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  1. Positions we need to upgrade

    Cam just texted me that he "he doesn't want me at RT, he NEEDS me at RT" so things are not looking good for Remmers. I'm not even big enough to play tackle.  
  2. Offensive Tackles cost us the game.

    I only watched the SB once, so I might be wrong, but I thought Daryl Williams was out there with help most of the time. And didn't we run a lot of max protect once Williams went into the game. That would indicate that Shula is less confident in Williams pass blocking than he is in Remmers. That would suggest that Williams might be a backup player for his career here. Of course he has room to improve, so he might end up a starter. At any rate we need to look at RTs in this draft and FA.
  3. You have to know going into the game that Remmers would need help. The game hinged on giving Remmers help to protect Cam. Shula failed.
  4. Who Should Go or not resign

    Charles Johnson - His body is falling apart, and he's not producing. Gone. Jared Allen - Too old. Gone. Roman Harper - The slowest starting safety in the NFL. Gone. Jerrico Cotchery - The slowest WR in the NFL, and pooped the bed in the SB. Gone. Peanut - One of the slowest CBs in the NFL, and body is falling apart. Gone. Jonathan Stewart - His production matches his pay, and our other RBs are a major downgrade. Welcome back. Josh Norman - Congratulations on your new contract with our team.  Remmers - Pooped the bed in the SB. Welcome to career backup. Had flashbacks of Nate Chandler watching him *shudder* McClain - No real need to sign him for depth when you can just cut him, and then if needed sign him off the street again. Finnegan - Can stay for cheap, or hit the bricks. Who cares? Could be roster churn.    
  5. Cam to reporter "We'll be back"

    The key is to win the South and get back into the playoffs. Brees is another year older, Atlanta is a mess, and TB is still very young at QB. Now is our time. We need more weapons on offense, and a better RT, but we're in great shape.
  6. Offensive Tackles cost us the game.

    Remmers was out there blocking like Nate Chandler. He's done.
  7. We basically found out the type of team that can beat us in the playoffs, and how they'll try to do it next season. We're vulnerable to a team with an elite D-line, and DBs who can hold up in single coverage and allow the box to be loaded to stop our run. We have to make moves to counter that from happening again next season. The two best ways to stop that are improving the o-line, and improving the WR corps. KB will improve the WR corps, but RT will have to be addressed. The pass blocking is just not good enough to face an elite d-line.
  8. Positions we need to upgrade

    Williams was injured in week 1 with a bad knee injury and was out for half the season.
  9. With Cam as QB do we have a shorter 'window'?

    Cam will still be an effective runner at 32. We have a large window, but we have to address o-line and WR which is not easy.
  10. So where does Carolina finish next year?

    I don't literally mean I want Remmers handing out water next season. I'd like to see him in a backup role.
  11. So where does Carolina finish next year?

    I've watched both players pass block and imo Williams would have done better. But let's say the Panthers disagree, then we need a RT in the draft or FA.
  12. So where does Carolina finish next year?

    Denver will be without Manning. We will have KB back, and Remmers will demoted to waterboy in favor of Daryl Williams starting at RT. Add in picks and FA and you've got a SB team.
  13. 2016 Early Power Rankings

    Things are looking great for next season. We'll move Daryl Williams to RT replacing Remmers, and KB will return to the #1 WR spot. BPA in the draft, pick up some FAs as needed, and make another run at the SB.
  14. Kony Ealy

    Yeah Ealy went off. He'll never have to look back at the SB game and say he failed. Can't say that for Remmers and some of the other guys.
  15. Have to give some credit to Denver's defense

    With Remmers pooping the bed I would have called some screens to back them off a bit.