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  1. Panthers expected to cut Jonathan Stewart

    Name me the last Carolina Rookie Running back to have any impact in Carolina. I am talking anything close to 1000 yds.
  2. Panthers expected to cut Jonathan Stewart

    Because the two back up centers can't carry Ryan Kalil's jock strap. There is a huge drop off in talent. Ryan is a multi-Pro Bowler. The others are barely adequate. If you are looking to put a body in a position just bring back Remmers and all is solved.
  3. Panthers expected to cut Jonathan Stewart

    Obviously a minority on here. Everyone thinking that dumping him is the right move will have to eat crow when he goes somewhere else and has a monster year. Watch and see. All for 3.25 million. Stewart wasn't the problem the stupid ass play calling of Shula ruined him. While Cam may have been the leading rusher defenses weren't stacking the box for Cam. They were stacking it for Stewart. Stopping Stewart was their target. Stop Stewart and knowing Cam won't run every time we run. They contain our running game. Turner's offense is defensive suicide if they stack the box. Stewart would have had a great year. I would have far more confidence in him than another "proven Vet" Are we going to sell the farm for Barkley? No. Not very likely of hitting a home run later in the draft. That's a crap shoot. So we are left with CAP, who may or may not be able to carry the load. A rookie that isn't top tier or a Vet who may or may not be better than Stewart. All to save a little over 3 million. I would rather bring Stewart in at least through training camp. I think we are doing the wrong thing. Like I said obviously a minority. I'll keep the hot plate warm for my crow but IMO everyone on here are the ones that will be enjoying the feast of crow this time next year.
  4. Once we dumped KB things started to turn around. Samuel was starting to come about and when he went down Byrd also started to shine. It appears bleak but IMO we are better off than most think. I am not a fan of drafting a WR in round one unless they are a AJ Green/Julio Jones type of WR. I don't see any of those immediate star qualities in the draft and FA group is questionable whether we'll find what we are looking for. i think Turner will select the targets in FA for WR and we'll get one. I don't believe our #1 priority will be a WR. We have other more pressing issues. We have three positions on the OL that need addressing. at least two if you count Moton moving into Norwell's spot. Both Kalil's will need replacing and finding a top notch center is key. We saw when we lost our Pro Bowl LT. Nothing has been the same since. Our DE are getting old. Even if Peppers hangs around another year that has to be addressed now. DE's rarely shine their first year. Drafting one to work with a HOFer would really help. Safeties are getting old too. Something has to been addressed THIS off-season. CB we could use a Vet and a better scheme. Somewhere after these are addressed if we have room to add another WR that is where I would get one. RB i think Stewart should remain. See my other post for comments on the last three spots. Unless we make a big splash in Free Agency. I see Round One S, DE or OL Round Two Whatever isn't selected above and CB Round Three we should finish out where we have a CB S, DE and OL or any combination of these 4 positions. (2-OL, S, DL) (2 DE, CB S) blah blah blah.
  5. I like your list and respect your point of view. However, I am not on the CB suck list though. Sophmore slump maybe. I think the Wilks scheme put alot of undue pressure on them and made them worse than their rookie year. I would move to 4 and move 3 and 4 up one slot. IMO Stewart is going to be awesome in Turner's offense. RB can be had just about any time.. IMO 1. DE Need to get younger 2. S Need to get younger 3. OL Need to replace the Kalil Brothers 4. CB Better Scheme and more depth 5. WR Think can be addressed in Free Agency 6. RB I want to see Stewart in Turner's offense. The tread is good on these tires. 7. LB TD retiring and LB needs to remain our strong point on defense 8. DT Star going. I expect a solid Vet to be picked up to help with the slack of losing Star. 9. TE Finding a suitable #2 that would develop into the #1 TE can be found midrange of the draft
  6. Hopefully Marcus Peters is Available via Trade

    Talent does not equal a solution to a problem. His talent doesn't mean much if he does as he wants. Rivera sat Norman because he couldn't get with the program early on in his career. To me it sounds like Peters does what he thinks is best not what he should be doing. I don't think he would fit in with our defense.
  7. Can Dez Bryant regain his talent in Carolina?

