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  1. pantherj added a post in a topic What would be a disappointing season for you?   

    Not winning the weak NFCS would be a major disappointment.
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  2. pantherj added a post in a topic Holy Frijoles! The 2015 Sporting News Pro Football prediction issue   

    We should be expected to win the NFCS. Our QB is in his prime with plenty of weapons, our defense is a good as it's ever been, and we've rebuilt our special teams. The Saints are on the decline with Brees' arm turning into a noodle, the Falcons defense is a joke, and our defense locked their offense down the last time we played holding them to 3 points. The Bucs are starting a rookie QB and are slowing implementing a new system. Why wouldn't we be the favorite? Things have lined up in our favor, and there is no excuse for not winning the NFCS for the 3rd time in a row.
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  3. pantherj added a post in a topic is there anything tackier than nfl jersey t-shirts?   

    There are certain clothing items the delicately whisper "I'M POOOOOOR I HAVE NOOO MONEY I HAVE NOTHING!!!!" Such is the jersey t-shirt.
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  4. pantherj added a post in a topic NFCS 2015 Projections - SI   

    Does Don Banks plus this crap with other NFL teams he has to cover? If so then anyone can write for ESPN. I can look at a record and FA pickups, and then pull something out of my ass. By this standard I don't even have to watch any NFL games. Just poo in a bucket, call it an article, and upload it to the website. Who needs to be informed? Not Don Banks. He's willfully ignorant and out of touch, and he still receives a paycheck. Sweet.
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  5. pantherj added a post in a topic ESPN Insider: 2015 NFL Future Power Rankings   

    I'd rather not even be on the list if they're just going to take a piss on the team when they finally talk about the list.
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