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  1. I don't recall seeing Norman doing the dab on his own. Probably just being honest : /
  2. Should Dex be banned?

    we should ban the other Dex for guilt by association edit: Dexterity was permabanned long ago..,,,..,
  3. Should Dex be banned?

  4. Cromartie in Charlotte....

  5. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    I was going to get Mexican but it's Bo-time now damn it.
  6. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    I say he went two piece dark with dirty rice.
  7. holy poo, look out for gators and crocs if you go to Florida yes there are nile crocs in florida now
  8. Super Bowl in 2019 - Atlanta named as host

    hell of a lot more practical than San Fran
  9. Super Bowl in 2019 - Atlanta named as host

    It's not possible to cheapen a SB win.
  10. Huddle Exclusive: KK Short Discusses Desserts

    Peach cobbler and pumpkin pie Kk just gets it man.
  11. Carolina Panthers OTA thread - May 24

    Which is why it's important to get high IQ, high character guys which our FO makes a priority. Plus, there are plenty of leaders on the defensive side of the ball. They'll be alright.
  12. Carolina Panthers OTA thread - May 24

    penalty enforcement... interesting
  13. Carolina Panthers OTA thread - May 24

    23 games Michael Jordan wore 23 Bene = MJ
  14. Carlina Daarios?

    I thought this was about the hotdog place.