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  1. Lose in the playoffs 
  2. Don't get cocky.  Any Given Sunday
  3. Am I dreaming?

    I hope they aren't listening to the noise.  We need the team to play angry and disrespected to win.
  4. Yea, you gotta know that those ESPN and NFL Network guys are given scripts to read and storylines to plug.  They need to generate hype like you said.  If this game is even close, I'd be surprised.  The Broncos were probably the best matchup from the AFC they could have hoped for honestly.
  5. Finally someone speaking the truth, although I think quietly all analysts know the Panthers are going to destroy the Broncos, they need to make it appear that it'll be a close game so that people will at least watch until the halftime show.
  6. Bill Romanowski's career summed up in one statement:    
  7. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-videos/0ap3000000632161/Kurt-Warner-uses-emojis-to-analyze-Super-Bowl-50
  8. Will certainly be a memorable Florida Panthers game

    Whoever did that deserves to be fired.  They had ONE job....hahahha
  9. Cmon man, they're not going to hype the game up to be a blowout, which is probably will be.  Gotta make it look like it'll be a close game.
  10. Denver fans have officially pissed me off!

    I mean...that's just silly.  In all seriousness though, Peyton Manning would be lucky to finish the game against the Panthers.
  11. At this point Rodney is going to talk himself out of the job pretty soon.  It's not like there aren't former players who could easily take that position that are more articulate, more football savvy, easier on the eyes, and weren't one of the dirtiest players in the history of the NFL.
  12. http://www.denverbroncos.com/multimedia/videos/Ware-and-Kuechly-ready-to-make-an-impact-in-their-Super-bowl-debuts/3812926e-81a0-4589-b317-8347ad595352 He doesn't even say what kind of car he would be, he just talks about one of the nice collector cars Thomas Davis has.
  13. Nah they wouldn't do a Superbowl rematch Week 1 AND bend the rules to make it a home game for Carolina.  My money is on Arizona or Minnesota.  Heavy on Minnesota because we didn't play them in 2015.
  14. My question is, is there any place that has the full player interviews?
  15. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    The Broncos have played two injury depleted teams en route to the Superbowl.  The Steelers playing without Deangelo Williams and Antonio Brown, and the Patriots with more injuries than are even worth mentioning.  The Broncos came very close to losing both games. The Steelers and Patriots essentially abandoned the run in the games against the Broncos, not because the Broncos are good at stopping the run, but because both teams were starting their third and fourth string RBs.   The Broncos only played two teams in the top 10 for rushing yards per game this season: The Kansas City Chiefs, who beat the Broncos handily in KC, and almost beat the Broncos in Denver if it weren't for a late 4th quarter Jamaal Charles fumble.  And the Minnesota Vikings, who came within a late FG of beating the Broncos in Denver.  I really don't think the Broncos are ready to stop the Panthers rushing attack, which will open up the passing game for Cam. This game won't even be close.