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  1. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic Ryan Delaire   

    The radio announces said that too
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  2. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic KK to be Great   

    IF you don't like the Post then don't fuging comment.  Pretty plain and simple. 
    This game of football, that many of us knowledgeable fans follow, is full of IF.  IF you aren't prepared for everything you lose.
    So in your case.  You aren't prepared therefore you lose.
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  3. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic KK to be Great   

    Reading is fundamental.  As the OP I mentioned you smart ass comment.   The question was....  IF you had to choose who would you keep.  Simple question, So before you call people Feeble how about reading the post and let it sink in before you pop off with your smart ass comments.
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  4. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic KK to be Great   

    No one could have predicted the Concussions Morgan would get.  It was too bad we let him walk.  I liked the way Witherspoon played.
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  5. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic KK to be Great   

    It is possible because we have Star under the option year to actually get both done a year apart.  Especially since we have Luke already tied up. 
    Star clearly is a beast but seems to miss a lot of games.   KK is more versatile.
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  6. DaveThePanther2008 added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    KK to be Great
    Nice article on KK.  I think he can be great.
    Interesting situation approaching.  Two young star quality DTs.  Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Gettleman is going to do his magic and keep both but for just for argument.
     You can only keep one.  Do you keep Star or do you Keep Short?
    For me.  Short would get the nod just because he seems to be on the floor longer.
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  7. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic Kuechly Officially OUT for Third Straight Week. We Need Answers.   

    Relax, I would rather give him a month or so to get healthy then to get in there pop someone and re-injury himself again. 
    We just invested a ton of money on the guy.  Our defense suffers some but not to the point we can't win.
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  8. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic It's a Trap!   

    Saying this would change a trap game to serious motivation for our defense.  I would think.
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  9. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic Josh Norman named NFC Defensive player of the month   

    Fast track to the Pro Bowl.  That catch alone will get a ton of votes.
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  10. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic Panthers sign DE Ryan Delaire, Cut Cole   

    When we signed Cole and he became a very important piece to our DL.  A high character guy and no doubt a good mentor for our Rookie DTs.  Edwards and Cole were perfect pieces for Star and KK.
    It is sad to see him go.   Hopefully, he'll find a new spot before he hangs up his cleats.
    Thanks Cole you were an adored Panther.
    Welcome Rookie now is the time to show us what you got.
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  11. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic Jared Allen getting off the ball quickly   

    It would be nice but according to Rivera, KK will not be DE permanently.  Someone asked him about that and his response was that he liked moving him out there as a change of pace.   He said putting him out there permanently (while CJ is out) would not make him as effective as he would sporadically.
    Personally, I think he would be a better DE than Ealy but maybe now is his time to shine.
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  12. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic Bucs week: MRSA, metal science, crab legs, and Gold Bond Medicated Powder   

    Just make sure we break out the Hazmat Suits and thoroughly disinfect our locker room before we enter the locker room.
    Great stuff SCP
    Reading your posts are the highlight of my week leading up to the game.  (yes, in the desert there isn't much excitement)
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  13. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic Panthers Trade for Jared Allen   

    You make it sound as if Allen is some second tier wannabe.  This guy is a 5 time Pro-Bowler and the current active sack leader.   If you want to do the wishful thinking, Pray Hardy doesn't experience a career like Allen.
    I don't think it is nearly as far fetch as you portrait it.   Our pass rush gets significantly better with Allen and if CJ comes back after the Bye week, we might just have something.
    I would imagine Allen is going to wing it pretty much this weekend.   Get the terminology down in the bye week and start to be a force by week 6.
    Is he going on a 20 sack season?, don't think so but I clearly believe he'll have more than 5 1/2 he had last year.
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  14. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic Panthers Trade for Jared Allen   

    Who said anything about downplaying 2013.  I initially said that this DL could become one of our greatest defensive lines in our history.  I don't think that is out of the realm of possibility. 
    For the record I loved our DL with Hardy and Johnson and the two rookies.  God only knows how great they could have been last year.  But the fact is, that never happened
    Allen could easily bring to the table everything Hardy did.  Let's not forget it hasn't been too long ago that Jared Allen was the top DE in the league.  Not long ago at all.  With the right mix he could easily pick up where he left off.
    What Hardy didn't benefit from that Allen will.  Short and Star are veterans that have a couple of years under their belt.  So arguably better than they were as rookies in 2013.
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  15. DaveThePanther2008 added a post in a topic Panthers Trade for Jared Allen   

    You are welcome to your opinion but I don't believe you can say that Jared Allen won't be as effective as Hardy was 2 years ago.  A 5 time Pro Bowler getting a chance to rejuvenate his career. 
    What do you bet he comes in with a new fire and determination to show he still has it.  Add the fact that he has some solid interior line help.  
    I wouldn't be surprised to see him get 10+ sacks in 13 games.
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