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  1. Cam has single handedly made the franchise relevant. Without him we're the Rams.
  2. Should Dex be banned?

    I don't think so. Being a fan of southern comfort foods should not be a prerequisite to being a Panthers fan. Cats out of the bag now, and rando people are Panthers fans now, not just people from Charlotte anymore...
  3. It was pretty epic. Dig around some old posts right after the Superbowl and you'll find it. He said something like "Might as well ban me I'm not a fan anymore" and it was like a ray of sunshine in the darkest of night.
  4. The guy that posted arguably the worst (greatest?) threads in Huddle history...got banned after the Superbowl because he said he didn't want to be a fan anymore. Think he'll be back? Or will we see another rise again in his place? Who will he root for this season...Seattle? We need answers!
  5. Panthers bring back Blackburn

    Mushin Muhammad was on the sidelines a lot last year was he an intern too?
  6. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    I can't I live in Austin
  7. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    There's no way they keep both Dickson and Sandland.
  8. Carson Palmer wants some

    Palmer is what, 37? You aren't getting any better dude!
  9. Gotta talk up your players I guess
  10. Panthers Release Boykin

    Has to be more to this story than cutting him for a guy that looked good in rookie minicamp.
  11. Wait.... T Pain can actually sing?

    At Alabama State they gotta get the token white guy for the photo on the website
  12. Look no further than the OT game against the Colts last year to see why the Panthers need all the defensive line depth they can get. I'm still surprised they didn't add another DE to the mix. Wouldn't shock me if Gettleman grabs someone off a practice squad who turns into a starter...happens every year with him it seems.
  13. Jno and his new team.

    Of course Norman is going to be chummy to Benjamin after he gets his ass handed to him. Benjamin was roasting Norman in training camp last year.
  14. Short is about to get PAID, but if negotiations don't go well he's got Vernon Butler as a backup plan. Gettleman doing work this offseason.