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  1. 6.39

    I wanna know how Mac from WFNZ did
  2. Why I Hate Fantasy Football

    I hope for your sake you decided to sit him.
  3. Anything involving making fun of that circus franchise is Panthers related.
  4. I hope that guy didn't get behind the wheel after he posted that.
  5. Would you trade for Jimmy Graham?

    fug no. Don't want that POS anywhere near this locker room
  6. Shula failed us

    Hey did you guys hear? We won and are 2-0.
  7. Is FW really that much better than CAP on special teams to justify CAP continually being inactive? It is clear that CAP is by far the better back.
  8. I think it has mostly do to with the combination of price gouging and lousy product on the field. You can thank Goodell for that. Who wants to allocate an entire day to pay >$100 for a nosebleed level seat and an additional $9 per beer to watch a game - in the elements might I add - constantly interrupted by penalty and TV timeouts, when one could as easily have a better view with (sometimes) expert commentary on TV, for free, in the comfort of their home? Tailgating (especially with @RoaringRiot) is now arguably more fun than the game itself. Goodell and his minions have done damn well to take the excitement and fun out of the game in the name of the almighty corporate dollar. All you need to do to validate this assumption is compare the NFL atmosphere to that of college football. There is absolutely no question that collegiate games are much more exciting and passion-filled than NFL games with even the most rabid fanbases. You have people lining up to pay >$150 to see an SEC conference game between the currently #13 and #23 teams (UGA and Tennessee) because being in Neyland screaming your lungs out with 102,000 other rabid, piss-drunk fans without all of the BS pro football employs is fun as all get-out. You'd be hard-pressed to find any passion even approaching that level in the NFL. The poster who made the comparison to NASCAR has a great point. Goodell and the NFL have sold its collective soul. They are now starting to see the consequences.
  9. That sideline reporter...what in the world man
  10. Rex Ryan is awful. I can't be the only one who thinks this.
  11. GIFs From The 49ers Game

    Good god he's a fugging child. I can see why there have been several reports that the players don't like him. No wonder Matt Ryan threw him under the bus after the SB. ZOMG BUT CAM'S ARM LOOKS WEAK!!1!1!!
  12. Not to mention their retard of a coach can't even name the right team in the postgame presser
  13. Did you watch the second half? He was on point
  14. They had it throughout Atlanta yesterday. fuging gold