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  1. I don't recall which program I was watching but they had a segment on undefeated teams and of course we were the lowest ranked. 39% change of making playoffs. Same thing in 2015. We would be the first 3-0 to lose, 4-0 to lose, 5-0 to lose....down the line. Most every team has had an injury so to put the sole reason we won't go to the playoffs because of Greg is dumb. Ed Dickson has been a 50+ reception receiver. He can fill the role and he has GO to help him along.
  2. Steve Wilks Presser Is A Must Watch

    Seems to be our Forte. Dom Capers finally realized he was a coordinator and not a head coach. I believe I read he has been the DC in GB for 11 yrs now.
  3. Hate Week. Again.

    What was I thinking. For some reason I was thinking the other way around. Anyhow, TD still owns Graham.
  4. Hate Week. Again.

    But, But, But you have a high priced first ballot hall of fame QB who licks his fingers before every play. For the record Jimmy Graham butt is already puckering up cause TD gonna treat him like his little bitch AGAIN. Graham hates playing TD. TD owes Graham. Panthers Roll.
  5. Do you trust Shula?

    I trust that he will be the reason they fire Ron Rivera after the season is over. Rivera will face the music because of Shula. That is the only thing I can trust him with. What I would like to see is Wilks get the HC job and bring in a real OC.
  6. Barnidge Time

    I would be OK with this pickup. I liked Barnidge when he was here and did very well in Cleveland the past couple of seasons. From what I understand he has picked up his blocking and is much better than when he was here before. IF he can block there is no way I would miss the opportunity to sign him.
  7. Shula has to get fired

    Watch the 2nd half Bills offense. Their coach made some adjustments and they started moving the ball. Much better than the first half. What did Shula do? Probably went back to the booth and looked out at the field as if some miracle was going to pop in his freaking head and make everything right. Buffalo did misdirection, something Shula has no clue about. All sorts of different things and some of them worked. I will tell you if it weren't for our stout defense. McCoy scores on one or two of those plays he had in the second half. Called adjustments and Shula only adjusts his glasses on his head. Good God if his name wasn't Shula he wouldn't even have a MF job. I am sick of him. Totally sick.
  8. A question about the Shula bashing??

    38 Minutes should be a gd blowout. No excuses. NONE.
  9. A question about the Shula bashing??

    And to be honest. With the offensive talent we have. We should have beat them by 21 or more. I would say yes. The bitching would still be here. Shula is a bum and this team will never reach its full potential with him. END OF STORY
  10. This defense can and if they stay healthy can really make a difference. But until Coach Klein (See 1998 movie Waterboy) I mean Shula stops being scared and opens the goddamn playbook and uses the freaking weapons he has our defense is going to wear the fug out.
  11. Stout Defense

    it is a great defense and if we can get Worley to play in the same zipcode as his receiver is we'll do even better. This is my first negative comment on Worley but he was playing so far off the receiver my freaking grandmother (whose been dead over 20 yrs) could get open on Worley. Good God they almost came back on us because of his super soft coverage. This game reminded me of 4 years ago in Buffalo. We had the game till the last freaking play and blew it. If that pass to Zay Jones was a 1/2 inch shorter and we are looking at first and goal with Tyrod Taylor scrambling to beat us. Deja Vu all over again.
  12. Say they actual fire Shula, who do we hire.

    Sadly, I believe this is the only way it happens. Worse than that. Is we have the talent now but it will take 2017 disaster for Rivera to be canned. We'll lose great talent and Hurney will put us back in Cap Hell when he signs a 30+ running back to a huge salary. Cleveland 2017
  13. Say they actual fire Shula, who do we hire.

    Would love to see him come take over. Don't know if you can hire off another team in midseason. Than again Turner could resign and than take it.
  14. Say they actual fire Shula, who do we hire.

    Too bad. Thanks, wasn't sure if he was with anyone. That is what sucks the most. You have to bring someone in that knows our playbook. Sean McDerrott would be a good choice. He seemed to know it pretty well. LOL.
  15. Say they actually fire Shula. Who do we hire? We have Dorsey and Taylor on the staff. Dorsey has been around awhile and know the playbook pretty well Taylor seems to be a bright mind and could be someone that is up and coming. I don't know if Chudzinski is available but the offense he had remained in place just simplified. Who else is out there that could come in and take the offense we have and run with it. There is no way we could install a new playbook.