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  1. X-Men / Avengers Crossovers Now Possible?

    Capeshitter garbage run by Kevin Feige > capeshitter garbage run by idiots at Fox
  2. recap: deangelo starts saying he's not retired, he just doesn't have a job -he's not playing for minimum wage -he doesn't feel like he should practice when it's too hot or too cold outside -he asks if the panel watches football and says it's ridiculous that they think the patriots beat the steelers -he insults Brandt because he played college football at Princeton -Brandt takes offense and tells Deangelo he doesn't know what he's talking about -deangelo continues to make an ass out of himself -Nate sticks up for Brandt -Deangelo tries to make up for being a disrespectful ass, Pete says "I think we're done" Wow what a total asshole Deangelo continues to be.
  3. Isn't it confirmed Rodgers is back and playing? Either way, Panthers get a 10+ point lead by the fourth quarter then proceed to duck into the fetal position as the Packers claw back to make the game way closer than it should be.
  4. X-Men / Avengers Crossovers Now Possible?

    itshappening.gif No idea how they will merge a bunch of mutants like X-Men into the Avengers world, where the word "mutant" hasn't existed due to legal reasons up until now. I would be fine with a total reset of the X-Men characters. Some of them are fine, Fassbender as Magneto and McAvoy as Prof. X are great, but Sophie Turner as Jean Gray is horrible. She's such a bad actress the new Dark Phoenix movie is cringe city. Apocalypse was pretty awful down the stretch. What a time to be alive for movie fans though.
  5. One less racist child molesting self-righteous liar on this earth. Hope his kids don’t turn out like him.
  6. That’s one way to save taxpayers money.
  7. Good, just shut up and play ball.
  8. Be unhappy with your role all you want, walking out of practice is a punk move. Enjoy your limited time here Cap'n.
  9. The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    It’s all Sean Hannity talks about. Team trump is hysteric.
  10. life advice from woman beater Floyd Mayweather
  11. The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    Trump picks Sessions for AG from a deep red state, Sessions recuses himself from Russian probe and Mueller is appointed and now a Democrat is elected to the Senate in Sessions’ seat. making America so great it hurts
  12. How would you feel if...

    They've been the laughing stock of the league for years now. I'd be happy for them.
  13. Roy Moore = Matt Lauer; Sacrificial Lambs, now what?

    honestly I'd put even money on Trump's presidency ending with him resigning citing health reasons, amid a litany of scandals all those diet cokes and mcdonald's combo meals will catch up to a 71 year old eventually