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  1. on a similar topic, Miles Garrett has looked great in his limited action in Cleveland. So the question is, would he be better than Desean Hall? How about Charles Johnson?
  2. "Narcissistic sociopaths are incapable of empathy, guilt or regret. It requires blame-shifting any time such a scenario confronts them"
  3. meanwhile McCaffrey has almost 200 more receiving yards than OJ Howard
  4. I’m not saying there won’t be a meltdown, just slightly less than normal.
  5. Poll: Keep Josh Norman or give up possibly Short, Star, Turner, Norwell etc.?
  6. SCARY MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Saw a couple of highly regarded Netflix horror movies recently. First was "House of the Devil" from 2009. This is your classic "babysitter finds herself in trouble" movie. I'd recommended this for any fans of 1980s slow burn horror. This movie looks and feels like it's straight out of 1984, from the film they used to the use of quick zooms. If you were to walk in the room and saw this on, you'd have no idea it was made within the past thirty years. Overall this movie was a disappointment to me only because I think it could have been so much better. The opening twenty minutes had me hyped because I'm a sucker for the nostalgic horror this film was selling, but ultimately it just kinds of drags on too much. The other I watched is "A Dark Song" from 2016. This is another slow burn type dealing with a mother trying to contact her dead son through black magic. The acting and scenery are top notch, and the way the main characters go about their occult rituals seems about as realistic as possible. I wasn't crazy about the climax, but overall the movie has some pretty damn powerful scenes that'll creep you out for sure.
  7. Homecoming Party

    Awesome. I think we celebrate the 2017 SB more than the Patriots, and it's great.
  8. Panthers release QB Brad Kaaya

    This is just wrong. The Bills would have drafted Cam at No. 3 in a heartbeat if given the chance. "When we first started the draft process, we thought we'd have a good shot at Newton," Whaley told Sports Illustrated for its oral history of the 2011 draft. "[Stanford quarterback] Andrew Luck, had he come out, would have been the first pick. Denver was at No. 2, and they didn't need a QB. So we thought, 'We'll get Cam at No. 3.'"
  9. Panthers release QB Brad Kaaya

    Uh, yeah, like I said any idiot could tell Luke was a transcendent talent.
  10. Sanchez back, along with new lb

  11. Panthers release QB Brad Kaaya

    to be fair any idiot that watched Cam and Luke play in college could see they were transcendent talents
  12. yes, but tempering expectations of us fans will cause less of a huddel meltdown if the Panthers lose
  13. Thoughts???

    Romo for offensive coordinator plz
  14. Panthers release QB Brad Kaaya

    There goes all hope of a “Got to have Kaaya” sign at a prime time game.
  15. Bummer for the Packers and football fans in general, but realistically this just eliminates one major competitor for the NFC crown.