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  1. A grenade down the pants.
  2. I knew I shoulda never rooted for a team with a black cat mascot
  3. it was all good just a week ago
  4. Greg Olsen Retiring for Broadcasting Job?

    Good for him. Hope he sticks around but don't blame him for taking control of his life after football.
  5. Gettleman coulda drafted Hunter Henry or even Michael Thomas
  6. Considering Star’s deal, this was a fuging great signing. Poe is nasty and will bring welcome attitude to this defense.
  7. We basically just signed Star to 3 years $27 mill. possibly even an upgrade Hurney magic again folks
  8. Fuel for the "Crabtree trade" fire

    Shoot what harm would sending them a 6 do?
  9. Even More Fuel For Crabtree Trade

    This needed a new thread for sure
  10. The Walking Dead season 8

    The best summary of TWD is still: "The Walking Dead" takes place in an alternate reality in which no one has heard the word "zombie" but the name "Negan" exists"
  11. Would be an all time great Panther FA signing if it happened. Wanted him out of LSU bad. Dude is a game changer. Him and Luke patrolling the field would be insane.