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  1. Confidence Level for the 2015 Season

    Panthers have the personnel to beTop 5 Team in the NFL! I'm not worried about defense, should be top 7 or better.Special Teams will be in the middle of the pack just by having better player. Now Offense can be top 10 if these 5 things happen ~ If Oher can be an below average or average LT and Remmers & Williams average RT (not worried about Kalil, Nowell, & Turner) ~ *JStew & Core offense players can stay healthy[*Big IF] ~ Run a 2 TE Set 50% time (Olsen, Dickson, *Funchess, & Benjamin all over 6'4 235lb) [*Funchess is a decent #2 & plays closer to his pro day speed] ~ Run the No Huddle 60% time (That mean Cam is takin control of the offense) ~ IfCam can get back to being 2014 1st 5 games Cam butHEALTHY "But will Rivera and Shula run this type of Offense?"