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  1. pantherj added a post in a topic the panthers practice videos   

    I know where you can put it.
    I kid.
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  2. pantherj added a post in a topic Epic Twitter response from @Panthers   

    If Kendricks played for us the media would list him as part of the reason we're going not going to make the playoffs. But when he plays for a northern team he's the best in the NFL. If Luke played in a city they cared about he'd be talked about like he's this best ever to play the game. Location location location.
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  3. pantherj added a post in a topic Moving away from the read-option   

    Yeah we'll find out soon enough when the regular season gets underway. If I were coaching the team I'd be using our gigantic QB for rushing yardage with the read option a lot to make up for what is likely to be a weak passing attack. Cam is thrilling to watch when he takes off, and that would keep us in games and the stadium full of Panthers fans.
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  4. pantherj added a post in a topic Moving away from the read-option   

    Now this news really makes me laugh. So we're not going to use it more than we have in the past? We used it a lot in the past. We're going to use it a lot this season in my opinion.
    RR doesn't have any obligation to tell the media our strategic plans for the upcoming season. He has to do these vague interviews and he has to say words. That's it. Doesn't have to be true when it comes to the plays we're going to run, or in what proportion.
    RR and his coaching staff want to keep their jobs. Millions are on the line, and jobs are scarce. The read option can help them to stay employed. Cam in the pocket with Corey and Cotchery? They'll be fired starting with Shula, and RR will go on the hot seat. Get ready for heavy read option, or new coaches.
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  5. pantherj added a post in a topic Panthers won't make Playoffs per CBS   

    Sports writers up north just don't watch Panthers games, Jags games, Bucs, ect. They're not watching. They think Cam is mediocre, and our WRs are terrible. They're half right. They are going by who you have at QB, WR, and in general the defense. To them Cam + garbage WRs = not making the playoffs. Even if we had better WRs they would still pick us to finish 3rd in the NFCS. Why? Here is their QB pecking order:
    So most are going to predict as follows:
    There now you don't need to read the rest of the predictions.
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  6. pantherj added a post in a topic Is Matt Willig the best Panther turned actor ever?   

    I don't know Cam's fake smiles are pretty convincing.
    I'm kidding calm down already.
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  7. pantherj added a post in a topic Let's talk about when we were wrong...   

    Several pages back when people started talking about who they wanted and what panned out. Have you been reading the thread?
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  8. pantherj added a post in a topic Shaq   

    As someone who has seen a tremendous amount of footage on Shaq in college I can tell you he had trouble against big RBs in college. They would stiff arm him and he would have all kinds of problems trying to get them down. I think he's going to have trouble against NFL RBs, and don't be surprised if he misses some RB tackles. The good news is that his speed in pass coverage is elite, and this is a passing league.
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  9. pantherj added a post in a topic Let's talk about when we were wrong...   

    I wish I could go back and find the threads when I ripped Gabbert and Clausen. I pretty much tore them apart and got neg rep for it. My Gabbert posts were actually pretty funny and went on for months.
    I said that Cam was going to be one of those QBs who takes like 4 seasons to really become good in the pocket. I wanted Cam or AJ Green at the time. Fans HATED the idea of drafting Cam until the draft got close, and then most of them came around because it looked like we were going to take him.
    I predicted the Jonathan Stewart pick. Pretty much the only 1st round picks I ever got right were Peppers, Cam, and Stew. The Stew pick is the one I'm proud of because very few people got that one. The other two were kind of obvious.
    I didn't want us to draft Luke, and I really wanted Couples. I was convinced we were going to take Couples, and had we not taken Luke I feel confident it would have been Couples. I wanted Beason to stay at MLB, but I didn't know was ruined by his injuries at the time.The worst mistake I ever made was thinking Luke would be just an average MLB. I was way off on that. He's amazing.
    I thought Otah would make the HOF. Yikes.
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  10. pantherj added a post in a topic Some love for Oher....   

    All along Oher has had the physical tools to be a good OT. Look at his body and the way he moves. He looks terrific. He looks like the kind of OT you'd take in the first round with the expectation that he'd start his entire career. But he has played poorly in the past, and you have to wonder why. I don't know, but it might have been mental error more than anything else. It's not a physical thing. The guy is a damn monster, but will he screw up over the course of 4 quarters with mental mistakes? We'll know soon enough. If he plays mentally sound football over the long run then we've found our LT.
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  11. pantherj added a post in a topic Loss of Hardy vs loss of KB, impact wise how do they compare?   

    Losing Benji is worse imo. We now have to rely on guys like Cotchery, who quits on routes, and can be covered by DEs, or any defensive player. So you have a quitter at the end of his career with no fire, no passion, just going through the motions. Letting defenders just take the ball and push him around. It's hard for any Panther fan to watch that and not feel a little ill. Leaving Cam to suffer interceptions and incomplete passes. Add to that a bunch of receivers who have not proven anything, and wouldn't start for any other team in the entire NFL. So yes losing Benji was a crushing blow that is much worse than losing Hardy. We had guys who could come in and somewhat replace Hardy. We have a rookie tweener and a bunch of losers at WR. We couldn't afford to lose Benji without retooling our offense and relying more on Cam's legs. Not good for Cam, and not good for our already weak offense. The standard for a good starting NFL WR has already been set. Everyone already knows what they look like on the field. We lost ours. We're ok without Hardy, but Benji was the key to the passing offense.    
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  12. pantherj added a post in a topic Our offense is piss poor, time to cough up something for a WR, Gettleman   

    I'd give him a shot.
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  13. pantherj added a post in a topic Around the NFL   

    And so 3 days later GB is hit with a major injury. I'm sorry it happened, but it might improve our situation.
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  14. pantherj added a post in a topic Daryl Williams is the #1 graded OT by PFF   

    I love the gigantic o-lineman from big schools like Oklahoma, Nebraska, Alabama, ect. Even if their career's are cut short due to lower body injuries from playing at 330 pounds, they are still great to have when healthy.
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  15. pantherj added a post in a topic Daryl Williams is the #1 graded OT by PFF   

    One thing that's been going on for several seasons and bugs the hell out of me is when Kalil allows some penetration, but stops it at the last second. This almost always results in Cam throwing off his back foot,or just using his upper body, even though the lineman has been stopped and is several feet away. This makes me want to pull my hair out. Kalil does this a lot, and it makes Cam stop from stepping into his throw, and I know it's going to be an incomplete pass. It will be interesting to see if Cam plays better with Kalil most likely sitting out the next preseason game.
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