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  1. Curtis Samuel is dressed for practice

    Excellent news. Hope he and Cam can get in work before the season starts.
  2. ESPN stirring ish up...

    David Newton for Communications director
  3. ESPN stirring ish up...

    I assume they got the quote from David Newton. It appears he took Rivera completely out of context to attribute the quote to Cam. "Don't look for Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton to participate in live team drills on Wednesday or Thursday during joint practices with the Tennessee Titans. "He won't do anything live against anybody, but we're going to try and increase his individual work and try to work him up that way,'' coach Ron Rivera said Tuesday before the team departed for Nashville, Tennessee." http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/20351200/carolina-panthers-qb-cam-newton-do-live-drills-titans
  4. tonight's nazi rally

    Love the conservative argument "the KKK is dumb and I just laugh or ignore them!". Yeah must be nice. The literal definition of white privilege. Meanwhile the Trump administration has a fuggin commission to suppress minority voters nationwide. A racist ass attorney general ramping up policies intended to bring back mass incarceration of minorities. He routinely disparaged Mexicans, Muslims and others during his campaign. He has people like Steve fugging Bannon in his ear every damn day. It goes on and on, and now he doesnt even have the soul to smack down literal fugging Neo-Nazis killing folks on US soil. Today was the lowest point of a man that has had a poo load of low moments. I'm a firm believer that good always wins out in the end, and maybe Trump is what this country needed to wake up and realize all the racist fugging dog whistles by Republicans for years was actually, ya know, because they're fugging racist pieces of poo and should be called out on it. I look forward to the republican members of government response this coming week. It's time for those slugs to grow a fugging spine.
  5. May 20, 2016 David NewtonESPN Staff Writer
  6. tldr version: peppers is happy to be here and being treated with gentleness
  7. McCaffrey preseason week 1 grade

    you know nothing, jon snow
  8. Cams Celebration?

    dab tbh but what do I know
  9. tonight's nazi rally

    Merck CEO, who happens to be black, resigns from Trump's manufacturing board, and it takes Trump all of 54 minutes to personally attack him on twitter. Truly a disgusting and awful human being the Republicans have put in the White House.
  10. Game of Thrones Season 7

    I love the pacing of this season. No need for generic character building at this point. It's all about the endgame now.
  11. Important Update

    Working on it!
  12. Important Update

  13. tonight's nazi rally

    Hey the driver that ran people over "had an African American friend" so
  14. tonight's nazi rally

    The dolt that ran people over was from Ohio. Racists are all over. It's no surprise Trump won't denounce the white supremacist nazis. He is a sympathizer, as long as they support him. He has white nationalists on his WH staff for Christ's sake. Voters knew or should have known this all along. Trump voters and republican members of gov. are complicit in his actions.
  15. tonight's nazi rally

    Tuned in to Fox and Friends just in time for one of those dolts to equate police brutality against blacks to white snowflakes feeling like they're losing their country. "It's a discussion worth having." No wonder half of this country are a bunch of fugging morons.