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  1. hepcat added a post in a topic Vegas has Panthers at 8.5 wins   

    Over.  Easy early and late schedule.  Could drop 4 in a row in the middle of the season during that tough stretch and still have a great year.
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  2. hepcat added a post in a topic 2015 Jersey Color Schedule   

    What you don't like helmets dipped in mustard?
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  3. hepcat added a post in a topic USA Today Panthers Preview   

    With Kuechly in line for a big extension, his outrageous cap hit, and the certainty the Panthers draft a DE or two in the next draft, there's a great chance they cut Charles Johnson next offseason.  J-Stew is another cut candidate.  At that point the only Hurney contract left on the books is Kalil.  Probably the only player Hurney re-signed that was worth his deal.  Easily a top 5 center in the NFL right now.
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  4. hepcat added a post in a topic Saints release DE Junior Gallette   

    Great day for the Panthers.  Galette is a good player.  Had 6 sacks against the Panthers in 2 seasons.
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  5. hepcat added a post in a topic Harvard - Panthers bottom 10 team in 2015   

    Probably made up metrics and stats anyway
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  6. hepcat added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Carolina had the healthiest defense in the NFL last year, and the 25th healthiest offense
    For an adjusted ranking of #6 healthiest team in the NFL.  The defense really threw off the stat because the offense was banged up all year.  

    Here's the full article: http://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2015/2014-adjusted-games-lost
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  7. hepcat added a post in a topic This is gross podcast coming back?   

    Listening to "This is Gross" made the 2013 season even better.  His interview with TD was my favorite.  I hope he starts doing it again.  
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  8. hepcat added a post in a topic View from the kayak today....   

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  9. hepcat added a post in a topic Tell me what stat the Panthers will lead the NFL in this year.   

    I'm going to make a realistic prediction and say rushing.  Panthers lead the NFL in rushing yards in 2015.
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  10. hepcat added a post in a topic Fun Fact: Panthers Receivers in the Playoffs   

    If the Panthers won Superbowl 38 there's no question he'd be in the HOF if all the rest of his numbers were the same. 
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  11. hepcat added a post in a topic Prepare for chill bumps.....   

    My favorite is the red zone channel
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  12. hepcat added a post in a topic A beer at lunch....acceptable?   

    Just keep a flask in your desk next to the mouthwash and nyquil and you're good to go
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  13. hepcat added a post in a topic Derek Anderson now ranked the 7th best backup in the NFL   

    Anderson is the best backup in the NFL.  What other backup has made the Pro Bowl and went undefeated last year?  Suck on that stupid list
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  14. hepcat added a post in a topic Will we be able to afford our defense in 2017?   

    Yep.  By 2017, Hurney-era contracts like Jonathan Stewart and Ryan Kalil will be off the books.  As it stands the Panthers have $81m set in cap space in 2017, with the cap likely to jump up.
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  15. hepcat added a post in a topic How the Panthers spend: Cornerback   

    I'm really curious if the Panthers keep Norman.  He's primed for a breakout year.  Would be great if they could lock him up at a reduced rate before the season to save some cap space next year...but I have a feeling he walks.  If he has the year most expect him to, the Panthers won't be able to afford him.
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