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  1. Hi there

    Just saw that Eagles fan eat poop, so there's that.
  2. Michael Crabtree?

    Not good enough so he's probably on our radar.
  3. The NFL wants passing TDs and big plays down field to superstars. That's why they changed the rules to favor high octane passing teams. Lunch pail blue collar teams that don't address the WR position should finish middle of the pack or worse. It's now 2018 and we're still trying to model ourselves after the 90's Steelers. Break the bank for LBs? Shop at Dollar General for WRs? Make your secretaries wear tight jeans and shave their legs? What fuging year is it? We have a team from the 90's and a front office from the worst part of the 60's. That's totally backwards from what I would want for this Franchise. The good news is that change is coming. RR get's a whiff of JR leaving and he promptly fires Shula. Wow! Now go get a star for Cam to throw the ball to down field. Even Jake had Smith.
  4. WR was a problem before this bad news, and now it's a full on crisis. Money and draft currency need to spent on the WR position without question.
  5. We need talented receivers and a willingness to throw the ball into the endzone. Until we have that we're a long shot at best for doing what the Eagles did.
  6. If I wanted to see a white person who can't sing impersonate a black rapper I'd go to a mall and wait for a live show.
  7. Black twitter is going to go crazy that Justin is back but he hasn't apologized for harming Janet's career.
  8. Justin can't sing. He's against football. He exposed Janet's breast during the SB causing parents and Puritans to go completely insane. Who in the hell made the decision to have this guy perform?
  9. CBS Mock Draft

    Not a chance. Guess again. We're going for speed in this draft.
  10. Fan Optimism and Enthusiasm

    New coordinators. Good. Cam in his prime. Good. Lowered expectations for Gettleman's draft picks. Good. Should have a good upcoming season.
  11. It looked like Captain was just out there taking a break when asked to blitz. He's tiny, and he gave minimal effort, and he was usually miles from the QB. Luke gave 100% to blitz, but little RBs were knocking him WAY off course, and he's just not good at blitzing. We have the wrong pieces in place blitz like that.
  12. I nearly went insane watching guys like Captain and Luke try to blitz and get nowhere. We have to use what we have properly, or get some new guys.
  13. Norwell won't decide our fate in 2018 either way. Let him walk if it means we have the money for a top WR.
  14. If you're ok with brain damage then I can't imagine why you would draw the line with roids.
  15. Bad OT market. Top OTs coming out of the draft and being busts. It leads to teams offering desperation deals. Other teams were hot for Matt as well. I hated the contract, but we have other bad contracts on this team.