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  1. pantherj added a post in a topic is there anything tackier than nfl jersey t-shirts?   

    There are certain clothing items the delicately whisper "I'M POOOOOOR I HAVE NOOO MONEY I HAVE NOTHING!!!!" Such is the jersey t-shirt.
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  2. pantherj added a post in a topic NFCS 2015 Projections - SI   

    Does Don Banks plus this crap with other NFL teams he has to cover? If so then anyone can write for ESPN. I can look at a record and FA pickups, and then pull something out of my ass. By this standard I don't even have to watch any NFL games. Just poo in a bucket, call it an article, and upload it to the website. Who needs to be informed? Not Don Banks. He's willfully ignorant and out of touch, and he still receives a paycheck. Sweet.
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  3. pantherj added a post in a topic ESPN Insider: 2015 NFL Future Power Rankings   

    I'd rather not even be on the list if they're just going to take a piss on the team when they finally talk about the list.
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