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  1. Keep Pounding Drum

    Harrison Barnes just said on sportscenter that Steph is pounding the drum tomorrow. #keeppounding 
  2. Tre Boss 10 looked real good out there.

    Shaq on Fitz...Cards weren't ready for that one. A lot of talk about Fitz in the slot the week before the game. Ended up being a nonfactor. 
  3. Tre Boss 10 looked real good out there.

    Yep they both looked good. Boston will probably start next season. If Davis can't go in SB, Shaq will get the job done!
  4. Alshon 2016?

    Yes please! Having said that, I think the Bears franchise him. Not sure he gets out of Chicago. 
  5. Oher.

    Signing Oher and Coleman to reasonable 2 year contracts with both players having pro bowl seasons....BRILLIANT!!! 
  6. Frank Garcia calls Bene Benwikere "a JAG"

  7. Any Hope for KK to Garner All-Pro Selection?

    An all-pro is a player who is determined to be the best at their position as voted on by a selected panel of sports writers. There is normally a 1st and 2nd team.  A pro-bowl player is a player who appears in the pro bowl at the end of the season voted on by fans, coaches, and players.    John Clayton did a mid season all pro selection...Kalil, KK, Norman, Kuechly were the only Panthers on his list.   
  8. Any Hope for KK to Garner All-Pro Selection?

    Norman getting worked? Reasonable deal? Say what now? Norman will be All-Pro and probably be one of the highest paid corners in the league. Franchise tag at least.
  9. Olivia Munn pic thread..

  10. tedd ginn

    I'm still wondering how he eats...with no hands 
  11. Any Word On Norwell?

    Because he's better than Scott or Silatolu. Just my opinion tho
  12. Any Word On Norwell?

    The rookie should be ready to take his place next week and Kalil will be back. No worries 
  13. Mike and Mike on the Panthers

    Those were more traditional west coast offenses with the occasional read option. Different from what we do. 
  14. Caption this Chip Kelly...

    "USC is offering how much?"
  15. Cam Newton goes to the spa with Cooper Manning

    These are usually pretty funny. The one last week with Von Miller was hilarious.