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    Well I predicted we would take Burns, so that's out the window.
  2. Forget predictions. Who do you want?

    Isn't he one of those guys who just started playing and had to split time in a rotation. Way too early to know what he'll evolve into in the long run.
  3. Forget predictions. Who do you want?

    You look for certain things in a CB to see if they can be elite at the next level even they don't play with proper technique. When you have a CB who is 6ft with a wide wing span it makes it easier to get deflections. When that CB also has great hand to eye coordination you will see more deflections, and a better chance for interceptions. Burns looks like Josh Norman if Normal stood up straight too much and wasn't sure what was going on. Basically you teach Burns how to play properly and you have another Norman.
  4. Forget predictions. Who do you want?

    Artie Burns
  5. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    Another major weapon for Cam? Hell yes. But do we have a 1st round grade on him I wonder?
  6. Your final predictions (#30)

    A lot of mocks have us taking Kevin Dodd, but I don't think so. I'm going to predict Artie Burns. This guy looks like he doesn't really understand how to play CB all that well. But if you teach him proper technique and discipline he's basically Josh Norman 2.0. Same kind of arm length, speed, quickness, ball hawk, all he lacks is technique. He wants to stand up and loaf and play whatever way feels easy and good. Fix that and you have another Josh Norman.
  7. If that's the standard then I'm awesome at draft predictions.
  8. Miller got zero predictions correct for our last draft. He had us taking D.J Humphries in the 1st. Things are so boring this time of year that you have to make bold predictions to draw attention to your articles. If you took all the incorrect draft prediction articles about the Panthers, printed them out, and burned them you could destroy all of Charlotte. I've been correct 3 times about who the Panthers would take in the 1st round. That includes Peppers and Cam, so you have an idea of how hard it is to make a prediction even when you follow the team year round.
  9. You were hovering your mouse over the pie button weren't you?
  10. I was crushed when Luck decided to go back to school. Then I thought Cam looked really great, but I came on here and fans HATED him. They wanted to draft ANYONE else, or bring in Carson Palmer ect, Huddle Panther fans thought Cam was going to be another bust like fat ass Russel. Then we got close to the draft and fans started to come around. Those were wild times. Then Auburn fans took over the forum for about a year to support Cam and blame the Panthers for anything that went wrong. Things have settled now thank goodness. Cam is a fuging beast. If we had an average QB we'd be below .500.
  11. I think the junk dealer was laughing at me when I went to the junk yard and tried to get my CDs out of the 10 disc CD changer I had in the back. This was back when CDs were like $25 a pop and before MP3s. I couldn't get the damn thing open.
  12. Unfortunately I let my sister borrow that wonderful car and she totaled it. She was not at fault. A van full of illegal immigrants ran a stop light and she t boned them. The illegal immigrants were covered in beer when they got out of their van because they were on a beer run and some of the beer exploded on impact. My sisters arms were cut up when the air bag deployed. The good news was that the dirtbag illegal immigrant was not the owner of the van. His girl friend had been loaning him the van for years, and she had insurance on it. She tried to fight in court saying that she never said he could borrow the van. The bad guys lost that day, and at least I got some money back to buy something else.
  13. When I was a teenager I had a 3000gt and got it up to 110mph once. The car felt like it was literally going to lift up into the air and take flight. Never went that high again. CAP is going to learn that we have a strict owner and a cold as ice GM with a low tolerance for bullshit. He's going to get the poo scared out of him by a Gettleman/RR "do that again and you're gone" type speech.
  14. An outlier among teams with the most cap space

    Norman was stunned as well I see. “It came out of nowhere. It really did,” Norman told his new team’s official website.“