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  1. we got a 21 year old Lesean McCoy without the diva baggage
  2. Don't feel like starting another thread, but here is a pre-draft article breaking down how much of a badass CMC is:
  3. "Did we get Christian on the phone? He's alive? Turn it in" lol, "he's alive?"
  4. good thing no one ever Obama he couldn't be president because history or Eminem, hey bud, history hey Tiger Woods? History, buddy. Look it up.
  5. Zay Jones
  6. Not only did Gettleman and company watch every snap from every game on McCaffrey, they watched his practice tapes thanks to WR coach Lance Taylor. Also, you can't overlook the intangibles. CMC comes from a pedigree of superb athletes. His father Ed played 13 years in the NFL and won three Super Bowls. His mother was a D1 soccer player. His uncle played basketball at Duke. His grandfather was a medal-winning Olympian sprinter. Watching a couple of interviews with CMC and you'll see it's clear he loves football. You can tell he has a chip on his shoulder, which is a necessity for any great player. You can't underestimate a player blessed with not only elite athleticism, but the drive to be great and the want to put in the work to get there. I'm confident McCaffrey possesses all of these traits and will be a stud.
  7. it's about to be pee pee pants city here REAL soon
  8. If Panthro is out, Philly is in, and Scrum is in....I'm out.
  9. no matter what we gon get a baller I can't fuggin wait
  10. 2017 NFL draft rumors make Harambe jokes seem fresh