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  1. For all of you bitching about today’s win, I just wanted to throw that out there.
  2. TNPanther

    Collins and Manchin to vote yes

    and KavanBaw will be all but confirmed. Glad some people are wise enough to see though the BS that was Ford’s story and the attempts by the Dems to smear BK.
  3. TNPanther


    Rofl at Falcons
  4. He will be confirmed and the melt from the left will be glorious. Wonder what smear stunt the Dims will pull next.
  5. Dear Eric Reid, I don’t care if you refuse to stand for the anthem as long as you make it so that Matt Ryan can’t.
  6. TNPanther

    Eric Reid: FS or SS

    Reid was much better as a FS in San Francisco.
  7. Somewhere near Lake Norman, JR is shitting his diaper.
  8. TNPanther

    Meanwhile in Atlanta... lol

    Fixed SunTrust Park is filled with 75% opposing fans whenever a prominent team comes to town.
  9. That 3rd rounder we got from them is beginning to look like highway robbery.
  10. TNPanther

    His Name was Todd...

    You forgot Baker and Nortman brah
  11. KB plays about as soft as the donuts he eats.
  12. Williams with 1 leg would still be more effective than Amini.