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  1. which ones would you buy, and which would you sell? I saw this thread on SECRant about the SEC teams, and I'm bored at home with the flu on a snow day, so here goes nothing. AFC EAST Patriots: SELL - even with the team on the cusp of another Super Bowl appearance, the rumors swirling around TB and BB's relationship hold some merit. They have reached the peak of the NFL and can only go down from here. Bills: BUY - with young talent on both sides of the ball, the Bills should improve. If Brian Daboll finds a quarterback, watch out. Dolphins: HOLD - a bit of uncertainty with the QB situation and a wildly inconsistent team. Jets: HOLD - see how the draft plays out. They definitely overachieved in 2017. AFC NORTH Steelers: SELL - with the early playoff exit and the associated locker room drama, rumors surrounding Tomlin's job security, and Big Ben mulling retirement, this is a stock you should dump. Ravens: SELL - John Harbaugh has one foot out the door. Bengals: HOLD - they are a wildly inconsistent team and have talent on both sides of the ball. You never know which Andy Dalton will show up. Browns: BUY - this is a penny stock that will yield little dividends, but the only way to go for them is up. AFC SOUTH Jaguars: BUY - they have a stout, young defense and one of the better running games with Fournette. If they dump Bortles and draft or sign a better QB, this team could be a force to be reckoned with in the future. Titans: HOLD - a talented team with uncertainty in the front office. Could be great if they pair a good coach with Mariota. Texans: BUY - with Watson and Watt returning, they could be nasty next year. Colts: SELL - a dumpster fire of an organization with an overrated QB made of glass. Run! AFC WEST Chiefs: HOLD - they have a ton of talent on offense, but Andy Reid might be feeling the heat with another late-season collapse. Chargers: HOLD - another team with potential, but Phillip Rivers isn't getting any younger Raiders: HOLD - They have talent, but everyone will be rushing to buy with Gruden taking over. I don't think Gruden is as great as people make him out to be. Broncos: BUY - Elway will do everything in his power to bring that team back to the playoffs, even if it means mortgaging the future on signing Kirk Cousins NFC EAST Eagles: BUY - this team will only get better with Wentz returning next year. Cowboys: HOLD - fug the cowboys, but they are also inconsistent and could be terrible or great next year. Redskins: SELL - a lot of older free agents (Norman, Cousins) that will likely be gone next year. They are the definition of mediocre and can only get worse. Giants: BUY - even if Gettleman isn't the savior that a lot on this board make him out to be, they will be better next year. NFC NORTH Vikings: HOLD - talented team that has reached its peak. They are squeezing a lot of good play out of Keenum. Packers: BUY - Rodgers being healthy will have them back in the conversation next year. Lions: HOLD - I don't see them being any better than a wild card team. Bears: BUY - with a decent defense and Trubisky not being held back by Fox any longer, look for this team to be on the upswing. NFC SOUTH Saints: HOLD - Brees is 39, but they knocked the ball out of the park on almost every draft pick in this past draft. Kamara and Lattimore are beasts. Panthers: HOLD - talented and well-coached, but uncertainty in the front office with the team being sold, and with the assistants. Defensive side of the ball is aging. Falcons: HOLD - Sark isn't half the offensive mind as Shanahan was, but MR and Julio are good enough to overcome his ineptitude. Defensive side of the ball improved this past season. Bucs: SELL - Koetter will be gone next year and they will hire yet another mediocre coach. NFC WEST Rams: BUY - McVay looks like the real deal and Goff will have another year of experience. Talented on defense. Seahawks: SELL SELL SELL - that organization is heading to the shitter faster than Russell Wilson came when he had sex with Ciara for the first time. Cardinals: SELL - oldest team in the league and Arians is leaving. Don't have anyone at QB with Palmer retiring. 49ers: BUY - they came on in the latter half of the season, and Garoppolo looks to be the real deal.
  2. Worst thing to happen to the Saints since Katrina. Too soon?
  3. That clown needs to stick to baseball. Panther related because beer. Yay for no work tomorrow!
  4. Mike Tolbert Coming Home?

    Why would we bring back the tub of goo? Love him, but he is literally useless at this point in his career.
  5. I'll reiterate... BoA isn't flashy, but it is still one of the top venues in the league when it comes to serving its purpose. It holds 75K, and there isn't a single bad seat in the house. There are several places in MBS and the Superdome that require binoculars. Its simple bowl design allows for smooth crowd control. I've never had to wait in an exit line like I have at almost every other stadium I've been to. The location can't be beat, and the skyline backdrop on a clear day is so cool that it is arguably distracting during the game. It is susceptible to the elements, but the gorgeous sunny fall days offset the cold or rainy games.
  6. Receivers need to be #1 priority.

    Trading a mid round pick for Larry Fitzgerald makes almost too much sense.
  7. Media gonna media. Anyone with half a brain cell can see that BoA is a great venue that serves its purpose and does it very well. Some people just look at the fact that it's 22 years old and base their opinions off of that. I was in the Superdome this past weekend and it made me miss BoA. The entry and exit lines were ridiculous. Cramped walkways, crowded restrooms, cash-only concessions, and no natural light. A lot of you take BoA for granted. Football is a game that's meant to be played on natural grass in the elements. Even with that being said, Charlotte's climate is definitely mild compared to 90% of the outdoor climates teams play in across the league. BoA can be flat out gorgeous during October-November, especially during a clear day with the skyline in the background. Why would you want to trade that for a boring dome?
  8. The Panthers website is about as reliable as Shula's playcalling.
  9. Pie For ALL

    Hey Mike:
  10. I need new underwear.
  11. Man buns Riced out mid-90's Honda Civics Riding on a MARTA bus TitleMax Glory holes Gastonia Tramp stamps Baker Mayfield
  12. We're picking 24th in the 1st round

    This kid went to my high school. Was a sophomore when I was a senior. Not out of this world with physical attributes, but has the intangibles of a great playmaker. Would definitely be on board with this pick.
  13. Keep pounding! I’m in the dome and sick of these gumbo smelling fat fug drunks. Let’s get this W!!
  14. I'm Going Vegan...

    I'm not going completely vegan but increasing the amount of veggies and decreasing carbs and red meat. If the body doesn't get any of the latter two it will mess up metabolism. I've started drinking over 2000 ml of water per day and that's helped me drop 3lbs since Christmas