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  1. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    Leave it to the foreskins to choke away this fugging game God damn it Jay Gruden you and your team really poo the bed.
  2. Is there a bigger sack of poo on this planet Earth than that fugwad? Seriously. If I ever saw that guy in person I'd fight him. #triggered
  3. There's a thing called punctuation brah.
  4. This. The message Gase tried to send by trading away Ajayi has seemingly backfired. It is clear they are not playing hard for him.
  5. 19th & 20th against the run or Cam

    Ah my bad. Carry on.
  6. 19th & 20th against the run or Cam

    Did you mean to say the sky is the limit? lol
  7. The entire D-line was subbed too.
  8. Shula, first call of the game

    RPO. Cam fakes and drills Funchess on a slant route.
  9. Need some Huddle advice regarding an ex

    So yesterday one of the girls in the group hosted a friendsgiving. Said girl is friends with my ex and took her side after the breakup. Everyone in the group was invited...except for myself and my roommate. The ex made it a point to take a picture with every friend of mine and have them post it on their snapchat stories. Just a normal selfie with no caption. An obvious psychological tactic. It’s obvious she’s looking for a reaction out of me. I’m not going to give her that satisfaction. Just gonna play it cool. I’m obviously bothered by the fact I wasn’t invited, but I think at this point my best option is to distance myself from that group because it’s obvious they value her more than they do me. Am I️ right in being upset? Is there any point in continuing to try to be friends with these people?
  10. Dealing with a business dilemma

    I had a similar dilemma about my old boss recruiting me to make a lateral move and join his team. I went with my gut and it proved to be a good decision. Always go with your gut. If you think the whole thing is shady then it most likely is.
  11. Girls are not loyal proof

    Sounds legit. Can confirm, I was cookies.
  12. Nice observation from Sunday's game

    how is this thread not in the tinderbox?
  13. Yeah it would go well with some nice Cutlery to slice it up.
  14. Need some Huddle advice regarding an ex

    She's all yours buddy! LOL You raise some good points. I feel like a serious sit-down conversation with those I'm closest with in the group will go a long way.