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  1. I stand corrected, I was looking at just the black percentage, which is virtually the same population wise but obviously whites draw the bulk of benefits. A more accurate stat to look at in regards to this topic would be the amount of SS tax paid into the trust fund vs benefits paid per race. That would show if SS is truly "racist" in its current form.
  2. Hmm he's saying his words were taken out of context...not sure how that could be any better in any context. I'm curious to see the full convo though.
  3. no college degree? no problem! here's a gun, a badge and $30k per year w/ health benefits
  4. According to these statistics from 2009, just as many blacks are drawing social security benefits as whites in relation to population size.
  5. this is true
  6. how is it inherently racist?
  7. You mentioned Ron Paul saying something about SS being theft of African Americans??? What does that have to do with illegal immigrants getting welfare?
  8. Because Ron Paul is a moron.
  9. people caping for trump and sounding like idiots will never get old
  10. who needs bwood for casual and not so casual racism?!
  11. oh yes let's point to a study done by the fugging Heritage foundation and their ilk
  12. Take my pity pie before I change my mind
  13. hoping no one asks me to stand up right now
  14. this so far this presidency has been filled with fails that don't affect your blue collar voter. It's only a matter of time.