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  1. I did the same thing. I was shocked they were on the waiver wire.
  2. If this doesn't smell fishy I don't know what would. Cops hanging out in a pizza joint? Must the the epicenter of a huge drug ring. I know in Virginia the owner can be held liable and lose their liquor license but come on.
  3. Look at almost every time he runs the defenders are STILL leading with their helmets trying to hit Cam in the head. T.J. McDonald tried several times to hit him with his helmet first. Fortunately Cam got down but make no mistake. They are trying their damnest to take him out leading with their helmets. Worse than that is the rule for helmet to helmet doesn't apply to running backs and when Cam runs he is considered a running back so teams are trying to hit him helmet to helmet every single time he runs. I get the rule but there should also be a rule for intentionally leading with their helmet regardless of RB or QB. It is a loophole in the rule and teams will continue to try and get Cam. Notice the reaction of Cam to T.J. McDonald. Cam is very aware of their strategy. It's bullshyt but at least he is aware.
  4. Funch’s first TD ball from last night

    I was wondering why Cam stop insisting he give the football to a fan. It pretty much is a tradition for players to give to a fan unless it is something special like their 1st NFL TD or something like this.
  5. Geoff Schwartz, the true Nostradamus of our time

    I saw post on FB (I think) from Geoff. He is very smart and give a pretty good breakdown of his subject. He seems to be as non-biased of an analyzer unlike assholes like Heath Evans who is a Saint nuthugger.
  6. If he keeps up his pace of yardage after KB left he'll be right at the 1K receiving mark. He looks very fluid running after the catch. I think this is the time for Funchess to take the role of #1 receiver.
  7. 19th & 20th against the run or Cam

    I got it just a bit ago. 200+ yards will definitely damage their standing.
  8. 19th & 20th against the run or Cam

    That is the play off Michael Jordan's comment a couple months ago about the Tarheel Basketball program.
  9. So I was checking out whether our recent success running the ball is because Cam is getting more designed runs or we just played two teams that are in the bottom half of the league against the run? Atl 19th and Miami 20th against the run. Not stellar teams against the run. I am hoping that it is a combination of KB being gone and Cam running the ball on designed plays. If we can score at will like we did last night the roof is the ceiling with this team. I can't help but remember what Cam said at the beginning of the season. Something to the effect of "You can't keep a lion from Roaring". He is what he is. A big man that makes things happen when he runs the ball. I think he gets into the flow of the game and everything seems to click better for him. Agreed?
  10. CamNewtonism #1542

    Yogi Berra move over. Cam is here to take the torch. You gotta love Cam he definitely knows how to create a buzz.
  11. Shepard needs to step up

    10,000 REPS and don't drop a one or start over. That'll cure him.
  12. Most impressive stat of the evening.

    Dude looks like a damn bull in a uniform. I want to see us sneak him out in the flat and score like he did in pre-season. He has some wheels too.
  13. New Orleans you have been put on notice.

    Saints dismantled the Bills and I have to admit I thought Buffalo would give them a test. Brees and Co are rolling and to think we are going to waltz into New Orleans and beat them without a battle or even have our way with them is crazy. That said, if New Orleans think because they beat us at home there is no way possible for us to go into New Orleans and win, well that is just as crazy. In game one, if we score TDs instead of FG we are in this game to the end. Our offense looks far more potent than our first meeting. If New Orleans loses one of their next 3 games (and we beat the Jets and Vikes) we go into New Orleans tied with them for the divisional lead. Winner will have the upper hand with 3 to go. If our offense has truly evolved this game in New Orleans will be one of the best games of the year.
  14. Takeaways from MNF

    Our top 5 receivers tonight had between 3 and 5 catches with Bersin and Clay adding one catch each. Cam is spreading the ball around and we are starting to catch our stride. CMC is not on the field because daddy was a good player. They know he is money with the ball. He catches everything thrown his way and if he drops it (not too often) he takes it personally and won't miss again. His presence is an undeniable issue for defenses. Whether he touches the ball or not. Teams are gearing up to make sure he doesn't beat them. That opens everything up for other players. Would I love to see him get more touches, you bet your ass I would. However, as long as he is out there on the field teams have to account for him. EVERYWHERE HE GOES. He made a couple of nice blocks and seems to be running better and better each week. I don't know how to reply to those that think he is garbage or just a scatback. He is a viable weapon and other teams know it. Superstar? Not Yet, Worth the 8th pick in the draft. Absolutely.
  15. Shepard needs to step up

    He had some nice catches in the 2nd half but he has to step it up. Crap like that kills a drive.