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  1. Conan...that poo not funny

    Humor is definitely subjective. Typically people enjoy humor that takes a shot a the people at the top, but are put off by humor that attacks people at the bottom (mentally/physically ill, the poor ect)
  2. What they let Rodney Harrison vote twice?
  3. Conan...that poo not funny

    Insult comedy tends to bring in ratings. The general public doesn't like to see successful people receive awards and pats on the back for being great unless there are some insults to go along with it. Celebrities are perfect comedy fodder, but of course not everyone has the same sense of humor. It's simply impossible to please everyone's comedic sensibilities, so they go for the majority. 
  4. NFL Red Carpet thread

    So they were interviewing Jerry Jones, and the crowd started chanting JERRY JERRY JERRY! The announcer thought they were chanting for Jerry Jones so she says "they are chanting for you" and Jerry turns around to see Jerry Rice shaking hands with the crowd. I love this season.
  5. You want to see turnovers? Wait for 39 year old neck surgery immobile Peyton to start taking hits. He's going to chuck dead ducks like a damn Labrador retriever. And let's not forget about their butter fingers RB. Good lord. He's pretty stupid at taking hand offs.
  6. Denver's own coaching staff and players have to mystified to find themselves in the SB. Denver's team, just on the eyeball test, doesn't appear to have #1 anything. They must have racked up stats against teams that are complete ass. I mean horrible. We've already played and beaten the doors off of a damn slew of teams this season better than Denver.
  7. We should be able run on Denver's defense rather well. Taking out the fact that I'm a Panthers fan I still think we should win. If I had to bet by picking the winner there is no way in hell I would pick Denver. How in the world are experts picking against us? They don't even offer good reasons as to why we should lose. It's unfuging believable. I have to wonder if you forced these experts to put money on the game if they would change their tune. It's like when experts came out picking the Jags to beat us. What the fug? Didn't even give good reasons why we should lose. It's Panthers hate. It's hatred toward the South. Or it's inexplicable. The tip is that they don't give good reasons why they are making their pick. They give "I feel a tickle in my balls about Denver" type reasons. Unreal. They should be fired. God I would fire them in a heartbeat for being incompetent.
  8. I do not want this to end.....

    Next season will probably be amazing as well with KB back, and having the best QB in the NFL hands down. It's going to be so sweet.
  9. Deion follows the Trump playbook when dealing with the media. Say something outrageous if you want the media to flock to you like a pack of vultures circling carrion.
  10. DOUG Stewart goes off about Rodney Harrison

    You really learn a lot about the media when your team has a black QB, and you're in a small market.
  11. DOUG Stewart goes off about Rodney Harrison

    I made a thread about this the instant it happened. If Rodney had said that about a white QB, then he would have been fired. Out of all the scummy lying immoral commentators I hate Rodney the most.
  12. Epic 26min Video of 2015-2016 Highlights

    Best season in Panther history.
  13. Barnwell: Carolina isn't a good matchup for Denver

    Yes Seattle was the second best team this season. Once we defeated Seattle we played lesser teams the rest of the way. Arizona and Denver are not as good as Seattle. We were fortunate that a Seattle defender slipped giving Stewart a huge run early. We jumped all over Seattle and held them off, but earlier in the season we were in trouble with them. Seattle is very good. Denver and Arizona are just not on the same level. Denver's only chance to win this game is if Cam totally poops the bed worse than he has in a long time. Cam would have to have a Jake Delhomme Arizona meltdown for us to lose to Denver. Cam plays like his normal self and we will beat the ever living poo out of Denver. They are not built to stop our read option. Now Seattle from a few years ago had the right build to give our read option trouble and shed blocks quickly, but this Denver team just won't be able to do it. Denver is praying for a Cam meltdown. 
  14. Cam Newton disappointed me

    The first step is admitting you have a problem. The second step is a mental institution, so maybe skip the whole process.
  15. Cam Newton disappointed me

    And that 20 mins is part of this free time when he can hang out with his friends. He didn't want to lose part of that time. Understandable.