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  1. So we don't have to say fug? We can say (F)uck?
  2. I have this image in my head of Ron being very pleased with Byrd not sure why....
  3. Byrd is our fastest player so he is needed badly now.
  4. I was stunned when we traded KB and didn't trade for another WR. Now the injury bug has bitten and we're scarping the bottom of the barrel. Granted Byrd is actually faster than Samuel, but can we rely on him to do more that toast 2nd string players? Let's hope.
  5. Marty Hurney Crow thread

    I read on twitter that we're 17-1 in the last 18 games without KB.
  6. Never - o'clock. Cutting back.
  7. What is it with TD tweeting so much? He got his panties in a bunch over being blamed for Gettleman being poo canned, and since then he's been on twitter fire like Trump.
  8. For years I've wanted the Panthers to upgrade their o-line like the Saints. Instead we've made some mind boggling picks, and signed Matt Kalil. As a result our offense looks weird to put it nicely. Not sure what the plan is with the Panthers, but we'll run Cam when we're in trouble. The main thing the Saints have to fear at this point is the injury bug. Otherwise I think they might be on their way to the SB.
  9. General Gameday thread...

    We should be in good shape against the Fins unless Stew or someone sabotages the game.
  10. I knew we were in deep poo with the Saints when their interior o-line was beating Star and KK. They're reaaaally good. On the other hand the injury bug could bite them at any time.
  11. So 41 just got destroyed twice.
  12. Wish we played both these teams.
  13. The butterfingers brigade has worn out it's welcome. AZ should be put in the corner and forgotten about this season.