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  1. TNPanther

    Trump Jong Un

    Make toe fungus great again?
  2. TNPanther

    Trump Jong Un

    Trump could cure cancer and the left/MSM would compare him to Josef Mengele.
  3. TNPanther

    OIG Report

    What do you have to say to refute that?
  4. TNPanther

    Trump Jong Un

    but wait I thought Trump was literally Hitler he’s Kim Jong Un now? will he be Stalin tomorrow?
  5. TNPanther

    OIG Report

    Our very democracy was undermined by the corrupt deep state... yet people here are acting like it was nbd and instead continue to bash our President. Meanwhile...what everyone fails to talk about: GDP growth at 4.8% Unemployment the lowest it’s been in decades Peace made with NoKo Trade deficit being reduced More open jobs than people in the work force available to fill them Our President may say retarded things at times but I’ll take that any day. Thank God the deep state’s attempts to undermine democracy failed.
  6. TNPanther

    Rudy talking BIG

    If this kind of dirt came out about the FBI when Obama was in office, the libs here would be screaming to the high heavens. But since they’re all against Drumpf there’s nothing to see here.
  7. I'm not agreeing with the example set by Trump here, but can leftists go a day without accusing racism? It's annoying as fug.
  8. Give me a break - if word came out that the opposition planted a spy in Hillary’s campaign, you leftists would be shrieking to the high heavens. There would be 15 100-page threads about how despicable the Republicans are. Trump has broken y’all.
  9. TNPanther

    Adam Schein does it again

    Why do you guys bother to make threads about this clown
  10. As if 77 wasn’t bad enough already...moving the team out there would make that road practically unusable
  11. Travelle Wharton stunk the joint up as a LT...was pretty solid as a guard though.
  12. So some 3rd rank blog website reports that someone on Trump’s team said something positive about Nazis. Oh noez you got him now!!!1!1!
  13. Between Mueller, Stormy, and muh Russians, when are you going to finally get him, libs?
  14. TNPanther

    The Case against Munnerlyn

    Captain ran his mouth like an entitled brat and didn’t back it up with his play. Say what you want about Rivera, but he does not put up with that poo.
  15. TNPanther

    Matt Moore as a backup option

    I’d rather trade for Dobbs from the Steelers. Moore is “meh” for me.