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  1. I wonder if he has been told that on draft day he will be traded. Maybe a deal has already been made and will be announced soon. I don't see why Atlanta would trade arguably the best receiver they have ever had. He is still in his prime but maybe he has already expressed his desire for a big contract and Atlanta won't make it happen.
  2. 1. No we don't trade up or down 2. Josh Jackson 3. 45.3%
  3. Billy Price C. Ohio State
  4. CBS Sports 7 Round Mock Draft with trades

    I am with you on this. I don't see a need to trade one of our thirds. We can get a player that we like without trading away our picks. We have too many needs to combine two picks into one.
  5. I believe we go CB with the first pick though I think it Josh Jackson will be our pick. We trade one of our thirds to get Reid. Thought? Carolina Panthers ROUND OVERALL PLAYER NOTES 1 24 Jaire Alexander, CB, Louisville 2 39 Justin Reid, FS, Stanford from CAR 2 55 Traded to Chicago 3 85 Traded to Chicago from BUF 3 88 Rashaad Penny, RB, San Diego State 5 161 Keke Coutee, WR, Texas Tech 6 197 Marcell Frazier, DE, Missouri 7 234 Taylor Hearn, G, Clemson from LAC/BUF 7 242 Ryan Izzo, TE, Florida State The Panthers are looking for secondary help early in the draft, per our Jason La Canfora. I like them to snag Alexander, a late-riser during the draft process who should immediately slot into the starting lineup. The Panthers are in the perfect spot to trade up for another key secondary target early in the second round, and here they trade No. 55 and No. 85 to draft Reid, who is a candidate to go in the first round. Penny improves their talent at running back and should be a great option to pair with Christian McCaffrey. Coutee is a nice fifth-round find who brings speed to the receiver position and could take over for Torrey Smith eventually. Frazier could eventually develop into a starter at defensive end. Hearn brings depth at a position of need after the loss of Andrew Norwell. Izzo won't be a receiving weapon who can take over for Greg Olsen down the line, but he's a nice inline tight end. Here's the whole article. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/seven-round-nfl-mock-draft-21-trades-256-picks-and-draft-class-analysis-for-all-32-teams/
  6. Conundrum

    Take two Jerseys and cut them in half. Sow them together 1/2 Panther 1/2 Cowboy.
  7. Browns take 2 QBs?

    The main issue I see is the QB that loses the battle will probably lose value. Teams would low ball them to get that QB away from them. I am not sure any team would trade a 1st round pick in next's year draft for the losing QB. Basically they would trade a 1st for and 2nd or 3rd. But then again, It's Cleveland.
  8. Browns take 2 QBs?

    https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/browns-have-reportedly-considered-drafting-two-quarterbacks-with-high-round-picks/ I don't think they would do it but if they did how would it mess up the draft for everyone. Seems players we are targeting would rise up the board. I could see them taking Barkley 1st and whoever remains standing at QB.
  9. ANOTHER Mock Draft

    I did one on Fanspeak and only did the first 3 rounds. Price, Center Goedert, TE Ejiofor, EDGE M.J. Stewart CB
  10. If you keep changing WR every year you'll never get that WR. We have a lot of young WR to work with.
  11. One thing to remember most of the WRs in this class are not Julio Jones or A.J. Green. They aren't going to come in and be a superstar. There are some good TEs in this years draft. A good TE that can catch and block will be just as effective as adding another WR. I think we go CB, C, TE, S on Day 1 and 2. I have said before. WR on day 3.
  12. Happy start of offseason workouts day!

    Do we have any that aren't going to show? I know we have had 100% participation a couple of times.
  13. Daryl Worley Arrested

  14. Where is your confidence level?

    My take is pretty much like the OP. 11-5 is pretty amazing when you look at who was running the show offensively. Now we have an Offensive coordinator that will utilize Cam's strengths and improve him as a quarterback. One of the things Norv said after he was hired was getting Cam to get the ball out sooner. This will not only improve Cam but also the O-Line especially M. Kalil. Getting the ball out sooner will reduce sacks. Offensively O-Line though we lost Norwell I think we have viable players to fill in his role on the O-Line. I think we will draft a center early (Ragnow, Price, Daniels) who could play guard and learn from Kalil to start at center in 2019. Though we might have new names on the O-Line I think we'll be stronger than last year. TE - Many think Olsen is on the downswing. I am not one of those who think this. I think Greg is going to get another 1000 yd season as he fills the Gates role in Turner's offense. He'll still be Cam's security blanket. What I do think is we will draft the best available TE that is a good blocker but has very good hands. I don't believe the 2nd TE will be exclusively for blocking. WR- I think with the new additions to our WR Corp I don't believe WR will be a priority in the draft. We might address it but IMO it won't be till day 3 of the draft. Funchess excels with a speed receiver on the other side of him and I believe we have plenty of speed already on the roster. RB- CMC is going to have a great sophomore year under Turner. I am a bit concerned with CAP as the power back but we can find a RB later if he doesn't pan out. I also see Armah having a much bigger role in our offense than he did last season. Defensively The addition of Poe next to Short is going to interior lines fits. I think the DE position will be fine by committee and if one of these three Cox, Hall or Obada pan out our DE position will be solid. LB is not as solid as it used to be. Luke of course will be Luke and TD will be super inspired after his suspension is up. Shaq will have to step it up. Mayo will have a bigger role going at the start of the season. However, depth concerns me but I don't see us addressing it until day three. CB will have a new lineup with Worley gone but I believe we have the talent on the roster now. That said if a top CB is available in round one I believe that is our pick. Safety I don't see too safe. Adams and Searcy will probably be our starters but a day 2 Safety would not be a bad pick. I think the biggest additions to our team is Washington as DC and Turner as OC. Turner will make us a very tough team to stop. Washington I believe will not blitz as much and continue to preach team defense and not have any rouge players doing their own thing. I am very optimistic about this team and though many teams have really done well in the spring I think when the fall arrives we will be as tough an opponent as any team in the league. I am not a draft expert but day 1 and 2 I see CB, TE, C, S and day three LB, WR, RB and BPA last pick. Barring injury I see the Panthers in the playoffs for the 5th time in 6 years.
  15. Cappy's 7 Round Mock

    Josh Jackson would not hurt my feelings at all. According to an article on CBS Sports Josh Jackson is compared to Josh Norman. If we have a player of Josh Norman's caliber for 5 years would solidify our DBs for awhile. Josh Jackson, CB, Iowa NFL comparsion: Josh Norman Jackson is more explosive than Norman was when he entered the league in 2012, but Norman was slightly more refined with making plays in coverage other than zone. The two are big, long, hyper-aware perimeter corners with tremendous ball skills. With mainly zone and off-man responsibilities, Jackson can have a Norman-type impact early at the pro level.