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  1. Cary Kollins

    Charlotte City Council

    So is the treason convention gonna be in charlotte or nah
  2. If that’s the case he should resign immediately.
  3. Cary Kollins

    New Face of Democratic Party

    And the victim was black. As were the people breaking it up. If this were my site blatant pieces of poo like this guy would have to stick to breitbart comments and other low IQ hangouts.
  4. Cary Kollins

    New Face of Democratic Party

    Racists like OP love generalizing an entire race of people from the actions of a few. Every. Single. Time. Weird how I’m not a presumed mass shooter every time I go out in public.
  5. Cary Kollins

    New Face of Democratic Party

    Oh I get it, they’re black and just like 99% of conservatives on this board OP is a racist piece of garbage. Cool
  6. Cary Kollins

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    Meanwhile NC’s own traitor Mark Meadows is about to introduce papers to impeach Rosenstein. These House GOPers are absolutely sick. All they want with the Rosenstein inquiries is to know what Mueller has on trump so they can share it with, you guessed it, Trump. Wouldn’t every criminal love to know what the prosecutors have on them before trail? Too had we don’t hang for treason. https://www.politico.com/story/2018/07/13/house-republicans-rod-rosenstein-impeachment-719816
  7. Cary Kollins

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    wait do we know what Organization 1 is? edit oh it's pretty clear it's wikileaks huh yeah no way Trump should be allowed to appoint any supreme court justice
  8. Cary Kollins

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    the plot thickens Any chance this info was handed over to Kushner and team Trump to target ads with laser precision in key swing districts? If so, would that not be the smoking gunz?
  9. Cary Kollins

    Fire Mick Mixon

    Yep. If you're going to be 4-5 seconds behind on every call, at least make up for it with excitement.
  10. Cary Kollins

    Sacha Baron Cohen is a genius

    Anddd apparently he got ex-felon Sheriff Joe Arpaio too: “According to Arpaio, the production team led him to believe that the host was a Trump supporter. He also noted signing a contract, writing, “I signed some kind of contract before filming, which I have done numerous times, did not read all the info.” Questions he was asked involved immigration, guns, Trump playing golf, and running jails in Finland and the U.S., the former sheriff said. Arpaio recalled Cohen using “highly inappropriate” phraseology that he says made him “very uncomfortable.” “He came up with certain words which were hard for me to hear,” Arpaio said, including “blowjob” and “talking about people working for” a “hand job.” So I started getting a little pissed,” he said. Cohen also mentioned “golden shower,” Arpaio stated. Arpaio’s typed notes to document some of those words. “I felt uncomfortable with some of the words they were using but I had to live through it. I am not the type of guy who gets up and walks out,” he said. “I never walked out in thousands of interviews. I just take it.” from https://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2018/07/12/exclusive-sheriff-joe-sacha-baron-cohen-duped-me-posing-finnish-comedian/ the comment section full of Nazi tears is pretty good
  11. Cary Kollins

    Sacha Baron Cohen is a genius

    Never underestimate the stupidity of republicans.
  12. or maybe those communities will be happy when cops stop executing unarmed citizens
  13. Cary Kollins

    The Walking Dead season 8

    lol TWD has turned into such a poo show. I don't blame the actors for wanting to jump off that burning ship.