    He is 29 y.o. Hardly washed up. I think you have to take into consideration that his numbers fell off when Dak took over. Not a coincidence. Same as Smitty numbers dropping when Cam took over. Just didn't work. Didn't mean Smitty was washed up. He went to Baltimore and resumed his terror on the league. The question is. Will he have chemistry in Turner's offense with Cam? I think so.
  8. Can Dez Bryant regain his talent in Carolina?

    I would let the first couple of weeks of free agency go by. If someone hasn't signed him. I would. I think Dez in Turner's offense would do well. I don't really care for the #1,#2, #3 labels for WR. The WRs on the field need to perform as required. That said, Dez doesn't have to be the #1 option on a play. Put speed opposite of Dez and he can be highly effective. Once again, I would sign him but only to a Cap friendly deal. If another team is willing to shell out top dollar for him. Go for it but if he goes past the 2nd or 3rd week of free agency. I would give him a shot.
  9. Predicting the Tag

    There are a couple of good Centers in the draft. If we cut Ryan and sign Norwell we might get lucky enough to get a good Center in the first day or two of the draft.
  10. Predicting the Tag

    Well keeping Norwell would help him tremendously. As I stated before if we were stuck with Kalil one more season Norwell would help and give us time to get a longer term deal done. Keeping the best Guard tandem in the NFL. It would also give Moton one more year to develop as a LT. Draft a center 3rd round and give him time to learn under Ryan. Smooth transition in 2019.
  11. Predicting the Tag

    I would rather him restructure (don't know how you restructure for one year). Maybe an incentive type deal. Ryan is a critical part of our line. Unless you plan on drafting one of the top centers in the draft. Which is a good option for round 2 or 3. One of those good centers should be there. I think the key is Moton. Is he going to move outside and take over for R. Kalil if so you tag Norwell. If he is staying inside. Let Norwell walk (chokes on tongue) I can't think of a player that has reached free agency that I wanted to keep like I do Norwell. Outside Peppers.
  12. Michael Crabtree?

    Why? Bryd and Samuel at the same types of players who are as good as Austin. On the fence about Crabtree. I am also of the belief #1 is overrated. We need a receiver that can create separation quickly whoever that might be. Funchess has ability to be a good receiver but we have to have someone who can take some of the pressure off of him. I think Turner is going to dictate who that may be. Whoever we sign it will have the blessing of Turner and I will be content with whoever he signs. I wonder what Dez Bryant would do in Turner's offense?
  13. Predicting the Tag

    Interesting article from NFL.com http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000916573/article/2018-nfl-franchisetag-primer-eight-most-likely-candidates Kind of makes sense. Tag Norwell and work on a long term deal. Ryan is retring after next year and we'll be able to cut ties with Matt if he doesn't improve. If we lose Norwelll this time next year we could be looking at only 2 starters on the line. Williams and Turner.
  14. Panthers continue to hold out for Hurney

    Makes sense but a GM should be listening to his scouts as well. They get paid to give a good insight into what we can expect from a particular player. I get the feeling, based on what you wrote, that Hurney falls in love with a player and regardless of what his scouts tell him he picks who he wants. Agreed?
  15. Panthers continue to hold out for Hurney

    Thanks Mr. Scot. I have always felt what you just stated. If it weren't for bunch of good scouts we would be worse than Cleveland. You don't even have to believe me. Go look at his draft picks. 2nd round picks should almost always be starters if not contributors. Eric Shelton, Dwayne Jarrett and A Edwards just to name a few. This list is full of guys that never even saw the field and they were picked far ahead of players we could have really used. I like Hurney but as a professional football GM, he sucks. I remember back when he was originally hired Hurney was mentioned to be a CAP Guru and we saw where that went. We are about 10 days away from the Combine. We need a GM in place to pay attention. Than again if we can get through the Combine without Hurney than he won't fall in love with Western Central Northwest University Left Tackle that beat up on 175lb Defense Ends. All because he has potential. JR got a suggestion for you. Keep him on the staff and let him announce our 1st round pick. He's Solid there. Than Dawson for the "Real GM" work.