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  1.   That was exactly the knock against him coming out of bama.  
  2. Thanks man! I could run a marathon with that in front of me!

  3. Stretchy, stretchy... hot-girls-stretching-stretch-29.jpg?w=500&h=670

  4. Thank you kind suh... :D

  5. Happy New Year! bigger-boob.jpg

  6. Youre always good with me cfmang...

  7. Same to you! :Dsexy_santa_claus_mrs_ms_sex_naughty_00.jpg

  8. Merry Christmas old man... :Dnice-ass-51.jpg?w=500&h=749

  9. Hangover would last for a week!! :D

  10. We need to set that up...

  11. Haha that would be epic. Many stories that couldn't be told again...

  12. Me, You, Johnny Rockets and boo... out on the town one night. How's that sound?