boston looked really good. They both add tremendous speed to the d
  15. I loved hearing this before the Seattle game last weekend. I'm thinking to myself "well if y'all would have held up your end of the bargain and not lost all those games, then the panthers would have beaten someone good"