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  1. TNPanther added a post in a topic I'm going to be in New Orleans tomorrow   

    Mother's on Poydras. Nuff said.
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  2. TNPanther added a post in a topic Pretend this bar opens up in your city. Would you go to it?   

    It sounds like a great idea - but like others have said, the lack of draft beers would be a huge turnoff for me. I feel like if you were to include a moderately extensive draft selection (we're not talking Taco Mac here but at least 30-40 or so craft beers) then you'd see a much larger turnout. Your high initial investment in capital would net significant returns in the long run. You could still have the exotic international beers in bottles.
    Also, being 22 I would like a good bar that would attract a fair share of ladies and have special events such as trivia night and thirsty Thursday specials. From what you described, that sounds like a pregame bar for me on every other day but Sunday, and I could just pregame at home for much less. Just a couple of ideas.
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  3. TNPanther added a post in a topic Choosing between two women   

    Are you currently banging both of them? I've been in a similar situation and it blew up in my face. Granted it was in college but still. The only question is, does #2 seem clingy? She seems cool from what you describe and if she has cool friends that's a huge plus. If she doesn't seem like she has the potential to be stage 5 I'd roll with #2 and either friend zone or dump #1.
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  4. TNPanther added Wiki in Huddle-isms   

    Cam-ism (n): The particular unique use or adaptation of a word, phrase, context of a sentence, or form of answer by current Carolina Panthers quarterback Cameron Jerrell Newton. The usage of a Cam-ism may be grammatically incorrect, but is overlooked by the majority of Panthers fans. Cam-isms may only be used by Cam Newton; however, the term may be used as a descriptor among the general populous.
    MadHatter: Dude, did you hear how many Cam-isms were in that post-game interview yesterday?
    SCP: Yeah man, I was cracking up so hard when I watched it while pooping on the throne.
    Example of use of a word: The receivers played unbelievably today... Kelvin had an unbelievable performance
    Example of use of a phrase: Simple and plain, we need to have better pass protection.
    Example of use in context situation: Erin Andrews: Cam, where do you guys need to get better? Cam: In Charlotte.
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