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  1. Hurney 2.0 you're not getting more than you're worth. Hit the bricks Williams.
  2. Looked like age caught up with him last season, but that's me watching a tv set.
  3. He has a net worth of $820 million. Panthers sold for $2.2 billion. Now it just seems like he wants free publicity.
  4. pantherj

    Steve Smith....lets put this to a end

    There should only be one statue of a human at BOA. The 1st QB to win the SB here, which is going to be Cam. Take the rest down.
  5. Crazy guy did something crazy. Go Panthers.
  6. Get the fuging booth warmed up.
  7. pantherj

    Navarro issues a statement

    Wonder why he wanted to move the stadium to SC?
  8. pantherj

    Navarro issues a statement

    How do you see our new owner? A.) Like a father. B.) Like a boyfriend. C.) Your second husband. D.) Something else.
  9. Hurney 2.0 is doing a great job. The garbage has been taken out.
  10. This is what happened the instant Chandler left the Panthers: "On June 2, 2016, Chandler was signed by the Chicago Bears.[13] The Bears announced his retirement on July 23, 2016." Willig actually had a long career and played for several teams.
  11. Willig was a turnstile but he was tough. Chandler disintegrated on contact. I've never seen worse.
  12. We need a Pro Bowl pie for whenever McClain pops up in the news.
  13. Nate Chandler was the worst I can remember. Fua was poah. Pickles. Everette Brown. Silatolu is almost not bad enough to make this list, but he's been in the news lately so he made it.
  14. If Nate Chandler ever comes back you will see me fully lose it. Amini can't block stunts and delayed LBer blitzes, and DCs in the NFCS know it. They will run that at him the whole game and Cam will be in real danger.
  15. When you have a bag of poop lined up at LT it's going to limit your deep passing game. I'm not happy with the O-line situation, but Gettleman pooped the bed and you can't undo that in the short term. We're stuck for now.