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  1. DaveThePanther2008

    Observations from camp today.....

    I think this is very key for us. Moore, Jackson, Gaulden and Thomas all are making this one of our strongest draft classes in many years if not the best. Granted it is only training camp but it's a start. Each of these players fill a position of great need for us and makes each group from weak to at least workable going forward. I have already prepared myself for the first time Gaulden or Jackson get burned and the Huddle blows up with the worst picks ever threads. It's gonna happen. Every rookie that has played the game hasn't made a miscue here and there. If they can keep them to a minimum we are going to be good. Moore IMO is expected to make an impact. He's a first rounder and someone we desperately needed. I believe he will have a solid camp and season. Thomas is probably going to be on the list of Steals of the Draft. Someone saw something special in him and we are very lucky to have him. Losing Manhertz for the duration of training camp could not have been a better gift for Thomas. He has been able to play with the #1s and making it known he can contribute. His better known attribute was blocking and if he can block effectively as well as his good hands. We'll have probably the best TE duo we have had since Olsen and Shockey. Just another weapon for Cam. I am excited. I don't know anyone could be pessimistic about our 1st four picks. They seem to be nailed picks.
  2. DaveThePanther2008

    Cam and Greg both going to the HoF

    Not to mention the first TE in NFL history to have three 1000 yd seasons. He'll get in. Maybe not first ballot but he'll get in.
  3. DaveThePanther2008

    Great news! Panthers Camp Confidential is back

    I thought the Camp Confidential was well written and produced and am very happy to see it back.
  4. DaveThePanther2008

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Talking about Anti-Christ she fits the bill except its a woman instead of a man. Socialism is a disease and only the lazy see the appeal. Those that work hard to improve their lives and the lives of their children will have it all taken away with these types of programs. All those programs have to be paid for and guess who pays it. Those of us that have worked so hard to climb the ladder of life will be the financiers of her bullshyt views. So all that hard earned cash you have earned will be taxed heavily. The lazy will pay nothing and your money will go to improve their lazy ass lives. Before you get so GD excited about this woman better do some freaking research on what Socialism is. Sadly this is the direction of this country. Our millennial are lazy and want everything handed to them. They'll vote for this crazy woman and others that follow her. Though it won't hurt me so much but I feel sad for my children as this Anti-Christ will ruin our children's lives. She's against our capitalist way of life.
  5. I am not a Hurney fan by no stretch of the imagination but you start one by one listing DG good parts and I'll reply with a Hurney good part and we'll see who runs out of good parts first. DG should have the advantage since most of his players should still be on the roster.
  6. One year deal or not. If we wait he'll be cut. Teams that are shopping someone are thinking of ways to get rid of him and get something in return. The distraction it could bring might not be worth keeping him around. If Darnold starts don't you think Bridgewater will have something to say. I do. If they are shopping him they are considering cutting him too.
  7. I know running back isn't the same as DE but J. Stewart had many preseason where he didn't participate and he was fine come regular season. PEP will be around and will be in meetings and so forth. Other than working on shaking the rust off I don't have too much concern with Pepper's spend the preseason on the PUP. It would be nice to see him ready for week 3 or 4 of the preseason. The benefit of this is now some of the questionable players will get some playing time with the first unit. That would really help find out who is going to take the horns in the rotation.
  8. Wouldn't we be able to add a player to the 90 man roster if he is on PUP?
  9. DaveThePanther2008

    Norv is going to energize this offense.

    I assume you saw his top 10 fierarchy he posted. He had Carolina #5.
  10. DaveThePanther2008

    Funchess isn't getting a contract extension

    If DJ and Samuel start to garner double teaming I think Funchess is going to have a monster year. He'll flourish in the #2 wideout role. Funchess was outstanding when he had someone with speed on the other side. Once we lost all our speed due to injury he wasn't as effective.
  11. DaveThePanther2008

    Norv is going to energize this offense.

    When I think about Cam's first two years I couldn't help but think of how good we would have been had we had a good defense. Not only do we have a good defense we also have, as OP stated, the Master not the protege running the show. I cannot remember when we have had weapons like this before. We have 2 backs that can make something out of nothing. We have enough WR talent that you can't double cover them all. And arguably the best TE in the game. And best of all we have the most amazing QB in the game. I think I say for the majority of posters here. Every time touches the ball we all hold our breathe waiting to see him do something special.
  12. DaveThePanther2008

    DJ Moore projected stats

    I am all for spreading the ball around. Though the individual stats may or may not be good. The bottom line is the most important. I think in this offense Cam could reach 4 to 4.5K in passing.
  13. DaveThePanther2008

    Good Morning! YOU MADE IT!

    This is going to be a special season. The Panthers are going to have an exciting offense and the defense will hold teams down enough where we'll win the majority of our games.
  14. DaveThePanther2008

    Vernon Butler accused of assault

    Typical millennial response. Guilty until prove innocent.
  15. DaveThePanther2008

    Falcons tell Julio Jones to suck it

    He wants more money, you know he isn't going to skip a check. Once the season starts he'll be there. i blame his agent. If his agent was smart he would have done a 3 year deal and given him leverage now. He didn't and his client is locked up for 3 more years. I wouldn't be surprised if after the season they extend his contract and add SOME more money to it. I seriously doubt he will ever come close to the 28m per year he is asking for.