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  1. Whichever owner is not going to listen to the fan base and pander to the media. Whichever owner is going to make winning the Super Bowl the top priority. The opposite of that creep JR.
  2. The rich get....

    Never happen. Eagles fans aren't pussies who will call up the Eagles' front office around the clock demanding something be done.
  3. Find the retarded cult lead immediately and pay him $50,000 to order Watkins to sign here for a team friendly deal.
  4. I just want this franchise to stop listening to the fanbase of Mr. Moms and grandads who don't like change, and stop rewarding vet players with incredible money for past services. Winning is all I care about. I don't care about TD getting paid, or kneeling, or scandals, or anything other hot button issue that ignorant people find emotionally engaging. Win now. Ignore the nonsense.
  5. Take a knee. Don't take a knee. I don't give a poop at all. 0 fugs given. If the guy will help us win a SB then bring him here.
  6. Alabama DT Da'Ron Payne visiting today

    I hear he's good with a razor.
  7. This fits in line with RR's strict view that safeties need to be intelligent and not make mistakes.
  8. The Butler pick stunned the Huddle, and it led me to wonder what in the world Gettleman was doing. I couldn't figure out his plan, and now I think Hurney has decided that whatever the plan was it was poop. Wouldn't be shocked to see Butler traded for a low round pick.
  9. Bidding war for porky? That's rich.
  10. Is Dontari Poe Good?

    Amini's ability to block stunts was maybe the worst I've ever seen in my life, and in general he just wasn't good. Poe is a mauling bear beast with great footwork and technique. He's big and powerful but he's not sloppy, he's crisp and precise. The dancing bear is here. Holy poo. Now let's take back the NFCS.
  11. This move is 100% in response to the Saints stuffing our pass rush up the middle. Now we've raised them a dancing bear fuging beast.
  12. Hurney is working this off season harder than he works his ex-wife's phone.
  13. Poe can do 3-4 that's how fuging beast he is.
  14. I almost never give this compliment, but Poe is a dancing bear. Thank you Hurney.
  15. I wanted us to draft Poe back in the day. This is so cool. Hurney has been busy.