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  1. Guess What Today is....

    Same here. Office is a half mile from STP. I go almost once a week because I can get tix for next to nothing. Braves won’t be poo as long as Liberty Media owns the team. They are merely a profit machine. I still enjoy going though.
  2. OBJ on the block

    I don’t want that fuger anywhere near our team. He is a cancer. Cowboys or Seahawks would be good fits IMO.
  3. Bucs trade for JPP

    Bucs are the perpetual offseason champs. Never means poo come September.
  4. Bucs trade for JPP

    Rule of thumb - never trade a day 1 pick for a large-contract DE over 30.
  5. QB2 - who's our backup?

    Bring back Matt Moore so Grits will show up and proclaim that he’s better than Cam.
  6. That fuger needs to be kicked out, not suspended.
  7. Matt Ryan About To Get Loaded

    Too bad it’s not 28.3 million/year.
  8. I worked at Papa John’s in college. Terrible company, but I can honestly say that it is slightly better than the other two chains. Customer service is ass though. Nobody working gives a poo about anything.
  9. Colts hire Reich

    Chances are Reich did Nazi that coming.
  10. DeMarco Murray?

    Let’s just name every 30+ washed up rb other than the one we already have...sign them allz!
  11. Saw something on Facebook that quoted a source close to his camp saying that he was out past curfew the night before, got caught with maryJ, and went on a tirade against the coaches when confronted. Pure smoke but could have some merit.
  12. Doesn’t matter which is better because ultimately Luke will go down as the GOAT, and he didn’t murder anyone or trash his ex after her husband died either.
  13. The DLine at UT largely regressed under Hoke. Johnathan Kongbo and Khalil McKenzie, two 5-stars, didn’t play close to their potentials. Maybe some of that can be attributed to Botch Jones, but I was not impressed with Hoke’s body of work at UT. Definitely a questionable hire.
  14. JStew was robbed

    I thought this thread was going to be about Shula.