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  1. Denver 2016

    Thanks for the reply and good luck!
  2. Denver 2016

    Ugh oh! So we don't know if there will be ticket packages for this trip?
  3. Hands up if you're taking Super Bowl Monday off

    I already took tomorrow and the day after the Superb Owl off...3 day weekends!
  4. Yeah, it's not like this is some surprise emergency. They've been forecasting a major storm for easily a week... Besides I already took a vacation day on Monday to get drunk on Sunday night!
  5. I was just curious if anyone happened to hear if Braylon would be present on Sunday? I'm assuming he would be and I'm obviously really hoping they got his family tickets since he is their "good luck charm!" He also did call for a Super Bowl pre-season...
  6. I'm here, I haven't replied yet!