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  1. Not breaking news or anything, but when you realize the current goals of the GOP are to advance white nationalist (white men's) interests and their interests alone, all of their actions make a hell of a lot more sense.
  2. I mean, yea that's a good ranking, but it's based on IMDB users votes. I'd look at a film's Rotten Tomato score (71%) for a better gauge on its greatness. But of course to each his own. Films impact people in different ways.
  3. It was good, not "best since 2000" good.
  4. I need to revisit The Prestige. I loved that movie when I saw it years ago.
  5. I guess "nan-nan-na-boo-boo" didn't want any of that.
  6. great use of taxpayer money
  7. No Country for Old Men There Will Be Blood Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Gladiator Kill Bill 2 others receiving votes: Cabin in the Woods The Witch Mad Max: Fury Road Gone Girl The Conjuring Inglorious Basterds Black Swan The Hangover The Dark Knight Zodiac Children of Men The Departed War of the Worlds Anchorman Shaun of the Dead Training Day Requiem for a Dream Traffic Still several I need to see, like Ex Machina, 12 Years a Slave, Whiplash, The Revenant and a bunch of other Academy Award nominated films
  8. wait someone said he wasn't a first rounder
  9. we don't drive X5s we give'em to baby mommas
  10. *meanwhile in Charlotte* "To, Mr. Gettleman..." "Hi Mr. G, I wrote you a note" "Ok Cameron, what you got for me?" *awkward silence* ... ...... "Aw I'm just playin you my homey dog." "You a damn fool Dave!"
  11. And as a surprise to absolutely no one:
  12. This is honestly one of the dumbest things I've ever read on the internet. Thanks for this. Have a good day.